2013 Hoboken Leprecon stats: Mayor Zimmer announces “dramatically improved public safety” for Hoboken residents

The City’s tallies from the weekend Leprecon event are in and there’s a strong downward trend in the number of compiled issues compared to last year and dramatically so from two years ago with the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer issued the following statement on the changes in the past two years:

“Since 2011, calls for service to our Police Department are down 37%, arrests are down 41%, ambulance calls are down 64% and city ordinance violations are down 71%,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “By decoupling the parade from the first Saturday in March, we have dramatically improved public safety and the quality of life for Hoboken residents.”

The dramatic overall improvement reflects significant year to year improvement overall with the concentration of a more manageable event focused on lower Washington Street.  

Here’s a chart detailing the breakdown on the major statistics in the last two years:

The 2013 Hoboken Leprecon event is a dramatic improvement year to year especially compared to 2011.

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