Month: January 2017


Mayor Zimmer’s State of the City Address

Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s State of the City Address— as prepared for delivery, via the City of Hoboken: Thank you to Stevens for hosting us today and to Provost Dr. Christophe Pierre for the warm welcome. I understand he couldn’t be here tonight, but I also want to thank President Farvardin for his friendship and partnership with me and the City of Hoboken. I truly appreciate that he came to our country as an immigrant from Iran, contributed so much innovation over his career, and has done a fantastic job over the last five years leading Stevens Institute of Technology.

Thank you to Assemblywoman Chaparro for your introduction and for your terrific job advocating for the people of Hoboken and the 33rd District. Thank you to the Garden Street performers, and congratulations to Finn Douglas on your 52 performances in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular as a 9-year old! Thank you to our Police and Fire Department honor guard, to Father Bob, Detective Quinones, and to Jeanne Cummins for your beautiful rendition of our National Anthem. Read More...


Public Invited to Hoboken State of the City Address by Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer


Hoboken, NJ – Thursday, January 19th, 2017 Mayor Dawn Zimmer invites all members of the community to attend her seventh State of the City address. A performance by the Garden Street School of Performing Arts will precede the address. The event will take place on Monday, January 30, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the DeBaun Auditorium in Edwin A. Stevens Hall on the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology. Seating is open to the public and tickets are not needed to attend. The main entrance is on 5th Street directly across from Stevens Park. The wheelchair entrance is located in the rear entrance of the building on River Street with handicapped parking located behind the two buildings (McLean & Babbio) located directly across the street from the ramp. For additional information, visit:

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Hoboken elections, peace in our time?

There’s two major offices up for election this year in the Mile Square City. First, the county freeholder seat with a critical June Democrat Primary and then the mayor’s seat in November. Based on MSV’s exclusive investigative report, the paths of the two senior elected officials are not likely to meet in any head to head face-off.

Some suggest it’s an unofficial but higher power, re: HudCo organized nonaggression pact while others say it’s a more Vulcan-like mind meld of the minds to take the more scenic road less traveled. Read More...


Mile Square non-aggreesion pact?

The MSV Premium issue examining Hoboken’s upcoming 2017 elections will be published on Monday. Sit tight and remember, Horsey is bringing election peace in our time.

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno and Freeholder Anthony Romano are expected on the 2017 ballot.
Here they were at City Hall in 2011 but City Hall is not their target this year.

Shooting in Hoboken ends with 18 year old slain

According to a report; two arrests have been made in the fatal shooting of an 18 year old in Hoboken, also naming the victim who died in the hospital.

Authorities arrested two suspects Wednesday in connection with the fatal shooting of a local teen the day before. According to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, detectives arrested Khalif Geiger, 20, of Jersey City, and a 17-year-old juvenile from Jersey City, in connection with the fatal shooting of Adrian Rivera, 18, of Hoboken. Prosecutors said that Hoboken Police Officers were dispatched to 300 Marshall Drive in Hoboken on a 911 call of possible gun shots in the area around 3:15 p.m. on Jan. 24.


An 18 year man was reported shot and killed in Hoboken yesterday according to a story.

According to a statement by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office:

“We are confirming that there was a fatal shooting in Hoboken,” said Ray Worrall, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office. “It was an 18-year-old male, and the investigation is ongoing.” The shooting occurred just after 3 p.m., on the 300 Block of Marshall Drive, a street within the Andrew Jackson Gardens public housing complex on the city’s western edge. The last homicide in Hoboken came in 2013 when three teenagers beat up a a homeless man in what is called a game of “knockout” where an unsuspecting victim is stalked and then punched.  The man was homeless and died as a result of the attack and one of the there three teens was sentenced to confinement in the juvenile system.
A fatal shooting involving an 18 year old male
occurred yesterday but details including the name
of the deceased remain unclear.

Talking Ed Note: There’s basic details of the story completely missing. No name of the deceased, his residence or anything involving the events that took place other than age, sex and cause of death.

This is odd. The story details are buttoned up tighter than the last Hoboken shooting last February where the suspicious death of a Hoboken man shot in the chest on Grand Street took place. Read More...


Second complaint filed in City Council speaker snafu

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One is the loneliest number but David Liebler and his civil litigation against the City of Hoboken is lonely no more. He’s been joined in a similar civil rights claim by well known Hoboken politico Perry Belfiore who filed a similar complaint after being ejected from the October 21, 2015 City Council meeting during public portion.

The ejections were related to mentions of Mayor Dawn’s husband, Stan Grossbard, ruled out of order by then City Council President Ravi Bhalla.

According to online records, a complaint on behalf of Belfiore was filed in NJ District Court on October 21, 2016 against the City of Hoboken and Councilman Ravi Bhalla. He is represented by Greg F. Paster & Associates. Read More...


