One game…

changes everything.  Today billions of people around the globe will be watching the beautiful game and hoping the chess match will lead to glorious moments in the build up to awarding the world’s most cherished trophy in team sports being awarded to the winner.

For one of two nations, today will be the crowning moment for national pride but also international glory.  The reach and magnitude of this sporting event transpires all others: the World Series, the Olympics, etc.  Frankly, you could add all of them up and you’d still not surpass the pinnacle of winning a World Cup.

In 1998, Da Horsey was in Paris for the World Cup final.  The party after the game was nothing like the city had seen since the end of World War II.  After the game, atop the Bastille the eternal view looking out on a sea of thousands and thousands of people is still vivid.  It’s doubtful you could climb the Bastille without risk of arrest since.

Arriving back in the US the next day on my way home picked up every newspaper.  Was somewhat surprised to see the World Cup on the back of every sports page and just started pouring over it with the goosebumps going.

There is nothing like the glory of a World Cup.  If you don’t know and love the game, sorry to hear it.  You won’t understand.  For those that do, nothing else needs to be said.

That is all.

Pregame 1:30 ABC.

The Netherlands vs. Spain: Kickoff 2:30


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