Month: May 2016


Washington St. reconstruction funding on tap

Tomorrow the Hoboken City Council will convene with one big ticket item on the agenda. Washington St.’s reconstruction is up for a final funding vote.

Expect to see a unanimous agreement approving but more importantly, it’s the expected completion date for next fall of most interest. People simply can’t wait to see this project begun and completed.

Washington St.’s renewal is in effect the cornerstone of Hoboken’s infrastructure issues. The administration states the less than sexy infrastructure issue is a top focus and for many if not most of the Mile Square public the sporadic but frequent pipe bursts through the winter season is a constant reminder how porous the infrastructure is. Read More...


The defacement of the fallen this Memorial Day

This year Memorial Day is under siege. So in the midst of barbecues, picnics and family entertainment are reports of memorials in states being defaced and vandalized.

The Vietnam Memorial vandalized in Washington D.C. back in 2007 previously has spread this year.

In Washington DC, this attack from several years ago has spread this Memorial Day Weekend.
Vandalism attacks are being reported across the US.
A memorial to Vietnam Veterans was also  defaced in the area of Venice, California.

In one instance, an alleged culprit was caught for acts of desecration in Henderson, Kentucky. A man was caught desecrating more than 100 crosses with police discovering the evidence in the back of his truck.

The scene of the damage in Henderson, Kentucky.

A similar sacrilege is being reported in Virginia:


The Liebling Strikes Back! War of words revisited


Yelling “fire” in the public square isn’t a Constitutional right but David Liebler is seeing some of his harshest comments in that Mile Square forum put up in lights.

It’s not a pretty sight.

Exhibit A – There was this unfortunate lashing out against an imagined foe when David Liebler got himself worked up into an online 2013 election lather:

Touch of defamation? Back in August 2013, Dave Liebler unloaded online to charge “two websites that you employ” while referring to the mayor’s husband as “blood diamond boy” 
Hey Dave, did you pay Lane the royalty fee for using that? 

That was in August 2013 before the public relations efforts for Mister Carmelo was all the rage and Carmelo Garcia then saw his contract terminated in the Hoboken Housing Authority. The heat of the Ruben Ramos mayoral campaign was picking up steam and the war against speech all the rage. Read More...


Eviction efforts denied by Carmelo Garcia against Jessica Coco revealed!

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=&2=& =&1=&=&4=& =&1=& =&6=& An explosive email surfaced from within the administrative offices of the Hoboken Housing Authority vindicates Jessica Coco’s claims of attempted eviction efforts by Carmelo Garcia against her back in the summer of 2013.  The email coincides with other criminal actions alleged by Coco and death threats confirmed the following month by MSV. Garcia responded to all the allegations by Coco with a blanket denial.  The email published yesterday on Grafix Avenger vindicates Jessica Coco’s claim of bonafide eviction efforts against her by then Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.  Garcia at the time of the allegations loudly denied any eviction attempt took place. The alleged eviction notice he claimed was only a “cease and desist” notice surrounding alleged flyer distribution by a HHA activist housing group called “Save the Projects.”  Another anonymous HHA resident believed part of the activist housing group also claimed to have been served with an eviction attempt but wasn’t heard from afterwards, apparently due to fear. But a true and original copy of the September 3, 2013 email was obtained in an OPRA request to the HHA and shows the desire and efforts to have Jessica Coco evicted were continuing after August 2013 into the succeeding month.  The actual email unedited in its entirety is seen below: The email generated within the HHA administrative office is directed to then HHA counsel Charles Daglian and is copied to Carmelo Garcia and another HHA administrator bluntly stating, “Upon receipt of this flyer Mr. Garcia would like to proceed with full termination of tenancy for Jessica Coco based of the false information she has distributed…. about vision 2020.” Vision 20/20 was the undocumented massive redevelopment plan which sought to more than double the size of the HHA in downtown Hoboken and urged approved by Carmelo Garcia. Its rejection by the Hoboken City Council and Mayor Dawn Zimmer led to Garcia’s filing the first in a series of civil lawsuits alleging “ethnic cleansing” and political retaliation. Jessica Coco recounted at the time a HHA worker came to her door and tried to get her to sign the document in a darkened hallway outside her apartment on lower Jackson St. It was one among a consistent series of criminal actions she alleged transpired: death threats, vandalism attacks on her car and repeated break-ins into her apartment with one apparently setting an electronic spy tool which permitted all her electronic accounts being hijacked including a Facebook page called “Save the Projects.” MSV at the time confirmed in confidential communications to law enforcement agencies details of the computer hacking and subsequent threats against Jessica Coco. Similar threats were made against this editor’s home in tandem with the hijacking within days of the above detailed action by Garcia. The following is a complete and unedited series of emails from September 6th, 2013: The first of a series of emails sent from the hijacked email account, “Save the Projects” was sent to MSV by email at 1:41 PM. MSV at the time was unaware of the details of the computer hijack but familiar with the facts in a series of criminal actions against Jessica Coco to date and responded a little over an hour later: =&7=& MSV invited further elaboration on which “=&8=&” to avoid: No further email communication followed to MSV but several hours later Jessica Coco received a death threat sent through her own email account likely by the same person.  =&9=&

