Month: September 2020


Two Democrats and a President

Yesterday’s presidential debate, if one could ascribe the event as such, featured Democrat Chris Wallace pretending to be the moderator in the sum of what turned more into a brawl.

A President Trump we’ve not seen before, more fluid, confident but highly contentious entered the cage match much as a UFC fighter. Take no prisoners.

Lots of interjections and roundhouse kicks and that was only what he delivered to his other opponent, Chris Wallace. 

The novelty of last night’s event beyond the Wild West showcased showdown was Joe Biden, looking every bit his age plus a decade more as he stood for the full 90 minutes, glassy eyed with pupils dilated more than a weekend ecstasy binger. Whatever drug cocktail brought him to the podium generally worked. He remained semi-coherent if weak overall but able to deliver a number of planned attacks plus a few spontaneous ones reviving with Chris Wallace the Charlottesville “Fine People” Hoax. Read More...


US Intel: The Russia Collusion Hoax was birthed by Hillary Clinton

Based on a breaking declassification of US intel back to the summer of 2016, it was Hillary Clinton who birthed what has been dubbed the “Russia Clinton Hoax.”

According to a breaking report from senior award-winning reporter John Solomon, the idea was designed as a political operation to distract from the discovery of her emails

From the report:

U.S. intelligence developed evidence from Russia in summer 2016 that Hillary Clinton had personally approved a plan to concoct the Russia collusion narrative in an effort to harm Donald Trump and distract from her email scandal, according to an explosive document made public Tuesday by the Director of National Intelligence. Read More...


Congressional matchup: Steve Fulop of Jersey City vs. Ravi Bhalla of Hoboken

 Could it be an upcoming showdown for a HudCo congressional seat?

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop


Mayor Ravi Bhalla of Hoboken
=&0=&: In other unrelated news, the Russia Collusion Hoax implodes further and boomerangs as the untold Russia Collusion Hoax has morphed into revelations on the Biden Family.  In addition to the evidence of Joe Biden himself admitting on video to extorting the government of Ukraine to dismiss its Attorney General equivalent who was looking into corruption at Burisma where his son would oddly serve on its board, millions have also emerged coming from Russia and Communist Chinese. Last week, the Department of Homeland Senate report detailed $3.5 million was wired into the bank account of Hunter Biden from government-connected Russians, the former Vice President’s son in addition to princely sums paid from Burisma plus millions more from =&1=&. Much of the corporate media has completely lost its appetite on anything Russia, let alone Communist China “collusion.” The Pravda of our day, the NY Times refuses to detail the millions from Russia to Hunter Biden. Readers will recall in 2016, this investigative website wrote of the Russia Collusion Hoax declaring it a hoax. (Please, no applause.) The DOJ John Durham investigation into that hoax and its subsequent connected scam: the Mueller “investigation” is reportedly expanding and may not publicly move further with indictments until after the election.  The sole casualty to date is FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith who pled guilty for changing an email to read that Carter Page, an American hero who worked to uncover actual Russian spies had in fact not done so in order to obtain a powerful FISA warrant to spy on Page. The FISA warrant application would falsely claim he was  himself working for the Russians. No one else knows who was involved with Clinesmith who reported to the most senior FBI officials including James “Cardinal” Comey. The FISA warrant was then applied to spy on the entirety of the 2016 Trump campaign. The same FISA warrant was requested and renewed a total of four times, well into the 2017 Trump Administration in the biggest political scandal in US history in an effort by those of the preceding Obama Administration to implement a coup.  Related, a FBI agent on the Russia Collusion Hoax during the 2016 election for what was dubbed Crossfire Hurricane admitted to DOJ investigators there was no there, there.

The FBI case agent admits the General Flynn “investigation” and the succeeding Mueller investigation was a targeted effort to “Get Trump” Read More...


City Council reduces Ravi Bhalla’s proposed 10% increase and passes $117.8 million budget

The City Council adjusted Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s budget decreasing his proposed near 10% tax increase down to less than 8% (7.5%) before settling for a $117.8 million budget.

