Month: June 2020


Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla officially endorses the George Soros BLM protest in Hoboken

Late this afternoon, Mayor Ravi Bhalla announced there will be a Friday afternoon protest hosted at Maxwell Park lending support to an effort organized by Black Lives Matters, the radical leftist George Soros funded organization.

Bhalla’s brother Amar is thought to be working for the George Soros funded Open Society Foundation in New York City. Some have speculated that his brother played a role in bringing the controversial protest to Hoboken during the pandemic as the Mile Square City remains in near lockdown. Read More...


U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito issues statement against violence

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United States AttorneyDistrict of New Jersey

As I said in the wake of the despicable hate crimes committed in Jersey City last December, we are confronting problems in this state and this country that I cannot believe we are still facing at this point in our history. I emphatically reject the idea that violence is the solution to those problems. I am proud of the people of Newark, Camden and elsewhere who have raised their voices in peaceful protest to seek justice for George Floyd and the many other victims like him, and to call for change. Read More...


Why is Hoboken Girl inviting a protest into Hoboken during a pandemic?

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For those residents reading this, it will come as quite a shock to learn a local website is promoting a protest in Hoboken this Friday against the very real science of an ongoing pandemic.

Let’s be more blunt, it’s shocking for the stupidity exhibited during an actual and very real pandemic.

The Hoboken Girl blog is promoting this hot mess for Hoboken’s Maxwell Park this Friday.

Does anyone know if this Hoboken Girl blog is officially charged to overwrite US national policy CDC guidelines during a pandemic? Read More...