2nd ward resident complains about Beth Mason’s lack of transparency at Rent Control meeting

Here’s something many 2nd ward residents are familiar with: Beth Mason not responding to constituent email.  Da Horsey knows this very well from personal experience.  Beth Mason has people on the payroll to manage every utterance she makes on any topic under the sun, but oddly can’t seem to have her staff master basic constituent response to the Hoboken community.

Of her numerous grievous sins, this probably falls low on the list.  Her passive ones do far less damage than the active ones she performs in her alliance with Mike Russo and the “Association,” he assumed control from his infamous father.

Here’s the video clip of the constituent’s complaint in this short clip.  Listen to Beth Mason’s interruption and how she steers it away from her failure to the speaker’s impressions of the proposed rent control ordinance.

That is what we call politrickery in action.

Video courtesy the Hoboken Journal

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