Month: September 2017


Ravi Bhalla hit again as the ‘national candidate’ for his cynical mailer

A twitter handle Britt Reid@hobokenrazzie, aka “the Green Hornet” is making noise with comic and pointed political critique of the Hoboken mayoral race.

In a weekend tweet, the satirical commenter highlighted the latest mailer from Councilman Ravi Bhalla depicting the American president who is currently busy aiding hurricane victims in Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico. The Bhalla mailer shows a sinister reflection in the eyes of a child and depicts the reflection of the president as “hate.” Read More...


Dual Southwest Park ribbon cuttings demonstrate political division

The competing ribbon cutting ceremonies for Hoboken’s Southwest Park took place on Friday and Saturday to some public head scratching with each underlining the success of the decade plus efforts to make the dream a reality.

On Friday, Mayor Dawn Zimmer held the official City of Hoboken ribbon cutting. Councilman Dave Mello and Councilman Ruben Ramos headlined a Saturday “People’s” ribbon cutting.

About a month ago the City Council formally asked the City to hold the ribbon cutting when its members and the community could attend on a weekend. But the request while formally stated during the meeting fell on deaf ears, another sign of the political division with Mayor Zimmer’s lame duck status and Hoboken’s barnburner of an election set for November 7th. Read More...



In a rambling Friday interview with Hudson County View, Mike DeFusco says the $8.35 million dollar Suez liability that never appeared before the council is due to “possible criminal” action by City Council President Jen Giattino

Friday afternoon, a gorgeous day led to startling and unseemly charges in an interview by Hudson County View with Councilman Mike DeFusco, a candidate for Hoboken mayor.

Some are already calling it a meltdown of Titanic proportions.

Underscoring the problems recently surfacing with the million dollar Suez liability, DeFusco a mayoral candidate lobbed a bomb changing his earlier stance pointed at the administration for not revealing the issue sooner to the council and opting to lob a “possible criminal” bomb at his fellow council member and mayoral rival City Council President Jen Giattino. Read More...


Breaking: Buyer Beware – Shiny Penny Mike DeFusco Poll is out

=&0=& MSV is exclusively reporting a new telephone poll is out and unlike the previous one last weekend called “straight-up” and “professional,” this one is loaded looking for bear against all its main rivals. There’s push poll negative questions directed toward each of three candidates in the poll aiming at Freeholder Stick Romano, Councilman Ravi Bhalla and City Council President Jen Giattino. Residents reporting the polls to MSV similarly conclude the poll is being sponsored by Councilman Mike DeFusco, aka the Shiny Penny. 
Mike DeFusco

DeFusco touts his youthful candidacy based on the shiny penny principle. Have observers distracted by a shiny object and not focus on his lack of experience, trustworthiness and substance of a council record. Similarly, the telephone polls offers some tells on the DeFusco Shiny Penny principle in action.

The poll reportedly taken by ABG Research is already encountering problems. Apparently, Hoboken households are tired of being repeatedly polled since July and are not being cooperative.

Among the pro-DeFusco elements is a mix of facts favorable to his candidacy and some less than factual attacks against his main rivals. On Freeholder Romano, the poll notes accurately he’s running for two offices then says “he’s gaming the system with a six-figure pension and a lot of real estate income, yet he continues to live in affordable housing.” Not altogether accurate but in the ballpark of accurate. Read More...


Council President and mayoral candidate Jen Giattino endorses BoE slate ‘Hoboken Proud’

Official release:

It is with great pleasure that Jen Giattino, City Council President and Hoboken mayoral candidate, =&0=& of Melanie Tekirian and Chetali Khanna for election to the Hoboken Board of Education. “I supported Sharyn and her running mates three years ago and I’ve been extremely pleased with the continued positive change in the Hoboken Public Schools. Hoboken Proud is certainly an appropriate reflection of how we should all feel about the job that’s being done by Superintendent Christine Johnson and the current Board of Education. I and my council running mates will proudly support this team in any way we can. We thank them for stepping up for this vital volunteer service and agree wholeheartedly with Hoboken Proud when they say strong schools equal a strong community.”

