Month: January 2018


Mayor Bhalla announces upcoming fundraiser

Mayor Ravi Bhalla announced a fundraiser in March as seen below:

In Bhalla’s mayoral campaign last year, his ELEC campaign report shows he loaned himself $31,000.

Hoboken residents can attend the event for $150. On the political front, Mayor Bhalla continues to oppose the City Council overturning a veto giving Hoboken voters a referendum where they choose to bring back runoff elections. Runoff elections were eliminated in a similar referendum back in 2012.

Sources say the Bhalla administration, City Council members and close observers agree the council will  overturn the veto and then Hoboken voters will decide in November. There may be further adjustment with interests among many to see this converted to an instant runoff option. Read More...


Seven years on, Ravi Bhalla sees ethics complaint sputter ahead

Hudson County View covered the seven year saga of an ethics complaint against Mayor Ravi Bhalla that won’t die. The complaint was originally filed by long time Bhalla nemesis Perry Belfiore.

Last year, Belfiore collected over $50,000 in a settlement with the City of Hoboken after filing a civil lawsuit when then councilman Ravi Bhalla tossed him out of a 2015 City Council meeting he spoke at in public portion.

MSV exclusively reported on the behind the scenes events leading up to Belfiore’s ejection. Bhalla allegedly had Belfiore removed by Hoboken Police on orders from former mayor Dawn Zimmer. Read More...


A Republic if you can keep it

A cabal of City Hall insiders, paid political operatives and their insipid little group continue their demands to control everything surrounding local governance. Their latest is attempting to stop a voter referendum to bring back runoff elections this November.

They’re suffering fear and trepidation if Mayor Ravi Bhalla doesn’t find an exit ramp for higher office, he may face a runoff election in four years – and lose!

Quick, stop the Hoboken voters before they inflict their will against our agenda! Read More...


Executive Order action on those involved in serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

Late Friday, investigative reporter Sara A. Carter reported a four page US House Intel memo will be released to the public midweek after next week’s State of the Union speech by President Trump.

The four page memo is the subject of speculation and a massive media psyops campaign to undermine its impact before release. To date, most of the MSM has ignored the potential significance of the memo and any likelihood of its large-scale significance. In recent days, a different tack deems it political “talking points” of no substance. Hundreds of US Congress members have read the memo in a secure facility and many have demanded it be made available to the public. Read More...


DeFusco blasts Mayor Bhalla for veto against allowing voters decide runoff elections

InsiderNJ reported a response to the latest veto by Mayor Ravi Bhalla on a referendum to allow the public to decide on bringing back runoffs.

DeFusco Blasts Mayor Bhalla’s Veto of Runoff Referendum Ordinance

DeFusco Blasts Mayor Bhalla’s Veto of Runoff Referendum Ordinance  Hoboken, NJ – For the second time in recent months, Hoboken’s Mayor has vetoed an ordinance passed in a 7-2 vote by the City Council to allow residents to decide whether or not to re-institute runoff elections. Councilman Mike DeFusco is issuing the following statement reacting to Mayor Bhalla’s veto:

“It is disappointing to see Mayor Bhalla not just deny Hoboken residents the opportunity to have their voices heard in a public referendum on our voting rights, but to also see him spread misinformation and half-truths while doing so. The ordinance he vetoed was passed overwhelmingly by the City Council and it would simply allow our community to collectively decide whether or not to re-institute runoff elections. This issue should be decided by the people, not by entrenched, establishment politicians like Mayor Bhalla who benefit from a flawed current system. The Mayor cites reduced voter turnout in a recent Jersey City runoff, but he fails to mention that the last time Hoboken held a runoff election for Mayor in 2009 turnout actually increased from the initial election. Meanwhile, he suggests that he supports an instant runoff system that, while certainly worth exploring, is currently not allowable by state law. All of this is meant to distract from the fact that Mayor Bhalla is concerned that re-instituting runoff elections would hurt his chances of re-election as he has not demonstrated the ability to secure majority support or to work collaboratively with his fellow elected officials. This is a deeply cynical ploy that puts politics over our city’s values of transparency and openness, and I will be working with my Council colleagues to determine what steps can be taken to ensure that Hoboken residents’ voices are ultimately heard on this important issue.” Read More...


Mayor Bhalla vetoes option for voters in November to bring back runoff elections

In an official release, Mayor Ravi Bhalla vetoed the City Council legislation for a public referendum this November to consider bringing back runoff elections.

Last November, then a councilman and candidate for mayor, Ravi Bhalla was elected mayor with less than 33% of the vote.

A City Council rebuke to the veto can be expected as an earlier veto by the lame duck former mayor Dawn Zimmer. This would mean the Hoboken electorate will decide for themselves if they wish to bring back runoff elections by going to the polls this November. Read More...


Tiffanie Fisher: ‘Take the survey on Union Dry Dock’

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors –  If you have not yet done so, please fill out the survey posted and circulated by Mayor Bhalla concerning the former Union Dry Dock site.  You can find it HERE.  Survey closes tomorrow (Friday) at 5pm. There are three questions, but really there are just two.  Do you want to see industrial uses on the waterfront at that location?  Or not.  

I have spoken with Mayor Bhalla who continues to work hard to defend completing our waterfront park, an effort that started with many of you decades ago with the Waterfront Referendum.  He has met with many of the major stakeholders (and here I mean in addition to and those other than Hoboken residents) and he wants to hear from you so he knows he is representing the best interests of our community.  For those unaware what the Hoboken Waterfront Referendum was, click on this link for a NY times article about it or google it – you will be amazed, and hopefully inspired by the efforts of so many of our neighbors.  And understand that this is not the first battle, but one of what will hopefully be the last. Read More...


Grist for the Mill: Where in the world is former Mayor Dawn Zimmer?

Hoboken’s former Mayor Dawn Zimmer has exited stage left. She announced her shocking plan last June to opt out of seeking a third term to tackle global warming climate change, a central prog religious tenet of hers.

However, no plans announced to take up residence in China and India and face down the biggest producers of energy by-products have followed. She’s merely “gone away” not much unlike her once formidable rival in the fourth ward Chris Campos.

Rumors for months among people privy to the small insider network around her say she’s leaving Hoboken. So far, no one is committing to say where. Her college age boys are more independent and the family business was sold after the passing of her mother-in-law leaving no significant ties to remain in the Mile Square City. Read More...


Former Hoboken City Council President Chris Campos is incarcerated in federal prison


Chris Campos, a former Hoboken City Councilman who was sentenced last month to 30 months in federal prison for a livery car loan scheme running into the millions of dollars is now a resident of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

It’s a federal prison, the same facility where Hoboken’s former mayor and convicted felon Peter Cammarano spent time for his role in taking $25,000 in bribes agreeing to zoning considerations for a federal informant.
Chris Campos in better days at the Hoboken Elks in 2013 for a Hoboken mayoral forum.
=&1=&: The December announcement from the Southern District of New York US Attorneys Office:

photo courtesy Jhnny “to the butter” Newman


Chuckles, “WE DID IT!”

The United States government is officially shut down and unfunded after the Senate Democrats led by Chuck Schumer refused to allow a funding bill from the House to pass late last night. Under Senate rules, 60 votes are required to close debate before a final vote. Have you noticed how this simple fact is being miscast by so many? This is fascinating on so many levels as American citizens are literally turned into second class citizens in their own country by their own government “representatives” who put 800,000 illegal immigrants above more than 300 million citizens, their families, US military members and of course all American children. Why do I not think that’s going to sell well with the American people?  =&0=&: So how is it going? Well here’s one online Democrat poll tabulating almost 44,000 votes: