500 foot or less mayhem and the Sully follies

Once again the Sully follies came to light when the weekend rag’s political columnist Al Sullivan attempted to vent longstanding anti-reform sentiments of that publication toward Mayor Zimmer and his claims of a cover-up.

The said cover-up involved an event hosted by gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy and his think tank New Start New Jersey, a Bon Jovi backed kick-off for aiding the Soprano State’s battered middle class. According to Sully, anonymous sources deny Mayor Zimmer attended said related event some undetermined time ago. Sully has been blathering about this on and off for some months much like his insistence Mayor Zimmer was resigning. Some dreams die hard.

It all has the faint odor of demons in chains gnashing their teeth while banished to Bayonne.

Sully has it in for Mayor Zimmer but missed the mark once again according to some basic fact checking by Hoboken’s resident Grafix Avenger. Sully called a publicly reported event for a Phil Murphy think tank part of a cover-up but Mayor Zimmer’s attendance back in April 2015 is hardly a secret.

The ghouls will be unleashed for Halloween and maybe Grafix Avenger who does take downs for amusement and on occasion breaks news of import while pointing out the mishaps and misdeeds of the political rabble in the mile square.

This time, Sully takes it on the chin failing to acknowledge the ancient event, a semi-political tech seminar that took place in April of 2015, mere light years away in political history. Mayor Zimmer and some other New Jersey mayors were reported in attendance.

How does one deny the public existence of a news story acknowledging mayors in attendance? According to Sully, it’s part of some conspiracy, apparently against his breaking reality binge which any day may see him enter the present from the long trip he’s been on apparently in deep conversation with Timothy Leary.

Grafix Avenger was somewhat polite about the latest Sully gaffe. For whatever his grievances, the fixation on taking down the mayor and the successful Hoboken reform movement has vexed Sully and the Bayonne based rag for some years as their influence on the Mile Square electorate has waned with the emergence of “the blogs.”

This Horse will take a fair share of the blame.

Talking Ed Note: The weekend column did far better job highlighting a pending problematic issue on what’s called the 500 foot rule on alcohol serving establishments.

Sully raised first the issue of a possible change in the ability of local establishments to serve alcohol opening up near one another. The current rule is 500 feet and the column points to Council President Jen Giattino, Jim Doyle, Ruben Ramos and Michael Russo seeking a complete change of the existing regulation citywide.

The question is raised on what single business is the driving force for a citywide change that can impact not only neighborhoods but the entire Hoboken police force charged with maintaining public order. MSV has heard there’s one downtown establishment driving the idea and could spur a landslide of changes in bar-restaurants locations seeing Hoboken hearken back to its glorious partying past.

There’s going to be a lot more questions about this. In this instance, Sully got there first and just came short of pointing the finger at the sole beneficiary.

First question, how is this reform? Council members, you have the floor. Next meeting is set for Wednesday night and public portion falls early in the agenda.

Update: A public meeting is set to discuss the issue of the 500 foot rule in the basement of City Hall on September 26th.

Graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger

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