Month: May 2018


Stacking the Deck at the Hoboken “Democratic” Committee

No one will talk but tonight’s Hoboken Democratic Committee is meeting with a sole political purpose: put bodies in into any open seat before the upcoming June vote for HudCo Democratic Committee Chair.

It’s Union City political powerhouse Brian Stack vs. Amy DeGise, daughter of HudCo County Executive Tom DeGise. They are locked in a very unHudCo-like competitive election.

The mad scramble for the Hoboken Democratic Committee tonight has everything to do with the lust for power and absolutely zero to do with transparency or a competitive electoral process. This one is about as insider as it gets. Read More...


Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher: “REMINDER / Please Join – Tonight (5/30) /Tomorrow(5/31) & Next Week (6/6)”

Official release:

  Dear friends and neighbors: A gentle reminder about the Rebuild By Design – Design Workshops being held TONIGHT, TOMORROW night and NEXT WEEK:  
  • 5/30 7-9pm 1600 Adams St. North Hudson Sewerage Authority Board Room (zones 2 & 3)
  • 5/31 7-9pm 124 Grand St. Multi-Service Center (zones 2 & 3)
  • 6/6 7-9pm 22 Hackensack Ave St Lawrence Church (just over Willow Ave bridge on the left) (zones 1 & 2)

These are the kickoff to the design phase of the Rebuild by Design project, specifically for Zones 1-3 that are located in the northern end of Hoboken (primarily 2 Read More...


Stepping up, stepping down, the latest drama in a Ravi Bhalla Scam-a-Rama!


According to a late story today on the Hudson County View, the earlier MSV Premium rumor stating former Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer and her husband Stan Grossbard resigned their Democratic Committee seats is true.

Dawn Zimmer with her husband Stan Grossbard sit at a Hoboken City Council meeting last year watching the
City Council react to her proposed renegotiated Suez water contract. They were made Hoboken Democratic Committee members only last month and both have resigned. A HudCo Democratic Committee vote is set for June 12th. 

According to the HCV story:

Former Mayor Dawn Zimmer, along with her husband Stan Grossbard, were appointed to serve on the committee as the representatives of District 5, Ward 4 back on April 8th. Multiple sources, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, confirmed that Zimmer and Grossbard had recently stepped down since they would not be available for the June 12th meeting for the new HCDO chair and didn’t want their votes to go to waste. The HCV story goes on to say the upcoming Hoboken Democratic Committee meeting set for Thursday has an untold number of open committee seats that will be filled.

Apparently, the surprising late entry by County Executive Tom Degise’s daughter, Amy DeGise forced Ravi Bhalla’s hand. Neither Dawn Zimmer nor Stan Grossbard is expected back in time for the vote as they are away on a long vacation.

The HDC meeting later this week is apparently part of a last-minute political effort to burnish the numbers by Hoboken mayor Ravi Bhalla on behalf of State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack. Read More...


Brian Stack insurrection faces HudCo defeat in County Democratic Chair war


The HudCo insurrection to grab the county prize is looking less than favorable for HudCo political powerhouse State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack.

Stack’s civil war insurrection joined by mayors Steve Fulop and Ravi Bhalla vying to take control of the political levers of Hudson County Democratic Chair in next month’s election is a prequel to snatching the County Executive position outright next year.

State Senator Brian Stack who also is mayor of Union City appeared in Hoboken back in 2012 in this vintage shot
after Hurricane Sandy. He’s not happy with his fellow HudCo civil war insurrectionists: Hudco allies Mayor Steve Fulop of Jersey City and Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

MSV can report those committee vote collection efforts for Stack around the county and in the Mile Square City by Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla are fizzling, leading many observers to believe there’s an upset in the making with upstart candidate Amy DeGise, the daughter of the 18 years long HudCo County Executive Tom DeGise. Read More...


