Month: March 2019


Councilwoman Fisher to Bhalla Administration: ‘Help us to help you’ on budget & parking

Official release:

Response to Mayor Bhalla’s 2019 budget and anti-business parking proposal – try again.

On Monday, Mayor Bhalla delivered his 2019 Municipal Budget to the Hoboken City Council.  The budget included a 2.5% increase in appropriations and relied heavily on future parking revenue increases from his recently proposed Dynamic Pricing parking meter plan.  But then, just a day later on Tuesday, Mayor Bhalla publicly announced his support for undoing the same parking meter increases that helped fund his 2019 budget.  Creating uncertainties about underfunding and lack of confidence in the draft budget, this led the Hoboken City Council to choose not to introduce the budget at its council meeting last night, but rather asking the administration to take another stab at their proposed budget. “Given the radical changes they proposed that would impact parking revenue, the Administration clearly needs more time to reconcile their policy views with their budget and we want to help give them that time.  We want to see the Mayor sharpen his pencil in terms of cost-cutting and provide more transparency about how he plans to replenish the city’s rainy day fund (surplus) that has been depleted by almost $5 million.”  Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, Chair of the Revenue, Finance and Infrastructure subcommittee. The Mayor’s reversal on the dynamic pricing came in response to significant pushback from residents.  However, his and Councilman Russo’s response was a proposed ordinance repealing the rate increases that also came with a concerning anti-business provision: allowing Hoboken residents to take up critical parking spaces in Hoboken’s central business district for free, for four hours.   When Councilman Russo refused to remove this anti-business provision when asked by his council colleagues, Councilwoman Fisher introduced, and the City Council approved, a parallel ordinance which also repealed the prior parking rate increases leaving unchanged the free parking for residents citywide except at meters in certain business areas.    “We need to find the right balance that promotes our businesses that we all want to see succeed, that contributes to the growing financial and parking related needs of our city and does not penalize our own residents.  No matter what, parking meter rates on Washington St. need to go up from $1/hr.  This level disincentives turnover which is critical for our local businesses to survive.  I am looking forward to working with my colleagues on a new plan, and with the Mayor and his Administration on finalizing a 2019 budget we can all support.”

City Council begins rolling back Dynamic Parking Meter Hikes in narrow 5-4 vote

Last night, the best-laid plans of mice and men were upended. The Hoboken public wins with their united opposition to the drastic parking meter hikes.

In the end, the process to undo the recent Bhalla Administration hikes on parking meters with dynamic pricing passed narrowly as the City Council begins to roll back that recent action.

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher introduced an ordinance to roll back the Bhalla Administration dynamic parking meter hikes. 

Her ordinance passed narrowly 5-3-1 after a competing version from Councilman Michael Russo was tabled amid heated debate. It’s the first step in the process to find a better balance in costs and availability the council will revisit. Read More...


It’s Official: Ravi Bhalla Administration submits budget with 2% tax increase


It’s here. A twofer on the local Hoboken government side with proposed tax increases and the recently approved dynamic parking increase retreats is official.

As exclusively reported on, the Ravi Bhalla Administration presented its first full-fledged budget to the City Council with an approximate 2% tax increase.

That tax increase annualized is the highest since the Dawn Zimmer Administration took the helm in November 2009. (Previous to her election, Zimmer was Acting Mayor but the State had appointed a fiscal monitor, the late Judy Tripodi who inserted a massive tax increase upon discovering a major deficit running more than $10 million.) Read More...


The People of NJ vs. Nancy Pincus

In recent days, some members of the public made comment on a criminal complaint not involving this freedom loving horse. The information and details are in the public domain and a court in Kearny, NJ. wrote nothing of it, nor about anyone’s family or family members, living or deceased.

The allegation, stating or suggesting any such thing is false and likely defamatory.

In retaliation, Nancy Pincus, under the guise she’s a victim of the public’s comments about a criminal case allegedly filed against HER, opted to attack my mother, specifically my mother’s funeral. This, on top of the typical fare of fabrications, smears and character assassination she doles out regularly against good people serving the Hoboken community. Their crime: they dare to put Hoboken’s interests above her political boss. Read More...


