2012 Council meeting: Food trucks and Monarch grandstanding

Tonight’s City Council meeting begins the 2012 year and it’s not exactly a momentous event.  Most people will have trouble switching gears especially if they are befuddled by the St. Patrick’s Day brouhaha; is it a celebratory Hoboken tradition or just out of hand debauchery?

Tonight the updated food truck ordinance takes its next step and if you want to argue in favor of your $3 taco, this is your chance.  Also on the agenda is a sketchy resolution from Councilwoman Beth Mason asking the City Council’s legal arm to review the Monarch project for further legislative action.

The City Council already passed a symbolic non-binding resolution on this late last year.  MSV noted that the development under the auspices of The Shipyard, an Applied Development company is in the second ward and Beth Mason who is the council person for this part of Hoboken was so silent on the matter earlier last year, she hid from a resident who sought out her and the mayor’s view on the proposed development.  (Only the mayor responded.)

So what’s the point of the resolution?  Well if it’s to ask the Council’s legal arm for advice, no resolution is even applicable let alone required in a vote.  Perhaps Councilwoman Mason is indulging in a little grandstanding to deploy damage control for her invisible act last year.  (The Hudson Tea building resident she ignored later wrote a letter complaining about it to the Hudson Reporter.)  Nothing the Corporation Counsel can suggest will have any impact on this project.

It looks like this is meant to placate the Hudson Tea residents, NY Giants QB Eli Manning among them.  Are they so easily fooled?

Tune in tonight for the full gasbaggery on resolution number 13.  Here’s the full resolution pac:

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