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Guess who Ravi’s bringing to dinner?

Or, can you guess which major Hoboken board Mayor Ravi Bhalla has plans to install a race-baiting, anti-Semitic bomb-thrower?

Update: The correct board for Ravi Bhalla’s appointment is the Rent Leveling & Stabilization Board.

What will councilmembers Jim Doyle and Emily Jabbour do?

April 2014 meeting transcript, HHA. In attendance, this editor was thrown out for politely protesting behavior at this same meeting.

This is the actual unedited transcript of what transpired featuring current Hoboken Housing Authority Chair and former councilman Dave Mello and Patty Waiters. Read More...


Court: ‘Ravi your Hilton Hotel deal doling out money in Hoboken is a problem’


Hobokenhorse court sources indicate the City of Hoboken deal for a Hilton Hotel announced with much pomp and astroturf is not moving forward based on a legal challenge, at least for now.

Hudson Superior Court yesterday declined to dismiss a lawsuit that sprang up after Mayor Ravi Bhalla announced the deal before his construction union allies, media and residents last fall.

Much ado about …. a lawsuit. The Hotel Hilton deal announced last year, Ravi Bhalla’s biggest
to date is blocked in Hudson Superior Court. The court ruled the lawsuit against it moves forward.

The court cited the “risk of bad faith… in exacting off-tract contributions from redevelopers is too great” in denying the motion. Read More...


City Council dilemma: how to deal with Ravi Bhalla’s dishonest budget

With one Smollett hoax distraction relegated to the bowels of Crooked County, Illinois and the Russia Collusion Hoax undone, attention if scant may return to Hoboken’s emerging budget problems.

Hoboken faces a 2.5% tax increase, a dwindling surplus, and plummetting parking revenue stream.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla is aware of the details but isn’t sharing any of the numbers in the rolled back parking revenues. By doing so, he’s hiding built-in red ink. But he’s been busy taking photos with Cory Booker who is now on the lengthy list of those seeking the Democrat nomination for president. Read More...


The leaked Mueller Report

MSV is clearing a copy of the Mueller Report, with classified details edited out earlier. It’s apparently voluminous so it’s going to require legal review/approval before publishing.

Some early details:

  • Roger Stone did not coordinate with WikiLeaks or contacts there.
  • UK intel agencies were consulted heavily, strongly linked to GCHQ 
  • The Russia Dossier was also used to launch FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane
  • President Trump’s tweets were reviewed for obstruction 
  • MI6’s Christopher Steele hasn’t stepped foot inside Russia in over seven years
  • The FISA application was used to spy on the Trump Campaign & then Administration
  • Most of the investigation was focused on building an obstruction case, not collusion.
  •


    Major vote in NJ on marijuana legalization set for today

    UPDATE: The NJ Senate called off the vote as it lacked a majority required for passage. There will be no marijuana legalization bill passed in 2019.

    A vote on marijuana is scheduled today in the NJ Assembly and Governor Phil Murphy is waiting like others to see what the outcome is.

    In NJ, the legalization push about marijuana is positioned as a civil rights matter beneficial to minority residents. The true motive, however, is not surprisingly about lining the pockets of some and tossing all cares to the wind. Read More...


    Councilman Peter Cunningham: Parking woes, budget, higher taxes & surplus depletion setting Hoboken up for more failure

    Official release:

    Dear Friends and Neighbors, Happy Spring everyone!   I want to take this opportunity to share a few issues of importance that have arisen recently.  As many of you know, I have served on the Parking & Trans Sub-Committee of the Council since the Zimmer administration when the Parking Master Plan was adopted.  And dynamic pricing was an important issue. There are several issues to address in Hoboken, but I’ll address two critical issues now:  1) Repeal of the Dynamic Parking Plan; and 2) Use of those Parking Revenues to replenish parking revenue surplus. The Dynamic Parking Plan increased meter rates in areas of high parking demand.  Rates increased by over 200 percent in some of these areas.  The Committee supported the administration’s new pricing, although some of us, like myself, questioned the appropriate amount.  Understandably, there was significant blowback from residents and Washington Street businesses.  When I again questioned the amount with the Director of Parking, the answer was no, “we are going to collect data.”   At this week’s Council meeting, well over a week since my discussion with the Director, Councilman Russo and the administration introduced a measure to repeal the Dynamic Parking Plan and add four hours of free parking for residents.  While I support the rollback on a temporary basis in order to review the pricing, I do not support four hours of free parking.  Parking is already free for residents in metered locations outside the central business district.  Can you imagine the unintended consequences of free parking in addition to the budgetary impact?  Thankfully Councilman Russo’s measure was not voted on, but we voted on Councilwoman Fisher’s measure to repeal the Dynamic Parking only.  Oddly enough, Councilman Russo abstained on the repeal even though his measure supported that repeal.  If you see the Nixle alert from the Mayor, he thanks Councilman Russo for legislation he not only didn’t introduce but abstained on the repeal.  It is important to note that these parking revenues play a significant role in the administration’s municipal budget.  During the same meeting this Wednesday, the Administration tried to introduce the budget.  This budget has a proposed 2.5% increase in taxes, significant draw down of the city’s surplus which did not account for the Dynamic Parking Repeal.  Those revenues were projected to be in excess of $1.5 million dollars.  How can we accept a budget that severely depletes surplus with no means to regenerate with a 2.5% tax increase projected by the Mayor!   In my opinion, the administration needs to make changes to this budget prior to re-introduction to the Council.  I am aware of statuary costs mandated by the state such as the pension fund increases, but additional cutting is absolutely necessary before it comes back to the council.  The Mayor should explain to the people of Hoboken why there’s a proposed increase in taxes, a significant draw down of our precious surplus, and the impacts on our surplus policy and credit rating.  The people of Hoboken deserve improved services for the taxes we all pay, transparency with the professionals we hire and truth on policy passed by this City Council for the benefit of Hoboken resident and its businesses.   Thank you for listening and please feel free to share these thoughts.  And of course, if you have any questions, please reach out.


    Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher: Parking meter, budget problems, taxes and more NixleGate

    Official release:

    Dear friends and neighbors: This week has been intense as you may have seen if you TUNED IN to the beginning or read any of the press coverage of our City Council meeting Wednesday night.   The cause?  Parking, Taxes and Politics.    After a lot of discussion and aggravation, we ultimately:
    • Voted 5-3-1 to repeal the recent Dynamic Pricing changes to parking meters (first reading) and 
    • Asked Mayor Bhalla to revisit his 2019 Municipal Budget taking into consideration the parking revenue changes before the Council introduces it.   
    A number of people have reached out trying to understand what the heck happened and why and how including why I voted the way I did.  And I will address this below in more detail (grab a drink…), but first, I want to give you my views on Dynamic Parking and our 2019 Budget. DYNAMIC PARKING I was one of the four ‘No’ votes on the Dynamic Parking ordinance approved in November.  That said, I support raising prices for metered parking in our business districts to incentive turnover to support our businesses, just not so high and not so quickly.  Tell me what you think of just raising it to say $2 in the CBD? I voted ‘No’ originally also because I felt there was no transparency around the use of revenues, not enough consideration of the impacts to our residents and local businesses, and no roll out plan other than a Nixle alert.   I voted ‘Yes’ on the repeal last night for reasons below but mainly because it was the better of two alternatives being considered.  I will work with everyone on a new pricing plan that supports our businesses and the city’s financial needs, and not penalize our residents.  Some additional color underpinning my view:  I work closely with our businesses as a member of our Special Improvement District steering committee and I can tell you the businesses broadly support pricing changes to affect turnover, but where they are divided is on price.  Smaller businesses feeling most impacted by higher prices.   2019 BUDGET.   I am concerned.  The Mayor’s proposed budget showed a 2.5% increase in the tax levy after depleting the City’s rainy day fund/surplus by $5M in 2018 with a real possibility of seeing this happen again in 2019.  And if that were to happen, we may have an insolvent parking utility and a low surplus that will impact our AA credit rating and ability to borrow at low rates.  Parking revenues from the Dynamic Pricing were to be a major source of putting that “borrowed” surplus back.  I am hopeful the Mayor and the Administration will come back with more cuts and a plan for parking revenues that works. So back to the week that was… the how, when, who and why.  Like a backstory on TV when you see “24 Hours earlier”… some of this is a little inside baseball but it will give you an idea of what happened leading to the intense vote on Wednesday night…  

  • Monday, March 4th
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    Hudson Young Republicans invite for Grassroots Activist Training

    Official release:

    Hudson County – The Hoboken Municipal Republican Committee and the Hudson County Young Republicans invite conservatives, libertarians, small-government activists, and Republicans of all types to join them at New Jersey’s premier Grassroots Activist Workshop

    This workshop will teach attendees about the fundamentals of grassroots activism including best practices for building coalitions, managing organizational frameworks, and holding elected officials accountable.  Read More...


    Ravi Bhalla lauds Ravi-Russo Alliance with Twilight Zone Big Lie to the public

    In an official Nixle release late this afternoon, the Ravi Bhalla Administration issued another fabricated political release abusing the public.

    In just over a year, the Hoboken mayor is becoming a legendary liar!

    This latest lie, however, breaks new ground letting the cat out of the bag on two fronts. First, the Ravi-Russo Alliance denied officially but obvious to observers last night is followed with Twilight Zone congratulations for an event that never occurred!

    Then today, Mayor Ravi Bhalla thanked the City Council for passing Councilman Michael Russo’s ordinance retreating on dynamic price gouging on the Hoboken parking meters. Read More...


    Councilman Mike DeFusco: “Reign in the budget” & the bloated salaries in the mayor’s office

    Official release:

    Councilman DeFusco Calls for Honest Budgeting, End of Backdoor Taxes After Council Sizes Back Mayor Bhalla’s Parking Rate Increases

    Last night the Hoboken City Council pulled Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s proposed municipal budget off the agenda following the Mayor backing away from his controversial parking rate increases. The proposed budget includes $1.2 million in anticipated revenues from the rate increases, and now that the plan has been scuttled that loss of revenue adds to an existing $1.7 million potential budget hole for a total shortfall of $2.9 million. Read More...