T minus five minutes before the swan song

It’s going to be brief, ugly and then over.

Talking Ed Note: Not one Council member present less than five minutes before Beth Mason’s empty and ugly finale of a budget hearing.

Five members of the public are here for the purging of Beth Russo.

And now the swan song:

No legal action can be taken. But the Council of No wants to take an illegal vote on their incompetent budget amendment.

There’s yelling over petty points and Tim Occhipinti has created a shameful situation bringing up Councilman Ravi Bhalla’s text on an appointment with the mayor with his condo association.

Update: Maybe the worst behavior ever seen by this eyewitness! The Council of No has moved to vote and voted on an illegal budget amendment. They were advised by Corporation Counsel not to take an illegal vote.

They were told it isn’t binding. They went ahead and voted illegally anyway. Based on comments early from Tim Occhipinti, this was all arranged in advance. They actually planned an illegal vote against the advice of the city auditor and thumbed their noses at the law and the State.

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