Month: September 2018


Councilman Peter Cunningham: “Immediate Meterless Parking and Pop Up Park Meeting Updates”

Official release:

Dear neighbors and friends,

Hope everyone enjoyed the summer and welcome to the fall.  Today is our annual fall Arts and Music Festival so plan accordingly.  I also have two very important updates.

Effective this Monday, October 1st, metered parking will start in the neighborhood on the visitor’s side of the street.  See press release from the Mayor’s Office below.  I support this effort as up until now, visitors parked for free.  We all know parking is a precious resource and is not free to the residents, and should not be free to visitors.  As many of you know, I fiercely objected to large bulky “physical” meters placed in our brownstone neighborhood having cited progressive measures in other cities using smartphones for meterless parking payments.  However, we need to more effectively notice our community as we bridge existing policy with new technologies.
I serve on the parking and transportation subcommittee of the council and we met on Wednesday.  The Director said nothing about this “roll out.”  The communication misses an opportunity to inform our residents on what we are to do if your visitor does not have a smart phone.  Yes, hang tags and visitor parking placards will be honored.  It is my guess that they will continue indefinitely.  But, this communication misses that point. 
Secondly, we had a development this past week where BASF (former owners of the NW “pop up” Park property) conducted remediation efforts and distributed a flier to all residents causing environmental concern for the residents in the neighborhood.  No notice from the Administration or oversight on this BASF announcement which had misstated facts.  There’s an important community meeting on this matter tomorrow night at the Wallace School. 

BASF/Pop Up Park Community Meeting

Wallace School (1100 Willow) @ 7pm

Monday, October 1, 2018 NB: If you can’t make it, calls will be taken at the following number, Ed Vayo @ 215-740-0886. I urge you all to attend to learn more about BASF’s remediation efforts at the NW “pop up park.”  Please circulate to your friends and neighbors, and let me know if you have any questions. My next communication will address development and other parking issues in Hoboken. Thanks, Peter



On Monday, October 1st, the City of Hoboken will restart the rollout out of its visitor side metered parking zone expansion to convert the 4-hour “visitor sides” of permit zones (white sign with green text) into 4-hour metered parking zones. Residents and all others with valid parking permits (including visitor hang tags) will be able to continue to park for free for an unlimited amount of time in the new zones. Vehicles without permits will still be permitted to park for 4 hours (as before) but will now be required to pay a fee. 

Pupie goes underground as heat grows hot on FBI Hoboken voter fraud investigation

The Jersey Journal weighs in with more highlights and new details in the FBI investigation uncovering the dark, shadowy world of alleged vote-buying in Hoboken elections.

The report goes further in detailing the connections on the unnamed political committee and the fire brewing on one of its main characters, Frank “Pupie” Raia.

The committee is linked to real-estate developer Frank Raia, who unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 2009 and for a City Council seat in 2013. When the referendum intended to weaken rent control laws first went to voters in 2012, Raia, known as “Pupie,” was listed as the Let the People Decide chair in the group’s campaign finance reports. Andrew Canonico was named as the treasurer.
Frank “Pupie” Raia as seen in a City Council meeting
several years ago. 

The report goes on to point out that the political committee, “Let the People Decide” is an address that is the home address of Raia and “Pupie” is not returning calls or text message. The Hudson County View yesterday reported on an attempt to speak to Raia and after identifying themselves, the line was promptly hung up. Read More...


Digging into the mire on questions swirling around Hoboken voter fraud

Today, MSV digs into the archives and pulls out this gem, an exclusive interview with Frank “Pupie” Raia from October 2010.

The interview came in the heat of a highly contested fourth ward special election to fill then-Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer’s vacated seat when she became acting mayor in Hoboken. Zimmer by law became acting mayor after the arrest and resignation in July 2009 of Peter Cammarano. He acted in the role for less than a month before his arrest at the hands of the FBI who with an informant taped him accepting $25,000 in bribes for zoning considerations in the Mile Square City. Read More...


‘Let the People Decide’ on vote buying in Hoboken!


The 2013 Hoboken election is the target of an FBI investigation for alleged massive vote buying that became public with an arrest of an Old Guard foot soldier last week. The question on many lips, “when will the next shoe drop?”

The arrest ends mocking chatter into this year about the lack of any voter fraud arrest in Hoboken with the alleged illicit practice first uncovered by MSV back in 2010. That election saw an investigation find its way to the NJ Attorney General’s Office but it quietly ended leaving many scratching their heads. Read More...


Hoboken Proud 1-2-3 Kick Off Event Tonight!

Official release:

Please join Hoboken Proud for their Official Kick Off event tonight.  Grab a friend and meet the team!


Hoboken House of Cards?

Outside of one of the best theme songs in the history of television, the House of Cards series can’t be beaten in Hoboken’s crashing deck.

Yesterday, years of outright vote buying arrogance came up against the law and as The Clash would say, “the law won.” Alright, that might be on the premature side but the first arrest in the rampant abuse of Hoboken Housing Authority residents seeing their votes purchased at election time ran into a major stumbling block.

As Hoboken voter fraud is a delectable Mile Square City delight; (MSV holds a culinary degree since 2010), there’s much to consider on this FBI arrest. Read More...