Month: August 2020


Ravi Bhalla gets blasted pushing coronavirus testing in post-flattened pandemic

The Hoboken mayor Ravi Bhalla balked seeing the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendation against testing for people without symptoms even those who may have been exposed to the Chinese Communist Party Virus.

Maybe he wants to be called Dr. Ravi?

In tandem with the recommendation, the CDC also admitted of more than 170,000 reported deaths due to the virus, less than 10,000 have turned out to have died as a result of only the novel coronavirus itself.

The CDC admission means the vast majority of deaths, fully 94% are connected to victims who suffered from one or more underlying illnesses, primarily among the elderly. Read More...


Voices heard, truth documented

Voices being heard.

Violence being documented.

Independent journalists are risking life and limb capturing live footage not the so-called journalists who have been giving support to “peaceful protestors” rioting from Portland to New York, Chicago to Seattle, and now Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Here, a man seen earlier voicing support to defend the community and local businesses reportedly shot a looter at a car shop and is later seen being chased by a mob. Read More...


Survivor of Communism: Chose “American Freedom” over “Anarchy & Communism”

Back when Americans learned a little about the world, the Cold War raged on and painted a stark example of the differences between imperfect freedom under an American flag and the gray, atheist darkness of humanity under a tyrannical Soviet flag.

Today, all of this is lost as “Year One Woke” is everyday and the past is fluid, changeable as the “living” Constitution where core American freedoms are malleable under the power of the state.

Yesterday, one man who lived under both systems addressed the nation at the Republican National Convention. He told his story showing in stark contrast the differences between the two. Read More...


Collapsed pandemic caseload undoes Ravi Bhalla and his “Army of Karens”

According to the fear porn pushed by Mayor Ravi Bhalla and his “Army of Karens,” a $250 fine for not wearing a face mask outdoors was in the interest of public health.

The elderly and those with underlying illness such as diabetes, respiratory impairment, obesity, etc. needed protection and face masks outdoors is a key requirement or so the argument goes.

There’s only one problem. There’s been a near zero caseload in Hoboken for more than a month.

Today Ravi Bhalla announced the following data from the City Hall Health Department since August 20th: Read More...


Ravi Bhalla proposed $250 mask fine & his ‘Army of Karens’ crushed in 6-3 Council vote

As predicted here yesterday, the effort to impose a $250 fine for anyone caught outside in Hoboken without wearing a mask was crushed in the City Council last night.

The totalitarian focused, non-science based Mayor Ravi Bhalla proposed ordinance cheered by his “Army of Karens” failed in a crushing 6-3 vote.

Among the varied arguments on both sides, no scientific data or study was ever cited by Ravi Bhalla as a reason for the proposed mask fine.

Bhalla’s reflexive council backers also failed to explain why such an austere measure should be imposed on the public after the pandemic has mostly passed and area hospitals are all but emptied of infected patients suffering from the novel coronavirus. Read More...


Ravi Bhalla’s $250 mask fine hopes on the brink, mask survey yanked in under a day

=&0=& =&1=& =&2=& =&3=& =&2=& =&5=& It must have been bad.  The Mayor Ravi Bhalla mask survey issued Monday mid-afternoon with a series of questions pushing the Hoboken public to accept fines for not wearing a mask outside was yanked not a day later. A series of coaxing “push-poll” questions to get a user to accept the $250 fine or another amount were clearly slanted. Despite the push, Hoboken residents were clearly not biting.  The mayor’s effort to impose the massive mask fine comes after weeks where the Chinese Communist Party Virus new numbers in the Mile Square City have diminished to practically nil. Mayor Ravi Bhalla and his office are attempting to sell local media that a slim majority of Hoboken residents support his proposed massive $250 mask fine. =&6=&if it was so favorable to his wide scale public media efforts=&7=& Meanwhile, City Council members acknowledge they are being overwhelmed by negative reaction to the Ravi Bhalla $250 mask fine from Hoboken residents.  The blowback from the public is the surest sign the pending council vote set for tonight will fail.  Ravi Bhalla is likely to see his usual three council votes from Phil Cohen, Emily Jabbour and Jim Doyle voting in favor of the $250 mask fines with double that number on the City Council voting his proposal down.

