4th Ward Debate Video

Complete video of 4th ward debate

Nov 2010 4th Ward Candidates’ Forum from Eric Kurta on Vimeo.

The debate held tonight went over live stream courtesy of the Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta from People for Open Government.  Congrats for the first ever live online debate in Hoboken.

Here’s the video shown earlier with no editing.  MSV will not be doing any editorial on this to allow the readers to view at their leisure.  We’ll have some initial comments from the respective campaigns this week and then analysis later.

It was a wide ranging debate and the candidates made themselves clear on a number of issues.  Unfortunately, the questions were edited poorly and several people discovered they did not have even one of their questions asked of the candidates.

MSV was especially disappointed with the tilt on many of them, especially one on the police department that would have been valid a month or two ago but was clearly ignoring the reality today.

That wasn’t the candidates fault but the people managing the questions failed to meet expectations.

Hoboken needs and deserves a broader online format for having candidates field questions.  Tonight was most definitely not it.

Talking Ed Note: Video is now updated and complete.  Thanks a million to the efforts of the Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta for a superb effort bringing a Hoboken debate online live.

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