Month: July 2018


BoE slates & the Feds up the hill

It’s official and with five count’em five whole candidates for three BoE trustee seats this fall’s November lineup will appear under the following slate names.

The following five names and slates are official candidates pending certification per the Hudson County Board of Elections.

Patricia Waiters – Education Before Politics

Malani Cadematori – Hoboken Proud
Thomas Kluepfel – Hoboken Proud
John Madigan – Hoboken Proud

Ailene McGuirk – All Our Kids

While other nearby towns feature 10 candidates (Jersey City) and 20 candidates (Bayonne) for their respective open BoE seats in the fall election, Hoboken will feature far less. Read More...


Grist for the Mill: BoE slates behind the eight ball with filing deadline today


Mid-summer, most of Hoboken is rolling in the summer breeze with Frank Sinatra notes blowing through their hair. But for some, it’s not a summer wind but the deadline for filing candidacies in the Board of Education election this fall.

The filing deadline for BoE candidates is this afternoon at 4:00 sharp. There’s more than a bit of buzz about possible candidates and odder alliances.

Two current trustees up for re-election are Tom Kleupfel and John Madigan, polar opposites of the historical divide between reform and Old Guard elements believed to be on good terms on the nine-member board. Read More...


VERY LATE ALERT: Italian League Champs Juventus is in Hoboken 4:00 – 8:00

Agency Logo

Semi-Official release

Sunday July 29, 2018, 2:20 PM

City of Hoboken, NJ

Community: Juventus Fan Fest Today from 4-8pm at Sinatra Field! Dear Horsey, MSV Readers and soccer fans we didn’t tell:

Come down to the Waterfront at Sinatra Field for a fan festival with Italian Soccer club Juventus from 4-8pm. Two soccer legends are scheduled to appear, Mauro Camoranesi and David Trezeguet will sign autographs and take pictures. Music by DJ Africa Bambaata, The Godfather of Hip Hop. Other activities include Virtual Reality, face painters and free giveaways for all. Skills competition will be played throughout the afternoon and evening. A great way to spend a Sunday with the family!



Ravi’s 25 paeans to himself

The parody of self-promotion out of Hoboken City Hall is a spectacle to appreciate especially after Hoboken’s new mayor decided six months in, it’s an appropriate time to once again honor himself.

Yes, it’s time for Mayor Ravi Bhalla and his 25 paeans to himself.

MSV readers have been asking if there would be any story appearing about that list. After Bhalla’s second job and that promise broken in a single month in office, the recent Supreme Court smackdown that came within a hair of yanking Ravi Bhalla’s law license, not to mention the crawling, long overdue Washington St. project, one would think Hoboken deserves a break from sleazy self-promotion. Read More...


Councilman Peter Cunningham: On the Stevens rezoning plan

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors,  

​At our last City Council meeting, we were to vote on a final “master plan” as introduced by Stevens and approved by the City’s Planning Board.  At my urging the City Council collectively felt the Community needed a better opportunity to hear and see the plan as introduced.  Given the importance of this plan, like others the City Council has regularly hosted, a presentation to the Community at large provides for a ​better look and feel for these important large scale undertakings.  And they are videotaped too.  We hosted the same for the railyards and post office hotel project to name a few.   Read More...


Ravi comes out

Mayor Ravi Bhalla who had been silent with the Hoboken public on the proposed massive Stevens rezoning (or redevelopment plans) before the City Council, came out in favor this week.

With tonight’s vote likely to see the necessary five votes for passage on first reading, a second meeting to follow shortly in August will very likely see Stevens obtain approval.

For many of those of you with skyline views in central and west Hoboken to the Empire State Building, kiss them goodbye. As for infrastructure, traffic or other enviornmental impact, there will be no official review. Read More...


Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher on Stevens rezoning special council meeting tonight

Official release:

Special Council Meeting Wednesday Night

The City Council will be suspending its vote on 2nd reading for the prior version of the ordinance.  A revised ordinance for 1st reading will be introduced.  Additionally, Stevens will also be there presenting on its Strategic Plan, its anticipated new dorm and student center, and the zoning changes.   Read More...


Councilwoman Jen Giattino: Stevens rezoning Meeting 7/25 at 7:00 pm

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors – 
Both Stevens and the Administration will present at a special council meeting tomorrow, July 25 at 7pm, Council Chambers.
The agenda for the meeting will be:
1. City and Stevens present and explain the process to date 2. Public comments 3. City and Stevens respond to public comments  4. Vote on University Zone ordinance for the first reading (attached below) 5. Presentation on Parking Utility Plan 21


201.780.6779


Hoboken Police Department: 10% drop in crime heralded by state-leading 32% crime closure rate

The Hoboken Police Department announced its mid-year report on crime and with it announced a 10% drop in crime year to year but the figure that leaps out is the remarkable closure rate.

It’s not the only astounding fact revealed in the report.

Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante notes in the release the HPD has closed after arrest fully 219 of 671 reported crimes. That’s an eye-popping 32.6% closure rate.

The release heralded the closure rate where the Hoboken Police Department exceeds the state averages in fully six of seven areas. Read More...