Month: July 2016


Mister Carmelo & the Feds

Since the summer of 2013, he’s been trying to find a path to a pot of gold after a contract in the Hoboken Housing Authority was terminated. He accepted the loot that came with an early termination option in the contract and promptly cashed the check.

Then he came back hungry for more. This time it’s the regurgitation of his “Ethnic Cleaning” civil suit in federal court.

Based on yesterday’s report on Grafix Avenger, strike up the old Elton John tune “Bennie and the Jets” and insert “Carmelo and the Feds.” Many have been awaiting action by a different federal agency. Read More...


Some good news on pending Park Avenue Bridge construction

Via twitter, Mayor Dawn Zimmer yesterday wrote when the work resumes on the Park Avenue Bridge, the impact will be lessened on Hoboken.

Talking Ed Note: New Jersey has suspended infrastructure projects around the state. A push to raise taxes surprisingly deadlocked bringing an order to halt.

Rest assured, soon enough taxes will be raised, gas being one target and normalcy with the Soprano State sitting atop as one of the highest taxed in states in the country assured.


“I swear to God I love this city but I wonder if this city loves me.”

Not long before his murder yesterday in Baton Rouge, police officer Montrell Jackson wrote on his Facebook page, “I swear to God I love this city but I wonder if this city loves me.” Yesterday his life was taken by alleged suspect Gavin Long, who killed two other police officers and injured several more before he himself was killed.

A press conference held in Baton Rouge with local, state and law enforcement officials asked for the nation’s prayers.

Montrell Jackson, a Baton Rouge police officer who had his life
taken yesterday recently wrote, “If you need a hug, I got you.”
He is survived by his wife and four children.

The alleged murderer is a former Nation of Islam member and in a video talked about his “principles” and said of the murders committed by Micah Johnson in Dallas, “It’s justice. You know what I’m saying.”

Others are celebrating online and justifying the murders such as a ThinkProgress editor saying it’s “no surprise” some are “taking justice into their own hands.”

Both major party conventions are set for this week and next.  There’s been reports leading up to the Republican convention in Cleveland this week there’s thousands of “protestors” paid to descend on the city.  Read More...



Later today for your weekend summer reading pleasure, the impending showdown for Hoboken, Episode III – The Old Guard Strikes Back!

Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano, the retired police captain is shaping up to be the opponent but a sticky problem with the law may tip his hand based on the HudCo powers that be one way or another. It could open the door but who is standing behind it?

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Sizing up the showdown

Some have said the mayoral election set for next year is already underway. While not visible to the public, there’s some validity to the mid-summer assessment.

At least two candidates appear ready to lock horns Hoboken style for the big chair on the second floor at City Hall.

One candidate has been in perpetual motion since winning a third term as Hudson County freeholder and the incumbent is poised to go all in for ride number three in the big chair.

It’s an end of the week MSV Premium in the works. Read More...


Grist for the Mill: Park Avenue bridge to Weehawken reopened

Update: July 13, 2016

Hudson County View filed this update with their story:

21 Hudson County roadwork projects halted due to Christie’s TTF freeze

For more on this story, please see the Hudson County View:

Update: July 12, 2016

Reliable sources report the bridge on Park Ave. connecting Weehawken and Hoboken is reopened in BOTH directions.

A work stoppage took effect when the State ordered numerous construction projects halted due to lack of funding.

Original story: July 8th –


For the police in Hoboken as anywhere, the front line lies outside their door

The following is original analysis and commentary based on events affecting Hoboken and the nation in recent days. 

Two police cars in Dallas, Texas flooded with flowers and messages after the politically motivated ambush and murder of five officers and six others injured. Reportedly the killer told police he wanted to exterminate white people especially white police officers after two widely reported African American deaths in Minnesota and Louisiana.

Imagine you begin your work day preparing work clothes and in so doing become a target for assassination. Your job to uphold the law may on any given day see a stand down order permitting “protesters” to publicly exhort numerous anti-American revolutionary anthems, ending your life and that of your colleagues is considered fair game.

In Phoenix over the weekend, protesters chanted to the police “We should shoot you.” Similar “protests” have been allowed if not encouraged from many corners – all with government approval at the highest levels. Unlike other government officials, the police as officers of the law are expected to take it and remain professional at all times. Read More...


Hoboken hit and run suspect arrested

According to and other reliable sources, an arrest has been made in the hit and run death last month of Zackhary Simmons of Ramsey, NJ

Simmons was in Hoboken to celebrate the birthday of a friend after attending the NBA draft in Manhattan where his cousin, Ben Simmons was drafted first by the Philadelphia 76ers.

A news conference is scheduled for 11:00 am at Hoboken Police Headquarters and is expected to offer additional details.

The arrest took place in New York City.


An arrest has been made in the fatal hit-and-run of a 21-year-old man in Hoboken last month, Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante said.
“There’s been an arrest in the fatal hit and run,” Ferrante said in a brief interview Friday morning.

Details of the arrest were reported earlier on