City Council begins with a full house and full agenda @ 7:00

(Meeting is expected to go into a closed session first for about 15 minutes on the hospital’s pending sale.)

The first City Council meeting after Labor Day should mean a full house to take on a full agenda.  Some items carried over include codifying the city charter – an issue open over decades in oversight and the campaign finance reform pay to play ordinance that has been batted around all year.

There’s a new public safety director on tap and up to bat; Jon Tooke brings a wealth of experience including some fine letters on his resume: FBI.  Can you say timely?

The resolution to remove Nancy Pincus from the Zoning Board will be heard in closed session where it will surely die a quick death when other members of the council majority will not likely tolerate the Occhipinti wailing for censorship and totalitarian repression.  Too bad we won’t get to hear Councilwoman Beth Mason on the matter.

Word on the street is it was Tim Occhipinti and Lane Bajardi who put in the police complaint on the satirical series of FBI Letters, no. 4 being their point of protest where not a single name (or address mind you) appeared identifying any of the Mile Square City’s 50,000 residents.

Who could have provided the inspiration and direction for that complaint?

The full agenda is available at the City Council link:

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