Month: September 2019


New Jersey State LGBTQ Caucus Denounces Nancy Pincus for Hateful Rhetoric Directed at the LGBTQ Community

Official release:
Nancy Pincus

A local political blogger in Hoboken recently posted a homophobic attack on Councilman Mike DeFusco

, who became the first openly gay candidate to win local office in Hudson County four years ago and is currently running for re-election. The post contains several disturbing references, including that DeFusco is “looking for a date,” doing “chinups in the men’s room stall” and “arm-pit sniffing,” among other salacious attacks. Read More...


Sign of the Times: Laid off City employee points to Mayor Ravi Bhalla lacking integrity

A City Hall employee, one of four recently named for layoffs out of Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s office delivered a citywide message in a public announcement on her last day.

The message announced her departure last week with a pointed and less than veiled commentary about integrity or the lack thereof coming from those in “managerial positions, positions of authority, and those who make final decisions in the City.”

City Hall observers and municipal workers sources point to the less than unseemly layoffs being part and parcel of a scorched earth cynical plan constructed out of the mayor’s office to blame the City Council. Read More...


Ravi Bhalla Dark Money looms as political stunt fails

Hoboken waits in trepeditation as the much-anticipated Ravi Bhalla Dark Money looms over the Mile Square City.

The mayor’s political stunt calling for a special meeting last night on a previously tabled resolution in the City Council last Wednesday failed.

Most of the City Council responded by simply not showing up.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla called for the special meeting after a political campaign resolution, claiming it would “enforce” the 2011 pay-to-play ordinance was tabled for further legal review. Read More...


Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher: “10/7 #MoreVoices Fundraiser & Friendraiser”

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors – You know I believe that “More Voices Are Always Better” and election campaigns are a great example!  Please bring your voice and come have a famous La Isla mojito (with our without alcohol) and some amazing Cuban fare with me on Monday October 7th at La Isla Uptown for my #MoreVoices Campaign Fundraising and Friendraising Event!

Although I have had friendraising events before, this is actually the very first official fundraising one I have ever had.  When I ran for election the first time, people were generous with donations to my campaign and I was blessed with an abundance of volunteers.  I did not officially fundraise not because I didn’t think I would be a good representative for you, but rather because I was new at campaigning and wasn’t sure I was going to be successful at it!   Read More...


Councilman Mike DeFusco Secures Study for Municipal Garage, Actively Discussing Revitalization Plans

Official release:

Opponent’s Plan Could Negatively Impact Quality of Life in Neighborhood As Chairman of both the

Southern Development and Zoning Subcommittees, Councilman Mike DeFusco has successfully secured funding to conduct an engineering study to begin making necessary repairs to the Hudson Street municipal garage. Through ongoing discussions, Councilman DeFusco has already explored building a long-overdue public pool and proposed bringing a much-needed community garden to the roof of Municipal Garage D. The funding for the engineering plan was approved as part of a bond ordinance during last week’s City Council meeting.  Read More...


Ravi Bhalla set to go full throttle with the Big Lie

Hoboken’s council campaign ward elections are in full swing and the slate put up by Mayor Ravi Bhalla is swinging in an abyss of low brow cynical politics directed out of the Hoboken mayor’s office.

Time to amp up and double down with the Big Lie technique.

No, it’s not Halloween but Ravi Bhalla wants low information voter
treats turned over right now. Time to hype an “all hallows” special meeting
and its sole chest-thumping resolution. It’s a sorry place Hoboken finds itself.

Tomorrow, a cravenly cynical resolution put up by the eternal Bhalla for Something Better Campaign is seeking to score political points with low information voters in a wasteful display of taxpayer resources as Ravi Bhalla demanded a special meeting. Read More...


Hoboken’s youngest council candidate focused on local transportation issues

The uptown fifth ward of Hoboken covering the northwest portion of the Mile Square City is suffering growing pains as any other.

The long bus lines in the morning with people trying to make their way to work is a recurring problem; one that prompted Nicola Maganuco to begin the twitter account HobokenCommuter more than a year ago.

Seeing no solution or as he notes, since no one on the City Council or the mayor’s office lives with the issue, Nick, as he goes by with friends, decided to throw his hat in the ring last July via his Twitter account. Read More...


9/24 Vote Jen Again Fundraiser! And new Vote By Mail legislation

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors, Please join me for some fun at my re-election launch fundraiser!
  • WHEN: Tuesday, September 24
  • WHERE 80 River Hoboken (in the location of the former Cadillac Cantina) 80 River Street, Hoboken
  • TIME: 6pm – 8pm

As many of you know the hardest thing for me to do is to ask for money but campaigns cost money. You have always been so generous supporting me. Each and every one of you makes a difference.  Will you support me with a donation of $25 or more? Checks payable to Jen Giattino for 6th Ward or you can DONATE ONLINE.  Read More...