Hoboken Revolt: Time to focus and participate!

Hoboken Revolt sent out a communication to its members in the Hoboken community.  They have been regularly attending City Council meetings.  Here’s the latest:

All are urged to attend and lend your voices to demand significant cost cutting as recommended by the audit regarding the Police Department, other public safety departments and in all other city Departments.The Mayor and members of the City Council joined with Hoboken Revolt to compel the release of the State’s Department of Community Affairs police audit last week. Hoboken Revolt dedicated significant time and resources and communicated directly with the Governer’s office through State contacts, full page media advertisements, e-mails, telephone calls and faxes. Hoboken Revolt continues to make significant strides in fulfilling our mission, which includes ensuring fiscal transparency and responsibility in City Government.

We have elected a Mayor and city council that has pledged to cut spending. Hoboken Revolt urges them to consider the audit and provide leadership to address the safety needs of the City while implementing reasonable cost-cutting actions based on the audit findings and recommendations. 

The audit is over 50 pages long and includes recommendations related to equipment, training, facilities and staffing. The following recommendations stand out:

1) A reduction in staff from 158 to 102-112. (The audit addressed both supervisory and patrol officers)

2) An increase in the workweek from 35 to 40 hours and a corresponding schedule overhall to accomadate the changes.

3) Review of equipment, including the purchases of police vechicles and other transportation such as Segways.

By acting on just these recommendations summarized above it appears the result could be a minimum savings of $3.2M for the FY 2011 budget. 

Make sure the tax payers of Hoboken are represented at this meeting!

Love Your Town, Stay Involved, Show Up Tomorrow Night!

Talking Ed Note: Although not currently a paying member, Da Horsey considers himself a full honorary member of Hoboken Revolt.  In the spirit of full disclosure that support is in line with the general tax reform sentiments expressed but does not include all opinions or conclusions expressed by any individual members.  

MSV considers Hoboken Revolt the leading website in Hoboken for freedom including free speech.  Their website is linked in our select blog roll and we encourage readers to visit their site.

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