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Last Weekend for Voter Registration
 Voter Registration Deadline: 10/12 – 4 pm
 Come help register voters and spread the message about our campaign during these last few days of voter registration.
(Meet at Campaign HQ – 60 Madison St.)
Saturday 10/9 – 11 am
Sunday, 10/10 – 1 pm
Monday, 10/11 – 7 to 9 am, 10 am to 2 pm, 5 to 8 pm
Tuesday, 10/12 – 7 to 9 am

Dear Roman,
This past Wednesday the Hoboken city council unanimously adopted a budget which included:

  • Cutting Taxes by 5%, the most permitted by law.
  • Ending the practice of accelerated tax sales, which hurts taxpayers and costs the city revenue
  • Elimination of the use of One Shot revenues
  • Establishment of a reserve for tax appeals.

All this was  just over three months into this transition year, after threefull days of public hearings and the most open budget process Hoboken has ever seen.  Even better, the retention of a reasonable surplus puts us on a track to improve our bond rating and fix the cost of paying the debt on our municipal garage at close to a million doller a year savings over what we had been paying.
A 5% tax decrease is a good start, but we need to keep moving forward on lowering the tax burden.  In the spring, we will begin to work on our 2011 budget and as head of the Finance Committe I am proud to stand with Mayor Zimmer and the Council Majority to do the hard work and make the tough decisions we need in order to keep bringing down taxes.  By working together, we will continue to make Hoboken an even better city for everyone.
Mike Lenz
P.S. This election is going to be close and my Campaign Manager would not be happy if I sent out an email and did not ask for your support in any way possible.  Please consider donating $25, $50, or whatever you can afford to help us get out our message.  Can’t donate?  Please sign up to Volunteer by clicking here.

Registration Deadline: 4pm on Tuesday, October 12
Even since the last Election, many new residents have moved into our great Ward.  Our opponents are rallying their “locked in” vote and we have to be sure that every resident (new or old) has a say in this election.  We are going to be hitting the streets and the phones for all three days of this Columbus Day weekend and would love for you to come join us.
(Meet at Campaign HQ – 60 Madison St.)
Saturday, October 9 – 11 am to Sundown
Sunday, October 10 – 1 pm to Sundown
Monday, October 11 – 7 to 9 am, 10 am to 2 pm, 5 to 8 pm
Tuesday, October 12 – 7 to 9 am
This is going to be a close election so even a couple hours registering a handful of voters could mean the different between progress and failure on Nov. 2nd.
Please call our Campaign Manager, Sam Briggs, at 201-588-LENZ (5369) or email the campaign at to sign up or with any questions you may have.


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