Guest of the Stable: Jake Stuiver

I am writing as an active and concerned Fourth Ward resident to call
on all Hobokenites who care about reform to do anything and everything
they can toward electing Mike Lenz on Nov. 2.

This is an absolutely critical election. I’m very concerned that
election fatigue after a recent string of reform victories is
distracting many people from the unbelievably high stakes we have
before us. This is not just a ward race, this is a citywide election
whose outcome will have repercussions for each and every member of our
community for years to come.

Mike Lenz is an extraordinarily talented and knowledgeable councilman
who has brought enormously valuable skills and insights to the
position over the past year. He has been attentive and responsive to
concerns in the ward. What’s more, Mike is the fifth and deciding vote
in Mayor Zimmer’s five-vote majority, and the importance of that role
cannot be overstated. Walking the streets of the ward in recent
months, I’ve seen and heard how much the mayor’s supporters appreciate
the changes that are under way.

For example, we’re seeing the installation of a downtown flood pump
that is expected to alleviate flooding by 80%. Taxes are going down –
not yet by enough, but we’re finally headed in the right direction.
Smart development is being planned that respects the desires of the
community for reasonable-size buildings and a long-needed southwest
park. And we’re getting improved public transportation and innovative
parking solutions.

Dawn Zimmer is truly delivering “change that works,” and Mike Lenz is
a necessary part of her team. Maintaining a council majority is
absolutely essential to continuing the progress.

Each and every Hobokenite who cares about reform and believes in the
mayor’s agenda must fight tooth and nail to win this election. We are
facing an opposition that is highly motivated, hungry and energized
for a return to the ways of the past that created so many of the
problems we now face. We cannot allow them to roll back the progress
we have made. The choice is very simple — continued progress or a
sharp, swift reversal of everything we’ve accomplished.

Please come to the headquarters at 60 Madison Street and volunteer, as
often and energetically as possible. Send a donation, as large as
possible (within the $2,600 legal limit, of course). And if you live
in the Fourth Ward, please make sure you come out and vote for Mike on
Nov. 2.

Mike’s longtime service to this community has helped bring us to a
place we never would have reached without him. In order to keep moving
forward, we need to pull out all the stops and win the election on
Nov. 2. This is our shared responsibility as a community, and I am
personally imploring you to stand up and help fight this very
important battle for all of us.

Jake Stuiver is the campaign treasurer for Lenz for Council.
MSV anticipates a submission shortly from Occhipinti for Council.

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