Hoboken Democratic Committee Meeting: Notes from the Underground

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher elected Chairwoman of the Hoboken Democratic Committee

The underground meeting, literally, of the Hoboken Democratic Meeting took place last night at Hoboken Bar & Grill. It was a standing room only affair.

Mayor Zimmer’s victorious Column E committee slate took command after annihilating the Russo Clan’s Column F. There were but a few dying gasps with the transition.

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher is the
new chair of the Hoboken Democratic Committee
replacing Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano

Second Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher was voted Chairwoman but it didn’t come without a little attempted sabotage. Mustering about ten votes, Column F attempted to foil the councilwoman by nominating Mayor Zimmer. With about 52 of 63 election committee winners showing up for Column E vs. 8 of 17 for Column F, the votes were not in doubt and the divisive tactic didn’t take hold.

Fisher was nominated by Phil Cohen and the succeeding vote ended that attempt at subterfuge. The early votes were tabulated by Beth Mason lackey Ines Garcia Keim who anointed herself Sargent at Arms with the actual titleholder elected to the position last year MIA. No one cared until the vote for that position was held elevating Kurt Gardiner into the elected role. Then it was time for the Gong Show hook for Keim who can’t have Mason sue her into the position unopposed. Steve Kleinman must be so proud!

The only real drama of interest may have been the singular votes by former Hoboken Zoning Board commissioner Antonio Grana. Although elected on Column E, he voted each and every time with Column F to no good effect. Shades of pulling a DeFusco? Councilman DeFusco was elected on Mayor Zimmer’s council slate with her endorsement and support in 2015 before flipping to her Old Guard enemies and announcing his run for mayor last month.

Will Antonio Grana appear at some point on a Councilman Mike DeFusco council at-large ticket?

The Hoboken Democratic Committee systematically went through each of their votes for its leadership and decided to name not one but three Honorary Chairs. The first two went to elected officials with the first to Mayor Dawn Zimmer who was not in attendance. Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro got the nod for the other. The mayor’s Chief of Staff, Vijay Chaudhuri who was directing the maze of candidate efforts across the city received the third nod for Honorary Chair.

This saw objection by Ines Garcia Keim who complained the bylaws did not allow an unelected member of the committee to hold the honorary position. She was promptly overruled by Chairwoman Fisher who pointed out her incorrect reading of the bylaws.  Keim kept complaining to no good effect.

Freeholder Anthony Stick Romano passed the gavel to Chairwoman Fisher as current chair and made an impassioned speech. He was reportedly gracious and allowed a peaceful transition of power unlike the scrum two years ago when the Old Guard battled each other in what looked more like a Soviet inspired coup than an elected body.

Romano’s speech didn’t end before he urged the packed room, “Don’t listen to those anonymous blogs.”
Well ok Stick, this Horse won’t listen.

Video of portions of the meeting will be available later today.

Update: This story has seen modifications surrounding the votes of Column E Democratic Committee member Antonio Grana here:

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