4th ward election gets dirty with alleged vandalism of Lenz supporter’s car

The fourth ward special election has taken a big turn of ugly with some old style intimidation tactics.  Resident Patricia Waiters a former candidate for mayor and the Board of Education saw her car allegedly vandalized while attending a Hoboken High School football game according to a report in the Jersey Journal.

Paper overlays one area of vandalism on Patricia Waiter’s car

After the game Friday night, Waiters went to her car and discovered the damage.  Written on the vehicle was “Lenz sucks.”  In addition a foam substance was sprayed over the car repeating the same message.

MSV recently reported in a political parody showing the Hoboken resident attending the Lenz for Council kickoff campaign.  The picture was published partially due to a request of Hoboken resident and Occhipinti supporter Perry Belfiore who was not available for comment at the time this story went to post.

Katie Colaneri published reaction from both the Occhipinti and Lenz campaign after the incident was filed with the Hoboken Police Department.

The Jersey Journal published comment from each:

“While I am confident that despicable acts like this are not condoned by Mr. Occhipinti himself, its very unfortunate that his supporters would resort to this kind of vandalism,” he said. “Politics in Hoboken are important and controversial, but supporters of either campaign should never resort to physical threats and intimidation.”

Occhipinti campaign spokesman David Cruz accused Lenz’s campaign for the incident.

“We’ve had people spitting on our windows almost every day. People driving by and yelling all sorts of derogatory, vile, racist and homophobic comments at volunteers walking into and out of our HQ (headquarters),” Cruz said in an e-mail statement. “We’re not looking to waste time on this sort of nonsense.”

The Hoboken Police Department is currently investigating the matter.

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Talking Ed Note: Vandalism is now striking Hoboken residents who are guilty of being active participating in a local election.  This strikes MSV as more than mere “nonsense” if true.  If so, the line of violence has been crossed with several weeks to go in the hotly contested race for the fourth ward council seat.

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