Hudson County View writes:

“After many months of deliberations, the Hoboken City Council okayed a $117.8 million amended budget that uses an additional $1.3 million in surplus, meaning that the municipal tax increase is 7.5 percent and the overall tax increase is 0.75 percent.

After voting down the budget last week, which had a municipal tax increase of 9.8 percent and a overall tax increase of 1.4 percent, the council convened a special meeting to decide if they wanted to increase the surplus used from $8.5 million to $9.8 million.” Read More...


Water infrastructure implementation and a possible budget amendment solution

 The City of Hoboken announced the following implementation of 15 blocks in water mains installation.

On a separate note, tonight’s crucial special meeting of the City Council will seek to come to a budget solution stalemated at the last meeting.

Word of a possible budget amendment approved by the State in Trenton earlier today would pave the way for passage tonight.

The budget amendment will seek more than one-million dollars moved from the surplus to fix the gap and is being driven by City Council President Jen Giattino for the five votes needed for passage. Read More...


President Trump UN address: blasts Chinese Communists for pandemic & touts US as peacemaker in MidEast

President Trump in a taped address to the United Nations spoke directly of the global pandemic and said the international body “must hold China accountable for their actions.”

Pointing to the Chinese Communist government, President Trump spoke plainly of their misinformation to the world as they shut down air travel domestically but continued to allow international flights and “infect the world.”

He highlighted the failure of the WHO subservient to and working with Communist China where they “falsely declared there was no evidence of human to human transmission.” Read More...


Grist for the Mill: Ravi Bhalla bid for Congress as budget blues storm clouds threaten

It’s been circulating for some time but Mayor Ravi Bhalla has begun telling HudCo pals he is going to run for the congressional seat of the current officeholder, Congressman Albio Sires.

Sires is slated for easy re-election this November and insiders speculate it will be his last two-year term meaning an open congressional seat in 2022.

Ravi Bhalla has sought higher office outside Hoboken since his first term as a councilman back in 2009. He first attempted an off the line Assembly run in 2011 bucking State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack by running off the HudCo line. That effort ended in disaster as Ravi Bhalla would see the failed effort end with his tallies in single digits. Read More...


Hoboken outdoor dining extended through the fall and winter

Good news on the local restaurant front. The City of Hoboken is extending outdoor dining into the fall and winter. 

Mayor Ravi Bhalla and the City Council have approved the outdoor dining plan into next year. 

The website 6sqft published an online story on the news yesterday writing:

Mayor Bhalla and the Hoboken City Council released guidelines on safe, outdoor heating options, application information for businesses to continue participating, and procedures on snow removal.

Hoboken releases plan to extend outdoor dining through the winter Read More...


Chinese Virologist: Wuhan Coronavirus created in lab by the Chinese Communist Party

A Chinese virologist now in exile and hiding from the Chinese Communist Party is going public with allegations of the creation and spread of the CCP Virus.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan who has made international headlines in recent days appeared for the first time in an US media interview with commentator Tucker Carlson laying the blame for the creation of the virus to the Chinese Communist Party in a Wuhan Lab.

She claims she has verifiable proof for the scientific community.

Yan has previously been reported making the claim in the UK press and TV but in this interview claims she has the evidence the genome of the novel coronavirus was created in the CCP Wuhan military lab and its later release. It’s unclear if she is differentiating between a cover up from an accidental release to the world or intended sooner. Read More...


Ravi Bhalla: ‘Quarantine for thee, not for me’


In another distressing example of the two tiers of justice appearing too frequently in the United States, Mayor Ravi Bhalla exempted himself from the City of Hoboken policy announced earlier this month for people exposed to the pandemic’s coronavirus.

Last week, Ravi Bhalla tweeted he had been exposed to someone with the virus. As a result he declared, he would be placing himself in isolation over the weekend – two days. People on twitter took note and immediately began referencing the September 6th policy issued by the City of Hoboken, backed and promoted by Ravi Bhalla himself. From the actual proclamation:

Note the key words, “if you may have been in a situation where you believe an exposure may have occurred… self-quarantine… for the full 14 days.”

People on Twitter immediately began citing the Ravi Bhalla policy on self-quarantine.