Month: April 2020


Governor Murphy thanks President Trump for critical assistance from the White House

Governor Phil Murphy speaking from the White House today and thanking President Trump for his aid to New Jersey.



The following is a guest submission from the Hoboken Municipal Supervisors Association.

The Hoboken Municipal Supervisors Association has sent a 59 page letter to the New Jersey Commissioner of Civil Service accusing Mayor Ravi Bhalla and his administration of negligence for the handling of pending layoffs. Weeks prior to the local COVID-19 outbreak, 79 city employees received layoff notices as a direct result of an alleged multi-million budget shortfall which preempted the pandemic. On April 17, the administration announced in a Nixle alert, the city would eliminate 26 positions and lied to Hoboken taxpayers by exploiting COVID-19 as as an excuse to proceed with layoffs. Read More...


Breaking down the lockdown

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop is beginning to initiate some limited park openings prompting others to ask who else will follow?

The Hudson County View posed the question, “Who’s next?”

As broad regional data points to seniors and those with underlying illness being the most vulnerable to the Chinese Communist Party coronavirus, others watching money drained away from lack of work and business are wondering how they will feed their families in the coming days?

The lust for a national lockdown echoed by some in Hoboken has led to concerns of a pending breakdown in the national food supply for some meat and other food products. Does the authoritarian lockstep call finally end when their “Starve in Place” order hits closer to home? Read More...


NJ hits high water mark: nearly 100K cases and 5,368 deaths, 4K new cases

As the epicenter of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) coronavirus in Queens New York City begins its long downward descent in hospitalizations, cases and deaths, New Jersey finds itself on the other side of the curve.

Governor Phil Murphy today announced the bad news nearing 100,000 cases and deaths now at 5,368 with an additional 4,000 cases identified.

As much of the United States sees a flattening and descending figures, New Jersey finds itself alone with an apex yet topping out.


Hoboken resides in a relative sea of tranquility in comparison to Hudson County and the rest of the state. Only two additional cases were officially added bringing the Mile Square City’s tally to 404. Read More...


Media hit job on HCQ therapy gets pushback from Secretary of Veterans Affairs as Hoboken detective is welcomed back from illness

Today the Epoch Times reported comments from the Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie on Wednesday. His comments counter media hit job stories against hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) based on a limited observational study of 368 selected patients.

Media have largely ignored the thousands of others who have used hydroxychloroquine successfully against the Wuhan Coronavirus in an eye-opening display of ulterior motives.

The story quoting the Veterans Affairs Secretary counters the corporate media which have taken that limited observational study and run amok in concerted efforts to slow its usage in the battlefield application saving American lives from New York to Michigan, California and all points in-between. Read More...


Guest of the Stable: “Governor Murphy’s Laws: A Joke At Our Expense”

Hoboken resident Joshua Sotomayor Einstein offers a critique of NJ Governor Phil Murphy

Merriam-Webster’s definition of the term “Murphy’s Law” as “anything that can go wrong will go wrong” is an accurate description of New Jerseys mismanagement under current Governor Phil Murphy. Unsurprisingly, Murphy who had bought the State Democrat nomination for governor just as he had purchased his only previous government experience, the U.S. ambassadorial post to Germany, was inadvertently encouraging hundreds of thousands of New Jersyans to flee to affordable states by increasing the cost of living even before the Covid-19 crisis. It is little surprise then that Murphy, governor of a state filled with potential, has provided no plans for rebuilding the economy after the Covid-19 virus, no meaningful plan to aid the hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans out of work, and no help for the millions struggling to make ends meet during these trying times. Nor is there any astonishment at the seemingly endless inanities of Murphy’s contradictory crisis management. Here is a short, by no means exhaustive list, of what we shall call “Murphy’s Laws:” Read More...


Hudson County saturation case level & the first documentary on the pandemic

The Hudson County View reported these latest tallies on the Chinese Communist Party coronavirus:

Bayonne: 508 cases, 33 deaths (April 17th)

East Newark: 27 cases, 3 deaths (April 17th)

Guttenberg: 140 cases, 17 deaths (April 18th)

Hoboken: 372 cases, 19 deaths (April 18th)

Jersey City: 3,194 cases (April 16th), 239 deaths (April 18th)

Kearny: 536 cases, 24 deaths (April 16th)

North Bergen: 1,505 cases, 102 deaths (April 18th)

Secaucus: 288 cases, 10 deaths (Yesterday)

Union City: 1,738 cases, 92 deaths (April 18th)

Weehawken: 213 cases, 8 deaths (Yesterday)

West New York: 1,182 cases, 59 deaths (April 18th) Read More...


NJ cases, deaths soar as Gov. Murphy sees lockdown into the summer

The pandemic impact of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) coronavirus in New Jersey continues to see soaring cases and new highs in deaths.

The compiled data shows 20,000 dead through the pandemic in the TriState area. In late January, President Trump took the drastic action to shut flights from Red China the end of January before cases and related deaths had impacted the US. A similar ban followed for Europe and then the UK.

Efforts at the state and local level to minimize the spread of the CCP virus saw little encouragement in the five boroughs of New York City as officials encouraged people to go out and “party” as that mayor offered. Read More...


President Trump and his Coronavirus Taskforce to brief the nation

In a few minutes a live briefing from the White House with President Trump and the Coronavirus Taskforce led by Vice President Mike Pence.

Yesterday, at the national briefing, a short video was played showing members of the media giving incorrect information on the emerging crisis earlier this year and showing their experts giving misinformation on the potential impact.

The media on the short video were not upset and responding to their words played back to them but the collective of media responded as if it was a hive. They deemed the video to be “propaganda” never explaining how the reflection of them earlier this year qualified as such. Nor did they attempt to explain why reflection of their actions before this public is out of order by President Trump. Read More...