Court orders Lane Bajardi to begin paying 25% of income for frivolous lawsuit

Hudson Superior Court orders Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal Bajardi to pay the piper for SLAPP-suit

Lane Bajardi exits court
after ordered to make 
payments for SLAPP-suit

BREAKINGHudson County View published its story with court video of Friday’s hearing in Superior Court where Lane Bajardi is ordered to pay 25% of his income to a SLAPP-suit victim of the frivolous lawsuit by him and his wife, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi. 

More than a year after the NJ First Amendment case was thrown out of court mid-trial, Judge Barry Sarkisian issued a court order in Hudson Superior Court Friday afternoon Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi must make payments to one of the defendants consisting of 25% of his net income.

The payments of approximately $1815 a month will come from his earnings as a newsreader on the graveyard shift at 1010 WINS radio.

Kim Cardinal Bajardi is an unemployed freelance journalist so the court ordered payments will come solely from Lane Bajardi’s earnings to satisfy one of the defendants victimized by their SLAPP-suit.

The Bajardis sought a stay on making any payments to Hudson Superior Court and in an appeal to the NJ Appellate for their frivolous lawsuit against a dozen Hoboken residents.

Both legal maneuvers were denied with the NJ Appellate Court reviewing the appeal last week and quickly deciding in less than 48 hours to deny the motion.

In January, Judge Sarkisian ordered $4,223.75 in funds frozen in the Bajardis TD Bank accounts last December be turned over to another frivolous lawsuit party, counsel Alexander W. Booth on behalf of this MSV editor.

The bulk of the legal fees exceeding $275,000 ordered paid by Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi which saw all three of their attorneys also sanctioned for an additional $4,000 remains to be satisfied.

That booming legal cannon heard across NJ was issued last July by Judge Patrick Arre in a scathing legal decision designating the three years long litigation a frivolous lawsuit attacking the rights of NJ residents’ political speech.

Talking Ed Note:  More to come!

Hudson Superior Court video footage and photo courtesy of the Hudson County View

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