2nd ward outcry: Where’s Beth Mason’s apology after being fined tens of thousands for campaign violations?

Second ward resident Franz Paetzold speaking at the City Council meeting during public portion raised his concerns on the massive fines in the tens of thousands of dollars issued to Councilwoman Beth Mason by NJ ELEC (New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.)

Saying he was coming home from work and saw the breaking news with word Beth Mason is now number 15 on the all time NJ campaign fines list, he stated uncertainty if the totals of Mason’s fines were $37,000 or $44,000. Beth Mason immediately shook her head at the higher figure.

Earlier today news broke Beth and Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz paid in the vicinity of $44,000 in total fines for a NJ ELEC complaint originally detailing hundreds of campaign violations going back to her 2009 and 2011 campaigns. The original potential fines were in the millions of dollars and others running with her in 2009 were mentioned. No one will think they paid or were responsible for the hundreds of violations originally reported early last year.

Mr. Paetzold a second ward resident and former second ward council candidate in 2011 expressed further concern about people following the rules and the importance of adhering to NJ ELEC campaign law. He politely sought an explanation and asked what measures would be taken to ensure this did not occur again. He would get less than none.

When the fines mentioned in the tens of thousands arose, Beth Mason began to visibly and audibly choke and muttered a comment something not audible to the public before beginning to cough more.

Paetzold’s politeness was rewarded with typical Beth Mason arrogance. Her immediate response was to denigrate others who don’t “know the facts” and then say she will talk to people as need be. To the second ward constituent who previously requested an apology from Beth Mason for her hundreds of campaign violations cited by NJ ELEC in her 2009 and 2011 election campaigns the answer is clear.

Beth Mason can be hit with hundreds of campaign violations, face potential fines in the millions of dollars for same but as for any remorse for her utter failure to follow campaign law, the answer is no.

Here’s the entire segment from public portion:

Talking Ed Note: Missing in NJ ELEC’s fines of Beth and Richard Mason is numerous other violations by Beth Mason reported on MSV earlier. Back in 2011, MSV spoke at a City Council meeting asking Beth Mason why none of her TV ads on ESPN (through Cablevision of Hudson), advertisements on Hoboken Patch and Mason sponsored Hoboken411 with no listings of payments to numerous of her political operatives showed on her ELEC reports.

Mason ignored the comment and inquiry as she just did again tonight without providing any semblance of an answer. Mason was previously cited by the City of Hoboken Legal Department for breaking another law related to elections: the anti-wheeling ordinance.

She exceeded the $500 limit on political committee contributions, in this case to the controversial Board of Education slate, Move Forward. Her contributions were well in excess of $6,000. She was told in a letter those campaign contributions broke Hoboken’s law.

Do you think Beth Mason respects the law and any should apply to her? She doesn’t even think the public is owed an explanation when asked in a City Council meeting.

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