Month: June 2020


Stopping the regressive attack against America starting with Columbus

The following is a guest piece for a petition courtesy of Joshua Sotomayor Einstein

=&0=& =&1=& As the mass of mobs across the country calling for the removal, engaging in vandalizing, and toppling historical statues continue largely unopposed by political “leadership,”a petition to save Columbus Park and the statue of famed Italian explorer Christopher Columbus in Hoboken was launched today by Joshua Sotomayor Einstein. Sotomayor Einstein, the NJ GOP State Committeeman representing Hudson County, said “this is not a Republican or Democrat issue, this is an American issue.” He continued, “the public efforts of unelected nihilistic totalitarians to tear down history fails to right any past wrongs, ignores that we celebrate historical figures despite their flaws not because of them, and erases our shared heritage.” Columbus, who has been a source of public communal pride for Italian Americans for over a century, is not alone in being targeted for public erasure. In addition to the toppling a Columbus statue in Richmond, Virginia and the beheading of another Columbus statue in Boston, statues of founding father 

George Washington


Grist for the Mill: The Battalion Chief Edition

The City of Hoboken is facing two potential lawsuits, both emanating out of the Hoboken Fire Department based on actions taken earlier this year by Mayor Ravi Bhalla

Legal papers may be filed against the City not for one but two separate positions of Hoboken Battalion Chief.

In early January, this news website stated layoffs would be coming to the Mile Square City in 2020. Prior to the pandemic’s arrival, Ravi Bhalla admitted as much putting up fully 79 positions on a layoff list. Among them, one position of Battalion Chief in the Hoboken Fire Department. Read More...


Ravi Bhalla allegation pandemic spike caused by ‘foreigners’ a Big Lie

The recent report of Hoboken’s mild spike from a set of zeros in Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus cases over recent days into low double digits required explanation.

The Hoboken case load as the pandemic’s trend line in the region, follows a curve dropping to zero in the Mile Square City over recent weeks. The town’s reported cases showed no sign of increasing.

Then on Monday, a spike showed a pop to eleven reported cases. Mayor Ravi Bhalla, he of the self-proclaimed civil rights champion for illegal immigrants opted to stage a curious claim. He stated the virus spike was due to ‘foreigners’ of far away states: Flordia and Arizona being two which are seeing case spikes (if lacking corresponding death tolls which continue to fall as seen here earlier). Read More...


Two arrested in aggravated arson, weapons charges using fireworks

The Hoboken Police Department under the direction of Police Chief Ken Ferrante announced two arrests for conspiracy to commit aggravated arson, weapons possession in the possession of fireworks.

The HPD announced the arrests of two suspects: Elijah Scott, 20 and Tyrese High, 19, both Hoboken residents.

The investigating and arresting officers are Detective Christine Collins and Luis Rodrigues with the following series of events on June 22nd shortly after midnight offered by the HPD:

Shortly after 12am on Monday, June 22nd the Hoboken Police Department responded to the area of 3rd and Jackson Streets on the report of fireworks being shot.  When uniformed officers arrived, no one was shooting fireworks and the area appeared to be in order. On Tuesday, June 23rd evidence was forwarded to the Hoboken Police Department. The evidence clearly shows Mr. High and Mr. Scott in possession of fireworks (Shotgun Candle high powered Roman Candles). The evidence also shows the two working together to shoot fireworks upon 320 Jackson Street striking the building and nearly missing windows. Approximately 40 windows were exposed to the potential of the firework exploding on or within the apartment. The two arrested suspects were transported to the Hudson County Correctional Facility.

Fireworks on both sides of the Hudson

Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante issued this release in response to growing complaints about late night noise with fireworks being a prime culprit in the Mile Square City.

