Tim Occhipinti takes another shot for City Council seat

The Hudson Reporter states Tim Occhipinti will throw his hat in the ring for the 4th Ward seat currently held by Councilman Michael Lenz later this month.  Occhipinti has been a frequent attendee of City Council meeting over recent months, and is expected to make the formal announcement June 17th.  Attendance and speaking at City Council meetings is often an indicator of interest for potential candidates seeking elected office in Hoboken.

Tim Occhipinti (l) joins HHA commissioner Jake Stuiver and Public Safety Director Angel Alicia (r) to listen in at a City Council meeting earlier this year.  

In addition to throwing his hat in the ring again for elected office in Hoboken, Tim Occhipinti established a website last year called Hoboken Volunteers, a gathering point where people can view and offer their time for a variety of local groups and organizations.  He previously ran for City Council last spring as an independent.

At the most recent City Council meeting, Occhipinti joined a parade of local residents complaining about the Municipal Garage being moved to the current Pino’s tow yard angrily concluding, “This is our home.”  No decision has been made on a location by the city which has reissued the RFP process for potential sites.

Occhipinti also spoke at the previous City Council meeting where he had a brief innocuous exchange with Councilman Michael Lenz.  A more notable appearance before the City Council took place during ex-mayor Peter Cammarano’s brief term where he spoke in defense of the mayor’s centralized powers on the zoning board.  He earlier endorsed Peter Cammarano in the runoff election against then Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer last spring.

Tim Occhipinti (r) joined other independent candidates who failed in their respective runs last spring endorsing Peter Cammarano for mayor in the runoff election.  Picture courtesy Hoboken Now.

Last week Occhipinti submitted a letter printed in the Hudson Reporter criticizing Mayor Dawn Zimmer for giving Gov. Christie “a forum to promote his agenda” and said Hoboken has a “proud Democratic tradition.”  He mentioned other issues stating “Cuts in state aid, increased regulation, and looming increases in local taxes have become the norm” under the Governor adding, “we should only expect the like from Mayor Zimmer.”

Talking Ed Note:  It’s unclear if other candidates will emerge in the November race.  The 4th ward November election comes as direct result of the mayor’s appointment last year of Michael Lenz to hold the 4th ward seat.  Mayor Zimmer earlier held the 4th ward seat  before winning the mayoral election leading to the opening.

Any winner’s victory this November will be short lived with another election for the seat’s full term to follow in May 2011.  MSV has heard of at least one other potential candidate who may be considering a bid for the seat but it’s unclear if anyone will throw their hat in the ring for the November race with another election for a full term next May to follow.

Hoboken runs non-partisan elections although there has been party affiliated appeals to voters in the mayoral election last November and most recently in the BoE election.


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