The numbers of reported new cases of the CCP virus in Hoboken have fallen to near zero levels and the mayor’s office no longer publishes timely figures on new cases, hospitalizations and deaths. 

As last reported here, the last reported new cases of the virus a week ago were at four and not a single case of a hospitalization is believed admitted in recent weeks. 
The State of New Jersey has seen its mortality figures flatline to single digits in recent weeks. Most of the deaths in the NY-NJ area have been clustered in nursing facilities for the elderly.
Both governors, Mario Cuomo and Phil Murphy issued executive orders going against the national guidelines putting infected patients into nursing facilities creating what many critics call “killing fields.”
As a result, the two states far outpace any across the nation in related CCP virus deaths at over 32,000 and 16,000 respectively. Read More...


Horse Sense: “Something is not right”

Last night began the oddest Democrat convention in living memory. Gone are the signs popping up and down with names of states by selected delegates and old school speeches cheered by fans chosen through primaries actually won.

In their place, a remote convention maintained with a pandemic that is ordered to stay in place no matter the declining cases and more importantly the declining hospitalizations and deaths nationwide. Do it for Joe and keep the candidate rested and safe in his basement.

If you don’t think this is about the election, then you’re probably a registered Democrat or one of their acolytes who are enjoying this time of the season where “the Purge” is not a fanciful fantasy movie but an equal opportunity program in Democrat-controlled cities where burn, loot and mayhem are the watchword. Catch and release y’all! Portland, Seattle and Chicago, represent! Read More...


Hoboken pushing restaurants toward survival

A plan for Hoboken restaurants to gain traction with expanded outdoor seating is proposed through 2021.

According to the report on Hudson County View, the likelihood of such a plan is proposed at this week’s City Council meeting by City Council President Jen Giattino and Second Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.

“The business recovery programs have added a lot of value to Hoboken businesses and to our residents as well,” said Giattino, the council president and 6th Ward representative “It is important that we are constantly assessing what more we can do and when our businesses asked us if we could extend the term of the programs now, it was an easy ‘yes.’” The complete story is available at the Hudson County View:
A photo of Manhattan shows streets empty of people and business activity. Hoboken is trying to find ways to give its local restaurants a fighting chance.
=&0=&=&1=&: With the Big Apple across the river approaching ever more dire circumstances, Hoboken businesses need every opportunity they can get. A New Yorker bemoans

the descent of the city with the mass exodus of people and business closures noting several of his favorite eateries are dead and the so is New York City, forever. Read More...


CBS News: Hoboken considering draconian $250 face mask fine with four confirmed new cases

The local CBS News filed a report as Hoboken makes the news.

Is it for some business innovation or some effective government action for residents?

No, it’s for massive government overreach with the faded Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus and a potential and pending $250 fine if you’re caught outside without wearing a face diaper mask.

According to the report, Mayor Ravi Bhalla “is on board” with the huge fine even as the pandemic has dwindled in Hoboken to practically zero in recent weeks. Read More...


Councilman Mike DeFusco: Newark & Garden pocket park revitalization?

The following is a release from Councilman Mike DeFusco.

Councilman DeFusco Secures Commitment to Make Downtown Park More Accessible to Public

After twenty years, Councilman Mike DeFusco has secured a commitment from a local developer to revitalize an underutilized pocket park in Hoboken. The future of the park, located on the corner of Newark and Garden Streets, has been the topic of conversation between Councilman Mike DeFusco, who Chairs the Southern Development Committee, and Equity Apartments, the owners of the property where the limited access park is located. All parties have agreed to a more favorable access agreement for residents to enjoy a public park, at no cost to taxpayers.   Read More...