The 2010 Motherlode of all variances

While there have been efforts to examine the traffic patterns in the southwest part of town, most people know driving in and out of town downtown during rush hours is a sizable task. Although the study is going to provide some useful data to help Hoboken consider its options, it can’t change the reality of density.

With that, there is an item on Hoboken’s Zoning Board this evening for a variance so a developer can add 350 condos at 38 Jackson Street.

Since Hoboken is already overdeveloped and the real estate market is softer than a Mr. Softee ice cream sitting in the midday sun, you have to wonder what’s the purpose of such a request?

The public gets a chance to sound off on the project so if you are feeling riled up by recent events, here’s an opportunity to speak and have the community heard.

Perhaps you will think traffic, density, and the like are good things.  If the area’s property values are further saturated it could put ownership in reach of more families.

That means more diversity all around.  People love diversity.  It could become the new buzzword since transparency is apparently fading into oblivion.

Since yesterday’s story posing questions on the legality of the City Council making a second board appointment, it’s been more quiet than the “Silence of the Lambs.”

MSV did a interview late Thursday with City Council President Carol Marsh.  All City Council members were contacted yesterday with everyone who voted yes in the to column and those who voted no were copied.  There’s been no response to this point.
We’ll keep you posted.
Tonight: Hoboken Zoning Board, 7:00 pm @ City Hall
Agenda now posted:
Talking Ed Note: There’s another ongoing larger scale Tarragon project MSV mentioned previously in a “Sign of the Times” post that is a huge, but our headline has a double meaning.  That discussion is still ongoing. 
38 Jackson St. is currently zoned for two stories.  The variance being requested is for residential from industrial zone for two 13 stories, 135 feet high.
Paging Dan T, paging Dan….

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