Councilman Peter Cunningham: Northwest community development meeting tonight

Official release:

Dear neighbors, 
I chair the northern community development subcommittee of the City Council and have been working with the administration to progress a plan for the north west corner of Hoboken. 
Please join me TONIGHT September 28th, for the FIRST PUBLIC MEETING to get your input on what we need for Hoboken’s Northern End.  This is the area north of the 14th Street viaduct, west of Park Ave.
What: North End Redevelopment Plan Community Meeting
Where: Wallace School, 11th and Willow
When: Thursday 9/28 from 7:30 – 9:30 
I believe that the focus of the development plan for the area needs to primarily be Commercial – office with ground floor retail and services.  
Commercial development would:
  • Result in less congestion for our already crowded transportation systems
  • Bring a complementary daytime population to support our local businesses – many restaurants are empty during the day
  • Provide more opportunities for people to live and work in Hoboken
  • Be less demanding on our aging infrastructure
  • Allow us more tax revenues with less need for additional municipal services (like schools, police, etc.) 
  • Invite the opportunity to have a new transportation stop in the area such as 15th Street and 16th Street
This meeting will be moderated by a professional planning firm but it is critical we make sure that we are thinking not only about the neighborhood aesthetics but also the macroeconomic factors that work best for Hoboken.

Peter Cunningham

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