1st ward candidate Eric Kurta on Hoboken: ‘I’m looking forward’

Kurta for Council announces:


Late Thursday evening, a very crowded room of supporters erupted in cheers as 1st Ward Council candidate Eric Kurta entered the room. It was the first official fundraiser for the recently confirmed candidate and energy was high.
“I cannot wait to vote for Eric Kurta for council,” said long-time Hoboken resident Augusta Przygoda. “He has been fighting to make government more accountable for over a decade. He is going to be such a refreshing change of pace from culture of corruption and incompetence that have held Hoboken back for so long.” Before running for office, Kurta served as president of People for Open Government and was instrumental in fighting for campaign finance and ethics reform.
The support for Eric Kurta has been growing steadily since he announced his candidacy last month; drawing endorsements from such heavy hitters as Hoboken’s Mayor, Dawn Zimmer, and Councilman-at-large Ravi Bhalla who hosted the event, along with several other prominent residents. “Eric Kurta represents the best of Hoboken – an honest, intelligent, and hardworking resident with a driving desire to improve his neighborhood. It would be an honor to work with Eric Kurta on the City Council,” said Mayor Zimmer.
The fundraiser took place at Room 84 at 84 Washington Street from 7PM to 9PM. The hip, futuristic décor of the room seemed to contrast to the plainspoken nature and modest lifestyle of Kurta, but he was quick to explain. “The furniture might not be my style – it is very modern, but it is emblematic of this campaign. My opponent lives in the past and wants to turn the clock back 20 to 30 years. I think Hoboken has the potential to become a world-class city with the proper guidance. While she’s looking backward, I’m looking forward,” said Eric Kurta.

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