=&0=& A major quality of life problem in the tri-state area right now is fireworks being set off from 10pm thru 4am nightly (12 straight nights). The following are some of the theories that have been discussed on mainstream media as well as social media: 1) support for protests, 2) freedom of expression, 3) teens and young adults releasing frustration for months of being stuck home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and 4) police, fire and government doing it In retaliation of protests. No one knows for sure, but after dealing with this the past 12 nights in Hoboken, I can assure our residents that police officers, fire fighters nor government officials are setting off these fireworks in Hoboken. No matter what the reason is, the time that the conduct is occurring is unacceptable and is causing problems for Hoboken’s  53,000+ residents and first responders. We are taking immediate steps after what our residents and officers dealt with over the weekend. Many groups were setting fireworks in all areas of the city, consistently on the waterfront, and organizing and meeting points were proven to be along Sinatra Drive.  The consistent amount of large groups congregating on the waterfront, playing loud music, setting off fireworks, and multiple other quality of life misconduct like drinking and urinating in the parks needs to be addressed. Last night, shooting off of fireworks in Queens, NY led to a three alarm fire where 12 firefighters were injured. Surrounding communities like Jersey City and West New York are reporting the same conduct. Starting tonight, a quality of life, high visibility deployment of police officers will be hitting the streets, supplementing our regular night patrols targeting the setting off of fireworks as well as other quality of life issues including the playing of loud music, revving car and motorcycle engines, and drinking in public. City Ordinance summonses for Disturbing the Peace will be issued. Fines for that ordinance usually cost in the area of $500. I have also asked mayor Ravinder Bhalla and his Administration as well as the City Council to consider putting forth legislation banning both the sale and the use of fireworks in the City. The Hoboken Fire Department is assisting with doing inspection at stores to ensure that they are not currently selling illegal fireworks. State legislation in 2017, signed by then-Governor Chris Christie, legalized many forms of sparklers and fireworks but not all. If you observe groups setting off fireworks late at night, please contact the Hoboken Police Department at 201-420-2100, as the conduct is occurring. =&1=& =&2=& =&3=& 1 Police Plaza Hoboken, NJ 07030

Talking Ed Note: Mayor Ravi Bhalla yesterday issued a release noting to Hoboken residents there’s been a bump from the steady zero in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus to almost ten cases in recent days. This corresponds to the incubation period after the thousands descending on Hoboken during the political rally he attended/hosted by the Marxist group BLM. Read More...


Grist for the Mill: Ravi Bhalla to City Directors: You deserve another week of paid vacation

It’s a fire sale that will have Hoboken people jeering. Mayor Ravi Bhalla who is yet to put a budget before the City Council is issuing a decree adding another week of paid vacation to his Directors.

While the City Council hasn’t approved nor seen any such measure,  Ravi Bhalla feels bad they took a 10% salary cut the council inflicted with his municipal layoffs and decided they’ve been working too hard during the pandemic.

With the approval of the Hoboken Supreme Soviet and all power vested in the people, Ravi Bhalla decrees it. So that’s that? No doubt he’ll be moving on to the next Soviet enterprise to see the Democrat street mobs satiated and eliminate the Christopher Columbus statue in Columbus Park. This in tandem with the mayor’s unofficial pick for County freeholder, the extremely woke anti-car activist Ron Bautista who seeks to unseat Anthony “Stick” Romano. Read More...


Freeholder Anthony Romano heralds $1.4 million ℅ CARES Act funding to Hoboken

The following story comes courtesy of Hudson County View:

Hoboken Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5) is touting the $1.4 million in CARES Act funding going to the Mile Square City after a vote by the Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders last week.
O say can you see? Hoboken may be the
target of leftist efforts to remove the Mile Square City
and American history with the Columbus statue.
=&0=&: There’s noise that the effort to undo America and erase its history and remove landmark statues is coming to Hoboken. It’s a woke Marxist requirement. At least one anonymous commenter notes Mayor Ravi Bhalla is back with another secret second portion to his “Defund the Police” leftist virtue signaling and is on board to see removed the Christopher Columbus statue from the Mile Square City’s Columbus Park.  The anonymous commenter suggests its council members Jim Doyle and Emily Jabbour acting in concert with Ravi Bhalla.  Thanks for the tip anonymous commenter. More to come.

Millions in bond swap with the library to aid the Hoboken budget gap? reports the Hoboken Library may if the City Council approves it, make an exchange of $4.6 million in capital funds for a bond from the City of Hoboken to aid it in covering its massive budget deficit this year.

The Ravi Bhalla budget deficit was reportedly in the area of $14 million prior to the pandemic.