Remembering the fallen who made the ultimate sacrifice

An MSV reader submitted this photo from Barnegat on Rt. 9 showing a sea of American flags honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice. They sacrificed their lives for this Republic, this Constitution that the promise of freedom would not perish but thrive for future generations. Another MSV reader sent this video of a Navy SEAL honoring all those who fought and died highlighting its origins from Lexington & Concorde to the Forgotten War and every conflict before and since.  =&0=&



Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher: ‘Community Updates’

Official release:

  Dear friends and neighbors: What a gorgeous day for the official kick-off to summer!  A few quick updates and upcoming events for next week (Thursday night in particular!) for you to consider this weekend.  
  • Former UDD site – rationale required for “public hearing” (grr…) 
  • Pedestrian crossing at Pier 13 improving
  • Upcoming anti-flooding design workshops NEED YOUR INPUT
  • Ending gun violence – 4 ways / 4 days you can help
  • Hoboken High School Hispanic Culture Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
  • Memorial Day thoughts
UDD – Letter Response From James Cannon, Army Corps of Engineer In response to the letter submitted by the City Council last week requesting a public hearing, the ACOE sent us the attached response indicating that “… before a decision can be made on your request for a public hearing, we need to know your specific reasons as to why you feel a hearing is required in this matter, including what information or comments would be submitted at the hearing that could not be submitted in writing.”   I will be drafting a response so please send me any thoughts you may have on how to respond.  And also encourage all council members to join and sign. Safer Crossing Near Pier 13  The intersection of Sinatra Dr. and Constitution Ct. has become a thoroughfare for those pedestrians looking to access the waterfront / Pier 13.  In response to the number of concerns raised by many of you, with the help of Hoboken PD today we were able to re-position the detour signs, and remove the trucks illegally parked adjacent to the sidewalk to improve visibility.  We still need to have the trees cut back and Freeholder Romano has assured us that a stop line will be painted on the road ASAP.  I watched today, like many of you, as over 20 cars and trucks just blew through the stop sign.   Once the changes were made, almost everyone stopped before going through the intersection.  Please keep me posted on anything you witness there. As most people know, this is a complicated area because many of the roads are privately owned by the Applied Companies.  Historically I am told they have been unwilling to allow Hoboken PD to enforce any parking or traffic violations there.  Given their own Pier 13 is now exacerbating the safety concerns (don’t worry, I am a fan of Pier 13!), hopefully they will be willing to reconsider an arrangement that makes practical sense for our community.  More to come… 5/30& 5/31 PUBLIC INPUT NEEDED – To Design Our $230M Anti-Flooding Project  Two workshops are scheduled next week to begin the design phase of the Rebuild by Design project, specifically for the areas that are located in the northern end of Hoboken (primarily 2nd ward).  These are from Weehawken Cove down through to Washington St. near Madison Bar & Grill.  Both nights will be the same presentation so please try plan to join one. I will be at both.

  • 5/30 7-9pm 1600 Adams St. North Hudson Sewerage Authority Board Room 
  • 5/31 7-9pm 124 Grand St. Multi-Service Center
  •


    Sign of the Times: Hoboken hosts its 120th Memorial Day Parade

    Claimed as the longest running event of its kind in America, yesterday’s perfect weather saw an outstanding turnout for Hoboken’s 120th annual Memorial Day Parade.

    America’s fallen were honored by all the participants. MSV attended capturing the sign of the times.

    A huge American flag is draped over Washington St. at 10th as the crowd assembles for Hoboken’s 120th Memorial Day Parade.
    Hoboken’s Finest kick off the event as police on motorcycles lead the way honoring America’s fallen.
    Hoboken Color Guard led by “the pipes.”
    Hoboken kids were on hand soaking in the Memorial Day Parade including members of the
    Hoboken City Futbol Club.
    Hoboken’s decked out Firemen with Battalion Chiefs on hand flashed a sharp look on the parade route. 
    “Bagoogah!” A Hoboken fire truck circa 1930 makes its way up Washington St.
    Hoboken Classic 
    Strike up the band! This one featured from Hoboken’s neighbor in West New York
    Hoboken officials: Second Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro, Mayor Ravi Bhalla
    and City Council President Ruben Ramos.
    Soaking it in. Fifth Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham enjoys a moment as Sixth Ward Councilman Jen Giattino snaps a memento with Directors Leo Pellegrini, Steve Marks and Ryan Sharp and Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano (left).
    Old Glory 

    Be on the Lookout!

    Today (and/or tomorrow) may see major news break.

    For the conspiracy-fabricating loons at the Cave, let Horsey steer you from the utter vapidity as last when this signpost was highlighted. This is not about Hoboken news. It would be national news related to the collapsing #RussiaCollusionHoax. 

    Since many “news” organization share this odd behavior attempting to “control the narrative,” this Horse thought it would be useful to give a heads up.

    After this post was written, President Donald Trump issued a tweet early in the am sure to get attention among his more than 51,000,000 twitter subscribers: Read More...


    It’s around that time