‘People’s ribbon cutting for Southwest Park’ set for Saturday at 4:00

Official release:

=&0=& =&1=&
Site of the Hoboken Southwest Park

Southwest Parks Coalition co-founder John Gregorio, original group member Councilman David Mello, and Fourth Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos ask that you join us at 4:00 pm this Saturday, September 23rd, as we gather at the Southwest Park, Hoboken’s newest public open space, for an informal ribbon cutting celebration.

The opening of the Southwest Park marks the fruition of over a decade of effort by many Hoboken advocates, past and present.  From the formation of the Southwest Parks Coalition to the present day, residents in Hoboken’s Southwest and beyond have been advocating for a significant open space in this vibrant, up and coming Hoboken neighborhood.  This cornerstone piece marks the start of what hopefully will be an even larger park creation in the future.  This park is not only Southwest Hoboken’s first significant public, open space; it contains much needed flood retention technology to further combat flooding events in one of our most flood prone Hoboken neighborhoods.
All are welcome to attend, as we celebrate this moment with an informal and festive ribbon cutting, which we want all of our friends and neighbors to be able to participate in.  This is your park Hoboken, and it’s opening should be celebrated at a time when the maximum number of people who made this dream a reality can revel in its long-awaited start.
The Southwest Park is located on Block 12 in Hoboken, N.J., between Paterson Plank Road and Observer Highway, and Jackson and Harrison Streets in Hoboken’s Southwest neighborhood.

John Gregorio


Councilman Peter Cunningham: ‘City Council President Jen Giattino is Hoboken’s best choice for mayor’

Official release:

Dear friends, family and neighbors, 

As many of you know, I serve on the Hoboken City Council. Over the past ten years I’ve been at the forefront of many positive changes. But I couldn’t have done it alone. 

I am deeply grateful to my colleagues and to my 5th Ward constituents for providing me with their support, their thoughts, their ideas and the opportunity to serve them and the City of Hoboken overall. Read More...


Meet the BoE candidates – Monday, September 25th

Official release:

Dear friends, As longtime residents and parents of children who attend the Hoboken Public School District, we can speak firsthand to the quality of education and opportunity provided to district students.   We are running for election to the Hoboken Board of Education.  Our mission is to raise awareness of the many great things happening across the district today and to work constructively with the administration on further enhancing public education in Hoboken.  Our goal is that our elementary and middle schools be urban schools of excellence and Hoboken High School to be our communities’ No.1 choice for grades 9-12. Please join with us in this effort.  We look forward to seeing you on Monday. Melanie, Sharyn and Chetali


A grant and picking up the tab for more firefighters?

The Hoboken City Council didn’t have any further Suez related matters last night to consider but how to handle a grant to bring on firefighters?  How do you manage a grant when you have to pick up the tab later?

Hudson County View filed this story:

Although the Hoboken City Council approved a $667,539 grant to hire four new firefighters, it remains unclear if the city will take on the other $1.3 million in costs associated with the potential new employees. Read More...


Councilman Ruben Ramos endorses Mike DeFusco for mayor

Another local endorsement came in yesterday with Councilman Ruben Ramos making it official getting behind Mike DeFusco.

Hudson County View published its story:

After being a staple of his campaign for months, Hoboken Ward 4 Councilman Ruben Ramos has formally endorsed colleague Mike DeFusco for mayor.
Councilman Ruben Ramos who represents Hoboken’s fourth ward
officially endorsed Mike DeFusco for mayor.

Talking Ed Note: The pieces on the chess board in the Mile Square City begin moving to the inevitable endgame on November 7th, Election Day. Councilman Ruben Ramos who holds strong support in the fourth ward and across Hoboken with his solid 2013 mayoral run lends solid support to Mike DeFusco. Read More...