Month: May 2017


Grist for the Mill: DeFusco goes Slate Shopping


Citizens love to stroll along Hoboken’s waterfront and enjoy the dining choices at the fine eateries with a view. One such restaurant, Del Frisco’s hosted a lovely meal for two with a surprising gatecrasher. Or is it a wedding crasher?

Councilman Mike DeFusco, the recently announced Hoboken mayoral candidate was enjoying his newly minted status last week with a special guest on Memorial Day. Sources confirm seeing the two well known residents sharing a lovely meal at the popular downtown eatery. Read More...


Reform fail: Freeholder candidate MIA

Hoboken will see important primaries take place next week but among the candidates to choose from, there will be no official or unofficial Reform candidate for county legislator or freeholder.

In November, there’s not likely to be a reform candidate running for freeholder either.

Protest voters will have an option if they decline to re-elect Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano to another three year term.

On the ballot will be bomb thrower and perennial candidate Patty Waiters. Her slickly done website however, went down. So the local imitation of Rev. Al Sharpton plus Rev. Wright meets Mister Carmelo is like Reform, MIA. Read More...


Post holiday Constitutional crisis?

Among the thousands of readers who log onto MSV week in and week out, the holiday weekend will see a far smaller audience of folks checking in.

So, here’s shrimp tossed on the barbie for those who want to be ahead of the curve or several curves before the backstretch. This won’t be your usual Belmont Stakes race. The news website Circa is eating the entire Corporate Media’s lunch breaking another blockbuster story with serious ramifications for all Americans. Their earlier story revealing massive 4th Amendment violations in a FISA court ruling has only seen limited coverage. (It finally appeared recently on page 21 of the NY Times.) 
The 4th Amendment; Americans’ protection against domestic spying is seen
under assault based on the revelations from a recent April FISA court ruling.
While the public is beset with narratives distracting from what may turn into the biggest political scandal in our lifetime, the airwaves and corporate media feed a steady diet of “muh Russia hoax hysteria,” sans evidence or any crime 300 days and counting. The political underpinnings of that non-criminal probe with a newly appointed special counsel point to its origins in the scurrilous and thoroughly discredited Russia Dossier, a product of foreign intelligence efforts (one step removed with “former” tied to the UK’s MI6). Putting aside the US paid “foreign interference” arranging that UK political operation in the US election for a moment, the shady dossier stands as what could be the basis of one example among untold hundreds of violations of domestic spying highlighted by Circa in its story: =&0=&

City Council votes to move Southwest Park land acquisition ahead

In a unanimous vote, the Hoboken City Council approved the appraisal proposed toward an acquisition of land for an expanded Southwest Park last night.

The following video comes courtesy of John Heinis of the Hudson County View:

For the complete story, please see the Hudson County View:


Hoboken’s 2017 Memorial Day Parade

Hoboken hosts the oldest Memorial Day Parade in the state of New Jersey now 119 years.
On this day, America honors all those who made the ultimate sacrifice defending our nation.

Below are some photos courtesy of the Jolly Green Giant.

Assembly of Hoboken Police on motorcycles lead the way

The pipes, the pipes are calling

Hoboken’s finest, one of its current active duty firetrucks

Sign of the Times, “Big Red” classic fire truck

Grand Marshal of the parade Joe Mindak


Mayor Zimmer: “Tax cut & infrastructure upgrades”

Mayor Dawn Zimmer announces:

Hi MSV readers,

In case you missed it, last week the City Council adopted our budget that includes a 1.25% municipal tax cut, the seventh year in a row we’ve held the line on taxes.

Thanks to our fiscally prudent decisions and AA+ credit rating, we’ve been on strong financial footing to make critical infrastructure upgrades to our City. These include:

Washington Street project: Our main commercial corridor will be revitalized with new modernized traffic signals and pedestrian counters, rain gardens, curb extensions, a repaved road and new water mains, replacing the century old mains. 

Water main upgrades: Over the next six years, we’ll be investing substantially in upgrading our water main system. In addition to the $7 million for Washington Street and $5.2 million dedicated to other identified priority areas, we will be making more substantial investments in the years ahead. Read More...


Constitutional Criminality

The Fourth Amendment protecting the rights of Americans from improper search and seizure took it on the chin. Again.

New revelations show Americans were subjected to domestic spying in recent years breaking clear protocols set per law.

How was the domestic spying triggered? All an American needed to do was mention a foreign leader and the doors to their life were subject to being opened, re: illicit domestic spying.

The American Civil Liberties Union took notice finally and commented in this breaking story here: Read More...


State of the Hoboken mayoral race: Mike DeFusco’s entry better late than never

There’s elections all around Hudson County this year. If you call almost all of the unopposed candidate elections celebrations you’d have more in common with the typical Soviet model where 99% of the vote went to the slate of approved candidates.

It’s not quite 99% in Hudson County. For most of the designated HudCo winners, tallies will be in the ballpark of 85%. They judge winning by how much higher the percentage of dwindling voters showing up for the one party farce are nailed down. Read More...



Councilman Mike DeFusco announced he’s a candidate for Hoboken mayor just earlier:

Councilman DeFusco’s new website:

=&0=&: All the months of speculation are put to rest and now it’s fairly certain a race for mayor will square off with major candidates. Councilman Mike DeFusco raises some questions here in his first term as councilman but some in this polished video announcement where he appears solo with no council at-large slate is what’s most notable. For the moment, that’s the big takeaway behind Councilman Mike DeFusco’s announcement. =&1=&: For more on this breaking story, see the breaking coverage at The Hudson County View.