Schools, politics and the Hoboken Tutu Dilemma

A firestorm has flared featuring a dancing ballerina, a curious transgender gal and Grafix Avenger
who apparently is awaiting a Statement of the Stick in the middle of it all.  

Roses and Beauty & the Beast producer not included.

It’s a story only Hoboken can see happen. Last weekend rave reviews for Beauty and the Beast at the local high school have followed with curious gal dancing or is it Stick’s private dancer. It’s difficult to keep up.

But keep up we must, thus, the Tutu dilemma. Stay tuned.


Hoboken schools are the protruding target this November. In 2012, a move to November elections by the presiding BoE was savagely fought by Old Guard adherents who were less than obvious about not being eager to see more voters enter the fray. Something unspoken about the limitations of VBM vote harvesting. Read More...


Hovie in a landslide

This video courtesy of Hudson County View condenses some of the discussion surrounding the eventual unanimous council vote appointing Hovie Forman to the HHA as a commissioner.

Other applicants attempted to make a case for themselves to no result garnering not a single vote. Is it because of their previous support of the extremely controversial Carmelo Garcia? Or does racist and anti-Semitic remarks play a role? How about family members in the HHA who were by sheer political magic not paying any rent at all?  Would any of these things be problematic to “turning back the clock” in the Hoboken Housing Authority?

When MSV interviewed a lifetime Hoboken official about the abuses of people in the HHA, they simply remarked, “that’s the way it’s always been.”

=&0=&: Does anyone find it remarkable that some want, as Michael Russo said leading into last fall’s council races, that voters should turn Hoboken back to its former days of “glory.” Define glory. Ask Jessica Coco about it and she can tell you plenty. 

Hark of the Liebling: ‘The lawsuit must go on!’

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Hoboken resident Dave Liebler says lawsuit for being tossed out of council meeting continues on

David Liebler protests his ejection at the end of his public
portion remarks last November in the Hoboken City Council.
He’s filed a lawsuit with the help of Charles Gormally,
the big development attorney of MSTA.

The First Amendment is a treasured right of Americans – and especially some talking horses.

For good reason, there’s no health for a republic if the freedom of thought, expression and opinion are stymied or as in Hoboken’s case of some infamy: SLAPPed.

Enter one Hoboken pro-development Old Guard political activist who in the heat of the last council meeting prior to the November council elections may have stepped too far. Or is he owed some seconds from his five minute allotment when he strayed into the muck slamming the mayor by way of her husband? Read More...


Hoboken Historical Museum event this Sunday

A Garden State of Mind” Presents Writing by Hoboken Students,
Hosted by Hoboken Historical Museum and Party With Purpose

Live reading on May 22, at 3 p.m., at the Hoboken Museum, 1301 Hudson St.

Hoboken, NJ – On Sunday, May 22, there will be a public reading for student participants, teachers, family members, classmates, and poets to celebrate the publication of A Garden State of Mind, an anthology of student writing from five Hoboken schools. The event will be free and open to the public.  Read More...


Hoboken Housing Authority Board revamped

The Hoboken Housing Authority is revamped with the addition of two new members to the seven member board.

Hovie Forman initially anticipated to join another commissioner in LaTrenda Ross, a mayoral appointment sooner but did see a vote on his application arrive Wednesday night in the Hoboken City Council.

The universally well liked Hobokenite promptly swept the vote against other applicants, one being Joe Branco who had sought the seat previously when Carmelo Garcia held the contracted role of Exectuive Director at the agency. Read More...