Month: February 2018


Sign of the Times: Ravi’s entitlement comes up against accountability as majority of council slams potential conflicts of interest

Hoboken’s new mayor is in the spotlight but it’s not in his favorite position as media celebrity victim.

The Jersey Journal joined the Hudson County View and MSV in highlighting the criticism across Hoboken and the majority of the City Council who yesterday voiced detailed concerns and problems with the new Mayor Ravi Bhalla “side hustle.”

From the Jersey Journal:

Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla has taken a job with a politically connected law firm, leading to attacks from council critics who say the side gig raises potential conflict-of-interest issues. Read More...


Councilman Peter Cunningham: “Mayor Bhalla takes on Second Job”

Official release:

Hoboken is a small yet very complicated City with urgent infrastructure and development needs requiring a full time Mayor.  At over $116K per year plus benefits, he or she is appropriately compensated to be a full time Mayor.  “The people of Hoboken expect it, and the job requires it,” said Councilman Cunningham.   

With not more than 50 days into Mayor Bhalla taking office, “I was shocked and disappointed to learn late on Friday that Mayor Bhalla has accepted paid job responsibilities at a politically connected law firm in Morristown, NJ,” said Councilman Cunningham.  “This not only breaks a campaign promise, but calls into serious question his judgement and commitment to Hoboken.” 

“Mayor Bhalla should be focused on many of the ongoing and developing issues of Hoboken like Washington Street, Rebuild by Design, redevelopment projects, Union Dry Dock and voter fraud,” said Councilman Cunningham. “Instead Mayor Bhalla has found it more important to “mentor” young lawyers?  The press release announcing his new position, however, stated that his requirements would instead involve ‘strategic advice’.  The citizens of Hoboken expected that his strategic advice would be focused on Hoboken —not a law firm in Morristown.  This unfortunately leads to more questions and concerns about his time commitment and conflicts of interests to say the least.” 

Peter H. Cunningham 
City of Hoboken
5th Ward Councilman


Bhalla campaign spokesman hits back on shellacking for new mayor taking employment at another law firm

Blasted by much of the Hoboken City Council this morning after the holiday weekend for breaking a campaign pledge to work full time as Hoboken mayor, Bhalla campaign spokesman Rob Horowitz hits back with jabs too.

It echoes faintly to an old Seinfeld episode morphed to “It’s not me, it’s you.”

As reported on Hudson County View, an attempt to shift away from the Ravi Bhalla campaign promise leaving his old law firm and work full time is being reinterpreted with an attack on the City Council tossed in for good measure. Read More...


City Council President Ruben Ramos ‘extremely concerned about potential conflicts of interest’ with Mayor Bhalla’s law firm employment

Official release:

As many Hoboken residents were, I was stunned to learn that Mayor Bhalla has taken an Of Counsel at a law firm. Mayor of Hoboken is a 24/7 responsibility and residents need to know how his new job factors into those responsibilities.

In my lifetime, every Hoboken mayor severed employment with their previous employer to avoid conflicts whether it be teacher, police office or firefighter so once again we have a Hoboken first with a Mayor having an employer outside the City of Hoboken while serving as Mayor. Read More...


Councilman Mike DeFusco: Mayor Bhalla Broke Campaign Promise to be Full Time Mayor

Official release:

Councilman calls for full disclosure on Mayor’s new job, will introduce stricter new ethics rules for chief executive

Hoboken, NJ – Councilman Mike DeFusco is calling on Mayor Ravi Bhalla to disclose his full job description and employment agreement related to the new position he recently accepted as an “Of Counsel” attorney with the law firm Lavery, Selvaggi, Abromitis & Cohen. DeFusco also plans to introduce an ordinance that will expand the city’s ethics code to hold the mayor’s office to a higher ethical standard and reduce the possibility of conflicts of interest. Read More...


Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher: ‘How can we not feel bad about Mayor Bhalla’s broken promise?’

