Month: December 2015



City of Hoboken announces:


The price for the acquisition of the nearly one-acre property for the first phase of the Southwest Park has been set by a unanimous jury decision at $4.483 million. Three million dollars of the cost have been paid for using a grant from the Hudson County Open Space Trust Fund, and the $1.83 million balance will be funded through the City’s Open Space Trust Fund. The property owner was seeking $8.4 million, and a condemnation board had previously established a price of $5.4 million, a decision which the City appealed. The $4.483 million price represents a nearly $1 million reduction from the condemnation board decision. “This result is a huge victory for Hoboken and its taxpayers,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “By using the eminent domain process, the City has been able to acquire the land needed to begin building the Southwest Park in the most cost-effective way, saving taxpayers millions of dollars. As a resident of the southwest I look forward to cutting the ribbon on this new park as soon as possible. I want to thank the City’s attorney, Ed Buzak, for his exceptional work in achieving this great result.” The final park plan can be viewed at The City expects to bid out the construction for the project in early 2016 after the State issues final permit approvals.

Horse Sense: Changing of the Old Guard

Ready or not it’s December and the final year end council meetings are in sight meaning it’s almost that time: a changing of the Old Guard.

The election results reducing the Old Guard council to a 7-2 uphill vote has added to their usual embittered quips, raging narcissism and uncouth vapidity. Toss in a little inherent sexism and we have quite the holiday brew.

OG political operations exploded left and right last month leading into the council elections. The attempted misuse of emails in the Carmelo Garcia “ethnic cleansing” litigation didn’t see Mister Carmelo elected. A release to several media outlets turned out to be a dud and the slander against the mayor and her family which followed like clockwork before the election saw two ejections from the council meeting. Read More...


Who shall lead the Antis?


The open question among the Old Guard is who will lead them out of the wilderness in 2017?

It’s the sole question and ties that bind if you’ve got an eye on Mile Square power and dreams of big 30 story buildings dotting the landscape less the units for friends and family and the crinkly brown paperbag of loot.

Every Old Guard soldier has a dream. How can Hoboken profit them? But first they have to end the reign of Mayor Dawn Zimmer who hands out more treats to her dog Buddy than anyone waiting in line at OG headquarters formerly known as City Hall. There’s nary a treat for a grifter anywhere muddying up the works and turning dreams into daily nightmares. Read More...