2nd ward council candidate Tom Greaney calls out Beth Mason on Russo corruption

There’s much left to sift through in last Wednesdays City Council meeting but one of the more spectacular moments of the night occured when Tom Greaney, a 2nd ward council candidate rose to discuss Mike Russo’s corruption and highlighted the failures of the chair, Councilwoman Beth Mason on the matter.

Beginning with her statement issued to the press before the meeting, Tom Greaney noted even with the obvious corruption demonstrated in the Russo bribe videos, her release called for no action.

Greaney laid out a number of missteps Beth Mason has taken in her short time as chair of the council recalling her maneuvers to gain power of the chair through a midnite “emergency” resolution, her mistreatment of council colleagues during meetings, preventing council members from introducing legislation, and manipulation of the order of speakers to advance her political agenda via her friend and Hoboken411 ghostwriter.

“These are not about things that have been said, these are about actions,” Greaney stated, linking Beth Mason’s behavior to what surveillance tapes revealed about Mike Russo. 

“Mr. Russo stepped down as Vice President, you should step down as President,” he added to a thunderous ovation.

Greaney then continued to provide several more reasons why Beth Mason’s alliance with Mike Russo has been severely detrimental to Hoboken in the City Council past and present.

An ad featuring his endorsement by Mayor Dawn Zimmer appeared in the Hudson Reporter this past weekend.

Tom Greaney’s complete remarks follow:

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