Why Ravi Bhalla incinerated Jim Doyle’s resolution against the North Bergen Power Plant

=&0=& Nancy Pincus shutters Sybil’s Cave spewing limp fabrications while avoiding Ravi’s latest HudCo deal
Nancy Pincus shockingly announced she’ll stop lying for Ravi Bhalla at Sybil’s Cave.
Well, at least until a new batch of her toxic stew can be brewed up.
Update below in the T.E.N – more ugly, vile Sybil fabrications are back!

Story to come – Councilman Jim Doyle and the Hoboken mayor’s office are being given adequate time to respond for this upcoming story. It’s like the third rail on a subway. Everyone’s watching but they’re not talking. It’s that radioactive. Hey, no FacePunching! 

Once again Nancy Pincus cannot stop herself from lying and smearing, so this is an interim update. Some of her latest reckless lies are addressed in the captioned photo below. 

Last October, Councilman Jim Doyle, a lawyer with the Environmental Protection Agency drew up a resolution against the pending North Bergen natural gas power plant. Read More...


Important North End Redevelopment Community Meeting – tonight 7 pm

Official releases:

  Dear friends and neighbors: This is one of those times where I am begging you to attend a community meeting tomorrow (3/14) night at 7pm.  
  • Topic – Redevelopment Plan for the North End of Hoboken
  • Location – Wallace School Cafeteria
Why should you attend?  If your answer is “no” to any of the following questions:

  • Do you want longer bus lines in the morning?
  • Do you want a more crowded platform at the PATH station in the morning?
  • Do you want more shuttles dropping off and lining up near the PATH?
  • Do you want more kids on every recreational sports team so each child has less playing time?
  • Do you want more cars leaving Hoboken when you do?
  • Do you want a longer waiting list for Hoboken’s pre-k program?
  • Do you want higher taxes?
  •


    Ravi Bhalla sends the FacePunchers out to back HudCo’s Power Plant Power Nick Sacco

    In this latest Mayor Ravi Bhalla episode of “How I sold out Reform,” Hoboken begins to get the picture, literally, how the Mile Square City went from a beacon of reform to a HudCo principality.

    Seems like only yesterday when Cavedweller Ravibots deemed HudCo entanglements evil incarnate.  That was before Mayor Ravi Bhalla incinerated Councilman Jim Doyle’s resolution against the upcoming North Bergen Power Plant serving New York City. Doyle’s resolution was summarily yanked off the October City Council agenda and hasn’t been seen since. Readers here exclusively learned weeks ago of two backroom meetings between Ravi Bhalla and North Bergen Mayor and State Senator Nick Sacco. The visible results are seen below. It’s a FacePuncher HudCo lovefest! Can you identify the FacePunchers, Ravibots and Joey the Nose in the photo taken at a Nick Sacco rally?

    Talking Ed Note: Back with FacePuncher IDs and so much more. Someone get the bottom-feeding cavefish to a toilet. There’s a whole lot of hypocrisy to puke up. That’s the steady diet for Ravi’s paid political operatives and campaign staff talking to each other in Sybil’s Cave. Chow down! Read More...


    HudCo announces: “We have assumed control, we have assumed control”

    HudCo announces:

    Well, it’s more like a Soviet Politburo release on its committee members but it amounts to the same thing as the announcement came even prior to petition submission dates for candidates to run in an election.

    Who needs elections? It’s already decided.

    So here’s the HudCo official list which actually was released last month (true story). It came prior to the unfortunate incidents related to anti-Semitism the national party had to embarrassingly subsume but tone deaf isn’t a HudCo issue anyway, it’s a feature. Read More...


    Hoboken marches to take Union Dry Dock site now a NY Waterway property…

    but to what end?

    Several hundred Hoboken residents participated in a peaceful march to Maxwell Place from Pier A against NY Waterway operations at the Union Dry Dock site.

    Many in Hoboken want to see the Union Dry Dock location added as additional park space. The ship repairs at Union Dry Dock are Hoboken’s last vestige to its on the waterfront industrial past.

    The Hoboken High School Band was summoned to join the march to Maxwell Place.

    While NY Waterway has been denied permits to operate as a refueling station serving thousands of its customers who take ferries to Manhattan, there’s been no alternative amenable to NJ Transit and NJ Governor Phil Murphy to remove NY Waterway and its proposed operations at the Union Dry Dock location. Read More...