The bomb drops on Tim Occhipinti – Lenz campaign files complaint for massive VBM fraud

Lenz for Council announces:

The Mike Lenz for Council campaign has filed a complaint and order to show cause today in New Jersey Superior Court as a result of what we believe to be strong evidence that the Occhipinti campaign has embarked on an organized program of paying voters $40 or more to cast Vote by Mail ballots.  Mr. Occhipinti’s own ELEC filings reveal that out of 79 individuals identified as  campaign workers, 78 cast vote by mail ballots contemporaneously with receiving the payment.    In addition, several individuals have provided affidavits confirming that they were paid in exchange for casting Vote by Mail ballots.
Election Fraud is a serious matter, and the Mike Lenz campaign is confident that the Board of Elections, the New Jersey Attorney General and the Superior Court will review all of the evidence and make the decisions necessary to ensure that Hoboken’s 4th Ward residents receive the honest and fair election to which they are entitled.

Lenz Charges Occhipinti Fraud

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