5th ward community updates from Councilman Peter Cunningham

From the desk of Fifth Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham:

This edition of Councilman Peter Cunningham’s e-newsletter provides information on new, more visible stop signs slated for our neighborhood, alerts residents to a critical flood claim deadline, and provides information about how to apply to join Hoboken’s Community Emergency Response Team. Future editions will continue to focus on issues of importance to the 5th Ward and Hoboken as a whole.

Cunningham Backs New More Visible Stop Signs as a Needed Safety Step
Peter Cunningham strongly supported and voted to move forward with the purchase of 19 light up stop and yield signs. Three of the new ‘blinker’ stop signs are slated for 15th and Bloomfield Street, while 3 of the new yield signs will be installed at 15th and Garden Streets. The intersections of 9th and Willow and 13th and Willow are under consideration for placement of new signs as well. 

Peter Cunningham said, “The enhanced visibility of these new signs will make Hoboken a safer place to walk, bike and drive.” Cunningham encouraged 5th Ward residents to contact him if they think there is an intersection in their neighborhood that should be evaluated to see if a more visible sign would increase safety. 

The total cost of the 19 new signs is $28,887.

Cunningham Alerts Residents to Upcoming Flood Insurance Claim Deadline
Policyholders with the National Flood Insurance Program who believe that they were underpaid on their Hurricane Sandy claims must register to have their claim reviewed by September 15.

To be eligible for the review, policyholders must have experienced flood damage between Oct. 27, 2012 and Nov. 6, 2012 as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Policyholders can call the NFIP’s Hurricane Sandy claims center at 1-866-337-4262 to request a review.

Alternately, policyholders can go online to to download a form requesting a review. The downloaded form may be filled out and emailed to to start the review process.

For individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech disability using 711 or VRS, please call 866-337-4262. For individuals using a TTY, please call 800-462-7585 to begin the review process. Before contacting the claim center, policyholders are asked to have their flood insurance carrier name and policy number at hand.

Fall Training Sessions to Be Held For People Interested in Joining Hoboken’s Community Emergency Response Team
Noting that people are as, if not more, important than infrastructure and equipment to effectively responding to intense storms and other disasters, Peter Cunningham urged any interested 5th Ward resident to sign-up for scheduled fall training sessions and become a member of Hoboken’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Cunningham praised the dedication and skill of Hoboken’s CERT Team, pointing to the fact that they have been recognized as “Community Preparedness Heroes” by FEMA, and CERT Coordinator Lou Casciano was honored as a Community Preparedness and Resilience “Champion of Change” by the White House.

According to the City, “CERT training promotes a partnering effort between emergency services and the people that they serve. The goal is for emergency personnel to train members of neighborhoods, community organizations, or workplaces in basic response skills. CERT members are then integrated into the emergency response capability for their area. CERT members also participate in assisting with large scale community events, staffing emergency shelters, and various other ways.”

The free, day-long training sessions will be held at the Multi Service Center, 124 Grand Street according to the following schedule:

10/24/2015 – Disaster preparedness & Fire safety
10/25/2015 – Disaster medical operations 1 & Disaster medical operations 2
11/1/2015 – Light search and rescue operations & CERT organization
11/7/2015 – Disaster psychology & Terrorism in CERT

The final drill and exercise location and date will be announced during the class.

Participants must attend every module of training as well as participate in the final emergency simulation exercise in order to receive certification as a fully trained CERT Team member.

If you are interested, submit an online application at:

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