Grist for the Mill: Council member to appear in court this week

A court case involving a member of the City Council is being moved out of Hoboken to avoid an appearance of a conflict of interest.  Instead the case is being moved to another venue this week in Secaucus.

Who is the mystery council member and what is the crime?  Sadly, some would have hoped it was the New Jersey Attorney General sending a team to cart out the vote fraudsters who hijacked the 4th ward election last November but no such luck.  The case involves signage zoning rules over at Tim Occhipinti’s pet shop headquarters from the same election.

Tim Occhipinti is the chair of the Zoning and Planning Subcommittee.  He was handed that plum by Councilwoman Beth Mason.  You just can’t make up this kind of irony.

The mayor hosted a fundraiser to back the loose coalition of reform minded candidates on St. Patrick’s Day.  But who was the guy stalking the mayor’s home standing outside?  A big turnout of Hoboken citizens plus this one strange unwelcome fellow outside on the street with a camera.  After quite some time taking photos of all the residents arriving, he was asked why he was stalking the mayor’s home?  He said he was from Queens and couldn’t or wouldn’t provide any details on his boss.  Wonder who would fund such a thing?

The photographer’s evening collection was most likely looking to identify anyone who could be depicted as untoward for Hoboken’s biggest smearsite Hoboken411 or as many now call it Mason411.  Anyone getting in the way of the Masonic Queen of Hudson Street’s ambitions is likely to be at the ugly end of it’s endless smears.

Last City Council meeting was a real howler.  The circulation of work out of the City Council to subcommittee has become a circus and this time Hoboken’s finest paid for it when Councilwoman Beth Mason gave the boot to the ordinance  to see their well deserved back pay over years. 

Beth Mason’s response to that problem surfacing after the Council meeting, “Where was the Public Safety Director in all this?”  She also said the council wasn’t aware but we know she wasn’t and wouldn’t allow a comment to explain to the consequences of her action.  She refused to listen and now the police are going to be awaiting their backpay longer.  That will be remembered by many for quite a while.

5th ward council challengers Perry Belfiore and Scott Delea both shared time at Beth Mason’s campaign get together Saturday afternoon but that’s not the only thing they are sharing.  Word is out on the street their petitions also have some odd overlap with signatures being featured on both.  How many and how did that happen?  We’re not sure but the City Clerk’s office will have to get to the bottom of it.

Is it enough to be a problem?  People can only sign for one candidate and if some names are thrown out, it could be problematic for a candidacy meeting the required signatures to get on the ballot.  Good luck to the City Clerk’s office on this one.

Talking Ed Note:  The Hoboken Journal notes the news of Tim Occhipinti’s date before the judge and says it will be tomorrow at 9:30.  Will Tim show up this time or blow it off again?  Will his job find out about it?  Wouldn’t it be lovely if someone from the NJ Attorney General’s office stopped by and had a little chat with Tim about his 575 ‘campaign workers,’ last November too?

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