Month: September 2017


Ready or not here it comes

Tonight it’s the Hoboken City Council meeting and the countdown to Election Day means the old Mile Square City brawling will erupt sooner than later with all the marbles on the line.

Hoboken sits in a unique vantage point. Four major mayoral campaigns are vying for the top prize and three at-large council seats added to the mix makes for a volatile mixture.

Three of the four major mayoral candidates sit on the dais: Council members Mike DeFusco, Ravi Bhalla and City Council President Jen Giattino. An appearance by Freeholder Anthony “Stick”Romano can’t be ruled out and Karen Nason has been a frequent visitor to the public microphone after she announced her mayoral bid. Read More...


Team Bhalla Files 2,796 Petition Signatures

Official release:

=&0=& Councilman Ravi Bhalla, candidate for Hoboken Mayor, and his at large slate of Councilman Jim Doyle, Emily Jabbour and John Allen all together filed 2,796 petition signatures with the City Clerk, well-exceeding the number needed to qualify for the ballot.  Bhalla filed  1,004 himself.  

Councilman Ravi Bhalla said, “We engaged voters throughout the City in our petition-gathering effort, using it as an opportunity to have thousands of conversations at residents’ doors and in strategic locations.  Voters were responsive to our plans for fixing our aging infrastructure, comprehensively addressing our flooding problem, holding the line on taxes, and building on the successes of the Zimmer Administration.  Read More...


Two month sprint

Sybil’s Cave in Hoboken, site of much foaming and teeth gnashing.

A two month sprint for four major mayoral candidates and council candidacies in the vicinity of a baker’s dozen or more is set to take on the Mile Square City. All told, Hoboken can expect to see six mayoral candidates and perhaps 14 council candidates.

The City Clerk’s Office will be active as last minute petition filings for both mayor and council candidacies are submitted with maybe a surprise in store with one if not both.

Election Day is two months away and the preliminaries are over. The plotting, scheming and downright nasty fabricating already started over the weekend with false accusations at Sybil’s Cave. Censorship remedied the falsity or did it? Read More...


Who’s lying?

Woe begone to a farm animal who must labor on this of all days. So this one won’t.

As it’s a time for rest, recharging and relaxation, sadly for others it’s a time to lie, lie again and lie some more. Couldn’t those lies wait until after the holiday weekend? Apparently not.

So the record will be asserted and the lies will be trampled in short order. Your religious beliefs aside, elevating your candidate to exalted status will be shown a false idol. That you would embrace the stupidity of the campaign, its shadow operative and throw friends under the bus is most unfortunate. Read More...


Labor Day Holiday censorship special!

MSV’s exclusive story Friday leading into the holiday weekend publishing Councilman Ravi Bhalla’s email letter set off alarm bells within the Bhalla campaign at Sybil’s Cave. Having not ventured there in recent weeks with its hyperventilating and heavy panting on behalf of its candidate, word filtered back it went completely bonkers with a bevy of unsubstantiated personal attacks. Lots of dumb accusations and a pathetic inability to argue where the MSV story is anywhere inaccurate. Read More...


Breaking: Council not likely to pass Suez contract; Councilman Bhalla recused from vote

=&0=& =&1=&

In a story published by Hudson County View confirming MSV’s earlier report, City Council members stated there’s little interest in voting to approve a Suez water contract presented by Mayor Zimmer.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla in a letter yesterday to City Council members informed them he would be recusing himself from any pending vote on the contract.

MSV noted earlier the opposition to the Suez water contract presented by the Administration was DOA based on three council members seeking further financial details. Eight of the nine members will decide as Councilman Ravi Bhalla will not be voting after recusing himself from all matters connected to the proposed Suez contract. Read More...



Official release: Office of the Mayor

Suez Water will be making a presentation to the City Council on leak detection technology that could prevent major water main breaks by detecting leaks early on. The proposed $2.5 million investment in the technology is part of the proposed amended agreement with Suez Water which includes a total of $31 million in infrastructure investments. =&0=&

Councilmembers issue statement about potential contract with Sue

Official release:

Hoboken City Council President Jen Giattino, Councilman Peter Cunningham, and Councilwoman and Chair of the Revenue and Finance subcommittee, Tiffanie Fisher have issued the following joint statement concerning the Suez Water contract:  

On Wednesday evening we had an ad hoc subcommittee meeting comprised of members from both the finance and revenue subcommittee and the ad hoc infrastructure subcommittee.  We were joined by representatives from the Administration and its financial consultant who has advised the Administration to date on negotiations with Suez concerning the contract for water services in Hoboken.  Councilman Michael Russo was also invited, however did not attend.  The primary purpose of the meeting was to review the Administration’s responses to the many questions that were posed by City Council members during the council meeting on August 2nd concerning the proposed contract extension between Suez Water and the City of Hoboken.