2020 Election Theft effort stalls & Americans are not buying it

Election integrity is front and center as the 2020 Election continues to see major challenges in battleground states.

Today in Michigan, certification has hit a logjam:

Pennsylvania legal efforts to expose its inexplicable post-Election Day MILLION votes for Joe Biden as election observers were wiped out by Democrats over days is now heading to the Third Circuit.

Election observers were blocked across multiple states where Democrats controlled the rooms where election counts took place leading to highly contested outcomes in many battleground states. An examination of ballots during counting is an international standard for election regularity seeking recognition. 

The Third Circuit Court agreed to hear an emergency appeal from the Trump campaign with a deadline for filings expected by end of the day.

In addition, it’s unclear if an election contest challenge will be filed but Pennsylvania legislators are also filing a challenge based on the massive statistical claims of votes submitted in the days after the election.

More legal action is anticipated as the Trump Campaign points to irregularities and the lack of signature checks with Georgia among other states being front and center. A major filing is anticipated there this week with more anticipated.

Across the battleground states, the rejection rates with the dramatic increase in Vote-by-Mail ballots have dropped massively sometimes at rates 30 times less than 2016’s presidential race.

None of this makes any sense except for the long held belief that VBMs would lead to dramatic increases in vote fraud. Historically, this was a bipartisan position held by the major parties back to a commission with former president Jimmy Carter more than a decade ago.

Talking Ed Note: Unlike the Russia Collusion Hoax which imploded with Hillary Clinton and the DNC paying to see introduced a phony “dossier” into the FBI and DOJ, the election interference here is all domestic in origin.

Rasmussen reports its poll last week where fully 75% of Republicans and an astounding 30% of Democrats believe this election is being stolen from President Trump.

In addition, there’s massive statistical irregularities disputing any alleged Joe Biden victory. Hillary Clinton in 2016 performed far better in every urban area except for Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit and Atlanta.

President Trump saw the biggest vote tally of any US President in history but Joe Biden is claimed to have exceeded Barack Obama.

Almost every key country bellwether was won by President Trump but one and he easily won in Ohio and Florida. No modern day elected US President has ever won the presidency without carrying those pivotal states. 

Would the United States agree the election irregularities here if observed in another country were acceptable? No, it would not. That banana republic’s fake election would not be recognized.

All of this chaos was planned and as the fraud operations in tandem with the Vote-by-Mail being pushed across the country by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. 

For months, efforts were made to nullify signature matching in states in order to create the best environment for election fraud.

Americans are not and will not buy any of it. 

Update: 5:00 pm – Michigan went ahead with its certification as additional action is precluded without it but there will be a tradeoff with canvassing focused on the massive irregularities in Wayne County, re; Detroit.

Fully 71% of the Detroit voting precincts have imbalances in their voting based on early review of records. In 2016, Hillary Clinton wanted a Michigan recount fronted by Jill Stein but it boomeranged on her when massive irregularities were shown in Detroit voting halting the effort.


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