Year: 2020


US Senator Josh Hawley: ‘Election Theft 2020 will not pass’

With an unprecedented amount of mounting evidence of staged and coordinated election fraud revealed to date and more being exposed across numerous states on an almost daily basis; US Senator Josh Hawley stood up to be counted at the joint session of Congress set for January 6th.

He’s already being joined by record numbers in the House of Representatives who vow to object to Election Theft 2020.

Earlier today, Senator Hawley announced his intention to join in objecting. His action guarantees there will be a challenge to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who mysteriously have obtained winning margins in only select battleground states they were handily losing on Election Night with spikes in dead of night votes. Read More...



As the vast majority of the “press” continues a gaslighting operation of “nothing to see here” act, a group of Pennsylvania legislators announced they had discovered a problem in the Pennsylvania vote totals.

The State of Pennsylvania vote totals differ by over 202,000 against a tabulation of the State’s counties.


The difference alleged would be more than twice the differential of Joe Biden’s “victory” in the Keystone State.

The full release issued yesterday is backed by more than a dozen and a half Pennsylvania legislators. Read More...


Refusing to suppress science, more Americans awake to statistical truth

More people are becoming aware of scientific studies on masks showing their lack of efficacy against the microscopic virus and standing up for personal freedom.

In the US, areas forcing face masks show a higher spread of the CCP Virus than states without doing so.

Similarly, even as data continues to pour in the idea of widespread asymptomatic spread of the Chinese Communist Party Virus is in fact a myth and wearing a face diaper is useless other than personal harm to your mental health; the brainwashed masses are having a terrible time coping with the science. Read More...


Pointing to logic, President Trump urges Democrats to stop useless lockdowns

President Trump who launched Operation Warp Speed delivering not one but two Trump Vaccines this year attempting to point out the obvious.

The failed lockdowns fail to provide mythical protection from the spread of the Chinese Communist Party Virus in what some have called “the nursing home disease.”

Even after months of this foolish dance, the Democrats continue to insist on tyrannical, counterproductive lockdowns in states where they maintain control to the detriment of far more Americans, all but destroying their lives and freedoms simultaneously while clinging to yet more failure harming the economy and jobs. Read More...


When Election Day stopped…

When in history has a US national election ever stopped on Election Day?

Last month, on November 3rd, it did. Four battleground states: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia stopped counting votes, almost simultaneously. 


Who gave the order?

Does the election fraud captured on video in Georgia video in Atlanta offer a clue as to why?



Georgia State Senate: 2020 Election is ‘a fraud’ so ‘decertify it’

 The dead of night ballot stuffing in Atlanta after shooing election monitors away isn’t going over well in Georgia.

After a review of the state’s election, a report from the Georgia Judiciary Committee has been issued and it’s raising eyebrows and the ire of Georgians and Americans across the country in another confirmation of the less than free and fair election held last month.

The Tennessee Star reports

Among the findings in Ligon’s report is the probability that “fraudulent ballots” were “purposely placed” into the final vote totals by election workers at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta. Read More...


HCQ proven again as effective early treatment of the ChiCom Virus

 The Big Lie on behalf of Big Pharma has cost an untold number of American lives but the truth inevitably is forcing its way out.

The inexpensive and therefore unprofitable drug HCQ was attacked even with promise early on when used with zinc as an early outpatient treatment for the CCP Virus. But how many thousands of Americans had to die so other more expensive treatments could be given ringing endorsement by people like Dr. Fallacy, Tony Fauci?

One day, the balance sheet will come for the massive criminality there not only with Election Theft 2020. Read More...


Nothing to see here…. but a banana republic election in 2020!

Even Democrats are disturbed by the massive growing evidence of widespread election fraud in battleground states and according to recent polling, they are counted among most Americans who recognize Election Theft 2020.

From the people who brought you the Russia Collusion Hoax and now “no election fraud” 2020 mythology.

As seen here, the entirety of it is quite “in your face.” It’s pouring out from everywhere. 

The shocking confirmation Dominion machines in Michigan were tested and found to be set up for the switch of thousands of ballots that went from President Trump to Joe Biden shocked the nation. Read More...


The Navarro Report: Battleground states election fraud “a coordinated strategy”

The report looks at the scale of election irregularities across the battleground states. 

In highlighting the likely coordination, there’s the lengthy history how this was all preceded by legal actions over months to remove all safeguards on absentee ballots imposed often without any legislature action in numerous states.

For the record, New Jersey is guilty of many of the same illicit actions leading into the November election. It wasn’t an accident; it was a political self-serving objective.  Read More...