From the story:

The Hoboken Public Library is scheduled to undergo its first major renovation in its more than 100-year history in 2021, officials said. =&0=&

Horse Sense: New Jersey prepares for its biggest fraudulent election in state history

Next month, you may have a chance to vote in a New Jersey election.

It’s a forced fed prescription shoving down the throats of New Jersey’s nine million citizens the opportunity to participate, have someone participate on your behalf or see your vote simply nullified by the biggest voter fraud ever hosted in New Jersey election history.

This is inevitable, whether you love the idea or hate it. The official claim from Trenton and the governor’s office says it’s due to the pandemic. Of course, that doesn’t wash down well for those desiring voter integrity but with so many pols backing statewide protests they’ve been participating in as part of the BLM Joe “You Ain’t Black” Biden minority voter drive, fuggetaboutit. Read More...


Joshua Einstein: Unity in American values is what matters most

We must come together as Americans in support of our core values – that of supporting the right to protest, even in times of crisis, whether BLM or those demonstrating to reopen society. Moreover, saying yes to civil society and public protest requires we say no to rioting and violent mob occupations (such as what has happened in Seattle), and particularly that we root out those who justify violence from the comfort of their tony neighborhoods and calm suburbs. As videos made by grassroots BLM protesters have shown a number of times, protestors have attempted to stop looters, rioters, and vandals. Many of these looters and rioters come from the suburban outskirts not to express solidarity but to have fun in the destruction of communities they then get to leave afterwards. Yet in the pages of activist left and socialist periodicals such as Counter Punch, Jacobin Magazine, Mother Jones, and the Nation, and more, mostly white former hipsters are ranting and raving about riots calling them “uprisings” as if comparing looting one’s neighbors, ransacking Macy’s, or extorting local businesses in Seattle’s Antifa occupied zone,  to those who rose up in slave revolts and rebellions against dictatorship is anything other than an insult to the memory of actual freedom fighters. The less (but still) extreme left-wing media from CNN to the New Republic, the New York Times to even the Atlantic at times, has thrown itself in not with the protestors but with rioters by portraying protestors and looters as one in the same. Those seeking to tear America apart by instigating orgies of violence using the murder of George Floyd as cover will fail. The National Guard, police, 2nd amendment exercising citizen patrols (some even being organized by left wing local leaders), and responsible protesters are working together across differences to protect themselves and their communities. The violence is being caused not because average Americans all of sudden hate their neighbors, but by a confluence of outside ideological agitators and the child like tantrums of a small but dangerous group that pretends looting has anything to do with police reform. Our fellow Americans, black, white, brown, and more, who are defending themselves and their neighbors from those intent on pillaging their businesses and homes because they know that the police cannot be relied on to respond in time are like the Los Angeles Korean community during the LA riots, every day regular people turned into heroes. So too are the 99% of police who are attempting to sort through the vast majority of peaceful protestors to isolate the tiny portion of violent Antifa agent provocateurs who have schlepped from the suburbs, crawled out of their parent’s basements, or slid down their ivory towers to so many urban areas in an attempt to hijack protests and turn them violent for their own twisted destructive aims. Protestors, both armed and unarmed, against government abuse in the form of life destroying shutdowns or police brutality should be lauded and applauded. Protestors of all types are defending our freedoms even when one disagrees with their premise, and are the life blood of America because they are free citizenry asserting their rights to assemble, speech, and dissent from official government mandated policy as they understand it. The violent Antifa occupation of neighborhoods; the rioters burning down stores, cars, buildings, and homes; the Minneapolis cops who murdered George Floyd; and the Louisville Metro Police who executed a no-knock warrant on the wrong home and took the life of Breonna Taylor should all face the full consequences of their actions. America will overcome our present troubles, but in order to do so we must demand an end to the illegitimate use of force both when the state engages in it and when rioters kill innocents and burn cities. We must demand the periodicals of the cloistered left stop justifying and glorifying mob violence, that our streets are taken back from Antifa thugs who would take over more neighborhoods and extort even more communities. We must reaffirm our shared American values and support all peaceful protestors even when we disagree with the substance of their protest.