Month: February 2018


Council President Ramos salvo: Mayor Bhalla employment contract ‘a Cammarano type bribe’

=&0=&  It only seems like ages ago when the majority of the City Council reached out last month and publicly got behind Mayor Ravi Bhalla to fight the Union Dry Dock sale. Last month is so old hat. 

Those council efforts at outreach were apparently put out of their misery late yesterday with a shot across the bow by Hoboken City Council President Ruben Ramos.

The Council President took square aim at new Hoboken mayor Ravi Bhalla as details of his law firm employment contract with Lavery Selvaggi Abromitis & Cohen emerged.  He’s less than pleased with it, to put it mildly.

Ramos all but called the contract dirty and an outright bribe stating “it’s basically a 60K no show job… the only thing that’s missing is Solomon Dwek and the FedEx envelope,” in a story appearing late yesterday on Hudson County View. Read More...


Mayor Ravi Bhalla goes with the big lie, denies existence of his big $$$ law employment contract

On Monday, Mayor Ravi Bhalla attempted to undo the booming controversy with the emerging details about his new big bucks law firm employment contract.
The ink isn’t even dry on the deal with with the law firm of Lavery, Selvage, Abromitis & Cohen and Ravi Bhalla is denying their and the contract’s financial value and existence.
The question on Hoboken people’s lips, is Ravi Bhalla leveraging the City of Hoboken to obtain this far more lucrative PHAT money deal than with his previous politically connected NJ law firm?

Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s desperate attempt to subdue the emerging story on his big bucks
law firm employment contract deploying the Big Lie is failing. 

On Tuesday, Councilwoman Jen Giattino focused on that second job and pointed to his written campaign pledge if he became mayor he would “be working full-time for the people of Hoboken, severing (his) employment with the firm.”

She states “he has failed to keep that commitment.”

Ravi Bhalla did sever his law firm  relationship with that law firm at the end of 2017. Then a mere month into office, he’s officially begun another, potentially far more lucrative law firm position as a rain maker in an Of Counsel law job. Read More...


MSV Premium digs in for Hoboken accountability and good government

So the question is will you join the fight and support at a minimum government accountability?

The stakes are nothing less. With the latest Hoboken City Hall “sham” revealed, Hoboken stands on the precipice of seeing City Hall reduced to a Hudco bad government principality in practice at best or at worst, an outright banana republic.

Many are calling the law firm arrangement seen in the broken promise of Mayor Bhalla’s law firm contract unprecedented in the Mile Square City’s history. Read More...


Mayor Ravi Bhalla stands to reap a cool million or more with outside law firm contract

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Hoboken’s new mayor Ravi Bhalla makes Hoboken the “side hustle” as his law firm employment contract details emerged late Friday.

The new Bhalla law firm employment deal reveals he has unlimited sales potential to make it rain mega dollars, far more than the salary in serving as Hoboken’s full time mayor.


City Council President Ruben Ramos among other political observers have called the new arrangement unprecedented in Hoboken history. Criticism is spiking across the Mile Square City as the public learns of the moonlighting details. Read More...


Lucrative Mayor Ravi Bhalla “side hustle” law firm contract REVEALED!

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Mayor Ravi Bhalla appears in the role of Rain Man in a game of PAC man as details of his law firm contract
were leaked in a late Friday news dump.

In a breaking revelation to the Mayor Ravi Bhalla “side hustle” law firm gig discovered over the holiday weekend, newly released details show the potential actual value is far greater than originally stated by Bhalla campaign spokesman Rob Horowitz.

Only days earlier, the contract for work beyond Hoboken mayor was stated as far below $100,000.

Excerpts of the contract between Mayor Ravi Bhalla and Lavery, Selvaggi, Abromitis & Cohen were reported late Friday in a breaking news story on the Hudson County View. Read More...


Lepercons at risk: ‘How dry I am’ as 11 liquor licenses in suspension impact

Official release:

=&0=& =&1=& The City of Hoboken Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Board held their regular bi-weekly meeting on Thursday, February 22nd to consider various charges against 11 Hoboken liquor licensees.  All of the ABC charges scheduled were adjudicated and include the complete shutdown of five establishments on the privately-organized LepreCon event.  They are as follows: ·



Councilman Peter Cunningham: ‘Will do right by Hoboken even as Mayor Ravi Bhalla doesn’t’

Official release:

Hi folks, 
I am circulating the below press release to you – a small subset of my constituent list – which I sent to the media on Tuesday after having learned that Mayor Bhalla announced on his personal facebook page that he’s accepted a position with a law firm in Morristown.
He’s accepted a position with a law firm in Morristown?  He’s the Mayor of Hoboken.

I’m sorry, but I’m not OK with this and the manner in which it was introduced was not transparent as our Mayor.  It was released late Friday of a long weekend, and I’m finding that to this day, many folks are still unaware. Read More...


City Council overwhelmingly passes resolution of 26 questions for Mayor Bhalla to answer on ‘side hustle’ law gig


Not two months into his mayoral term, Mayor Ravi Bhalla finds himself under scrutiny facing 26 questions on the holiday weekend revelations of his new “side hustle” law firm employment contract.

Mayor Bhalla announced an unspecified “of counsel” law firm contract for himself with Lavery, Selvaggi, Abromitis & Cohen Friday night on his Facebook.

The lone dissenter voting to the resolution questions was Councilman Jim Doyle who ran on the Bhalla campaign ticket last November. Read More...