1600 Park and Hoboken Cove revisions unveiled Tuesday

City of Hoboken announces:

New Hoboken Cove Waterfront Park Design Ideas on Display
1600 Park and Hoboken Cove Concept Plans to be Shown at City Hall
The City of Hoboken is in the process of revising the designs to create new parks and public space at 1600 Park and Hoboken Cove. Revisions are underway based on community input regarding connectivity between the parks and new flexibility regarding the height of the proposed recreation field. The City has commissioned the professional landscape architect Imbiano Quigley (IQ) to design the site. The consultant will be presenting multiple concepts to the stakeholders committee and receiving feedback from the stakeholders for consensus on a final conceptual design.
Concurrently, a studio class of graduate students in the Landscape Architecture program at City College in New York has been working to creatively consider the same constraints and develop design ideas of their own. A set of the studio class’ design ideas, a culmination of a semester-long collaboration effort, will be on display starting Tuesday, December 13, 2011 in the lobby of City Hall, 94 Washington Street. Professor and Landscape Architect Lee Weintraub worked with members of the stakeholder committee to guide the students in their work over the last 10 weeks. Director of Community Development Brandy Forbes and the City’s consultants Remington and Vernick also provided input into the students’ work.
The public is invited to see the exhibit which opens Tuesday, December 13, 2011 at 2:30 p.m.  All of the students will be in attendance to describe their work. Later in the week the formal concepts from the City’s professionals IQ will also be on display in the City Hall Lobby.

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