So you wanna be da mayor?

Hoboken is bordering on January’s end but February brings with it Groundhogs Day.
For the politicos of the Mile Square universe this means time grows short.

November is a political lifetime off in the distance but the Freeholder race is pretty much determined in the June Democratic Primary. Anthony “Stick” Romano, the reigning incumbent is gearing up for another three year term.

Will he be flying solo?

Hey the ref heard the bell. Mayor Zimmer let go of Stick.

The rest of this story is MSV Premium and will be released on Monday.

WWF Zimmer-Romano graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger.


Mayor notes third success with second NHSA pump implementation

Office of the Mayor announces:

STATEMENT FROM MAYOR ZIMMER ON STORM & FLOODING “For the third time yesterday, our new H-5 flood pump, combined with our existing H-1 pump, kept western Hoboken dry through the kind of major storm that previously would have flooded our neighborhoods. But as we saw the river splash over the bulkhead along Weehawken Cove and fill the tracks in Hoboken Terminal, yesterday was also a reminder that we face a real flood risk not just from downpours, but from the river itself – and not only during hurricane season. That is why the Rebuild by Design project is so important, and I invite everyone to attend the public hearing on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the project on March 16. Thank you to the Office of Emergency Management, Police and Fire Departments, Environmental Services, and Construction Office for making sure we were prepared for yesterday’s storm.” A flyer with the latest updates on the Rebuild by Design project is available at: Read More...


Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro on pedestrian and bike safety unanimously passes NJ Assembly

=&0=& =&1=& =&2=& =&3=& Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro’s bill (A-4165) aimed at educating new drivers on the correct ways to share the road with bicyclists and pedestrians passed the General Assembly today by a vote of 67-0-2.

“This bill was drafted after I noticed more and more residents in Hoboken and Jersey City using a bicycle through share programs or just buying one for personal use,” Chaparro said. “Given this change in the way that people travel, it is important to ensure that our driver’s education classes, tests, and manuals are updated to reflect the changing landscape of the roads. We need to work to eliminate fatalities and injuries of pedestrians and bicyclists in New Jersey, and by improving the education of new drivers, this bill is one way we can work toward that goal.” Read More...


On rebuilding a GOP opposition in Hudson County

The following article is submitted by Hoboken resident Josh Sotomayor-Einstein A state GOP leadership that fails to take the field in Bayonne, Hoboken, or Secaucus cannot be expected to be taken seriously. A Republican Party that ignores that many citizens in Jersey City and across Hudson County with conservative and liberty leanings and that doesn’t run School Board or City Council candidates is a joke we can no longer afford. The Republicans of Hudson County, and of NJ, need change. Republicans can be a critical part of changing the state GOP right now by donating to the campaign at GOP voters can choose a new direction – of outreach, supporting candidates for local office, and a state party that will build our local branches and grow the list of responsible Republican local officials – by voting for me, Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein, for NJ Republican State Committee. For years, New Jersey has been a leader in state government bad-enough to create a population drain, an out-state migration that would be all the more pronounced if not for the immigrants who flock to our region and find a home in our greater NYC and Philly metro areas. It is no surprise that blue state progressive policies make daily living for residents of California, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, and others so bad as to convince them to move.  Despite New Jersey’s Republican governor, the state is still headed off a fiscal cliff, remains insolvent, maintains a bloated bureaucracy, and is still ineffective and inefficient. New Jersey’s regulatory regime has chased away business owners, job creators, and investors. It has denied parents the right to send their children to the school of their choice and continues confusing public schools (a method of delivery) with public education (the actual goal). Despite nearly 8 years of a well-intentioned Governor Christie, who served his entire time with Democrats in control of the legislature, NJ is still a blue occupied state. The question is both how did this come to pass and what is the solution? The answer is that during the almost 8 years of a Republican governor, neither he nor the state party spent any political capital on electing purple district Republicans to the legislature, and thus our state continued down the progressive path of high taxes and low growth. The solution is that the NJ GOP must be held accountable for its inaction. New blood is needed to shift the state GOP to outreach and engagement. The State Committee, the highest leadership element of the state party has an important fundraising role and added to its billet should be speaking engagements, building community relationships, candidate scouting, and organizational reinforcement. Many of these are overlapping, a State Committee person traveling to a county or municipal meeting can scout for solid candidates for local office and deliver an address. The State Committee should be organizing speaking engagements at county branches of the NAACP, the many regional Jewish Federations in NJ, and with many other community based organizations in their counties. It should invest in training candidates for local office, working with grassroots small government and liberty movements, hosting conservative activist skills building sessions, facilitating citizen journalism through media seminars, and more.