Official release:

=&0=&=&1=&=&2=&=&3=& “How can we all not feel bad about this?  Both the message itself and how it was disclosed only on his personal Facebook page on a Friday evening before a long holiday weekend.   

His commitment to being a full-time mayor, his commitment to ending any conflicts or perceived conflicts with his politically connected law firm, and his commitment to putting Hoboken first and not using the platform of the mayor as a stepping-stone to higher office were all questioned during the election.  We relied upon his own words when he said to HMAG on November 2, 2017, just five days before Election Day, ‘if I am elected Mayor, I will be working full-time for the people of Hoboken.’   But now, we have to question all of these again.   Read More...


City Council Vice-President Jen Giattino Calls on Mayor Bhalla to Fulfill His Promise to Hoboken Residents of ‘Working Full-Time for the People of Hoboken’.

Official release:

   “During the election when asked how he would do a full-time job as mayor while working as a lawyer, and when asked how he would avoid conflicts of interest with his politically-connected law firm, he repeated the promise that he would quit his law job to work “full-time for the people of Hoboken.” Voters in Hoboken took him at his word and elected him Mayor.  Now we find that when he said he’d quit his job, he apparently thought he had a loophole to take a job with another firm that is as politically connected as the one he left. The mayor of Hoboken gets a salary of $116,000 annually, the highest in Hudson County.  Only two towns in Hudson County – Hoboken and Jersey City – have full-time salaries at these levels for full-time mayors.  All other towns have part-time salaries for part-time mayors who have additional jobs.   He knew what people believed when he promised to quit his job and work full time for Hoboken.  Hoboken pays for and needs a full-time mayor.   He should follow through with his promise.”

Ravi Bhalla on the brink

The stunning news of another back room deal, this one involving a new law firm announcing Hoboken mayor Ravi Bhalla as one of their own is creating shockwaves across the Mile Square City.

The new mayor will not be working full-time for Hoboken as promised after all.

Many Hoboken residents are concerned about the actual contract with the law firm Lavery, Selvaggi, Abromitis & Cohen, P.C. and expect there will be an effort to obtain its actual terms. Will Mayor Ravi Bhalla cooperate and provide one for public transparency or declare it off limits? Read More...


BREAKING: Ravi Bhalla breaks promise to work full time as Hoboken mayor

In a stunning revelation first reported Saturday over the holiday weekend by the Hudson County View, new mayor Ravi Bhalla broke his campaign pledge committing to make the City of Hoboken his full time job as mayor.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla seen last summer at the annual Spaghetti Dinner. The laughs come at Hoboken’s expense with the revelation he’s broken his word and taken a position with another law firm. He pledged during his campaign he’d leave as a law partner of Florio Perrucci and commit to working as Hoboken mayor full-time.
That was fast.

In a statement released to Hudson County View by last year’s Bhalla campaign spokesman, Rob Horowitz admitted Ravi Bhalla will be paid of counsel for the law firm Lavery, Selvaggi, Abromitis & Cohen, P.C.

The law firm published an announcement welcoming Bhalla to the firm.

Last year, Ravi Bhalla’s law partner affiliation with politically connected Florio Perrucci became fodder on the campaign trail before he finally declared in a campaign announcement his commitment to “working full-time for the people of Hoboken, severing my employment with the firm.” Read More...


DAS BOOT: Ravi Bhalla boots Cheryl Fallick and Mike Lenz from Rent Leveling Board

In a letter issued yesterday to the City Clerk’s Office, new mayor Ravi Bhalla offered a full list of seven candidates to fill the totality of expired positions on the Hoboken Rent Leveling Board.

Notably eliminated from the board are two well known Hoboken government officials: Cheryl Fallick and former councilman Michael Lenz who served as the board’s chair.

The two board members given the boot share one facet in common: both publicly backed Councilwoman Jen Giattino for mayor in last year’s mayoral race. Read More...