Month: December 2015


Former Hoboken Freeholder candidate: ‘No more Beth Mason and her fascist supporters’

=&0=& =&1=& Tonight’s City Council meeting is a special meeting to me for it’s the last night 2nd Ward Councilwoman Elizabeth Mason will be misrepresenting Hoboken residents. We will no longer have to endure her scorched earth politics involving behind the scenes operatives, massive political expenditures found illegal by NJ ELEC, use of PACs to fund smear fliers in the last 6th Ward election, her wanton and reckless obstructionism with respect to Hoboken’s hospital, fixing Washington Street, the Municipal Garage, and open public support of the Pravda of Hoboken websites and purveyor of political porn yellow journalism, Hoboken 411. 
Reflecting on the demise of Beth Mason’s political “career,” former
editor of the Hoboken Journal, Kurt Gardiner opines on the years long
war against the First Amendment undertaken by Beth Mason.
This is a woman who as a political public figure has demonstrated that she will go to any lengths to suppress her constitutionally protected critics. This being accomplished with smear articles by her operative ghostwriter and editor on Hoboken 411, purported frivolous lawsuits by operatives falsely claiming harassment including herself for simply being served  a subpoena and of course the landmark victory for First Amendment rights in the defeat of her minion Lane Bajardi vs. The Hoboken Bloggers. In the issued legal decision favoring the defendants last July, Judge Patrick Arre stated that this litigious action was a “SLAPP lawsuit disguised as defamation case” and that “it approached a fraud upon the court.”

Numerous emails obtained in discovery have shown the extent of political operations covering quote “Beth Mason’s flank” by the plaintiffs including an email with Lane Bajardi pleading with Ricky Mason to support his potential legal action. Now that we know the facts of the case and have the legal judgement, the main purpose of the whole lawsuit was to suppress her critics and send them into bankruptcy as a few Beth Mason supporters have stated to me personally. Thank goodness for the just verdict and the fact we live in the US and not some dictatorial totalitarian regime. The idea of a gulag for bloggers has firmly been rejected by the courts. Read More...


Mayor Zimmer bids goodbye to council members Castellano, Mason and Occhipinti

Video courtesy of Kurt Gardner, former editor of the Hoboken Journal:

In the video seen above prior to the City Council meeting last night, Mayor Zimmer presents plaques to outgoing members of the City Council: Terry Castellano, Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti.

It’s a mixed bag illuminted here further but the mayor clearly choose to take the high road not for what she’s been accused by some – not reaching out to “the other side,” re: the darksiders. The fact of the matter is Mayor Zimmer has been continually and viciously attacked as the City itself since she became Acting Mayor in 2009 and was not given any chance to pick up the pieces on behalf of Hoboken after convicted felon and former Mayor Peter Cammarano was bounced out of office courtesy of the FBI. Read More...


Council President Ravi Bhalla: ‘Historic opportunity to address flooding’

From the desk of City Council President Ravi Bhalla:

Dear Friends and Neighbors – 

As you may know, a historic opportunity is before us to address flooding in Hoboken. Through the advocacy efforts of Mayor Zimmer, last year Hoboken received $230 million in federal funding to implement a plan to keep our City safe from the massive flooding we have seen in the past, including the terrible damage stemming from Hurricane Sandy.  Read More...


Turn out the lights and turn the page: City Council @ 7:00

 Turn out the lights, the party’s over. The obstruction, the grandstanding, the attempt to keep Hoboken government operating in the dark ages of its On the Waterfront past.

Tonight, mostly housekeeping on the agenda with a public portion should someone get up to offer thanks for political operative pay or a personal favor offsetting the wretched attempts in 2011 to undermine the finances of the City of Hoboken and shut down Hoboken University Medical Center.

Many people are already in holiday mode and will quietly await the changing of the Old Guard council as its time expires. Read More...


Statement from Mayor Zimmer on Rebuild by Design

Office of the Mayor announces:

=&0=& =&1=& Thank you to everyone who came out last night to the Rebuild by Design drop-in session at the Hoboken Historical Museum following up on the meeting at the Wallace Gym last week. We want to continue to hear resident feedback and answer questions as we move forward towards a comprehensive plan to protect our City from future hurricanes and storm surges.

I fought hard to win the Rebuild by Design competition in 2013 so that our City would never again face the devastation of Sandy that destroyed so many of our homes and businesses across 80 percent of the City. I truly appreciate how Hoboken came together after Sandy. As a community we made it through the storm because thousands of residents volunteered and opened up their homes and helped out neighbors in need. Read More...


Sign of the Times: Anxiety over the Wall

The meeting on the five design concept plans for the Rebuild by Design on Hudson River project held last night at the Hoboken Historical Museum is off to a rough start.

According to one witness, over 100 people showed up with many sharing anxiety over aspects of the plan featuring walls in various guises.

Describing the tension as “palpable” the opinions and misinformation about the concept plans were reportedly as varied as the number of people in attendance.

Well over a hundred people came to hear and discuss the Rebuild by Design plans last night at the Hoboken Historical Museum. Opinions were varied, divided and one attendee described misinformed.
Anxiety over featured walls in some of the plans was highlighted as central to many fears and concerns.

Talking Ed Note: MSV was not in attendance last night due to a conflicting Christmas celebration. One could and should expect this reception being that perspectives on how to best protect Hoboken in a future Sandy type event will vary widely. Part of the factors driving those views will come from location. Two more meetings are set in Weehawken and the Hoboken Housing Authority. Read More...


5 plans for consideration in Rebuild by Design project for Hudson River

Hoboken is seeking public input on five proposed concept plans as part of the major infrastructure effort for the Mile Square City, Jersey City and Weehawken in the Rebuild by Design’s Hudson River project.

The effort is of major importance and public feedback is sought. Here’s the meetings set for this week for a first hand look and discussion with your neighbors:

1) Drop-in session #1: Monday, December 14, 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm: Hoboken Historical Museum (1301 Hudson Street) =&1=&

Celebrating a centenial of Frank Sinatra in Hoboken

The summer breeze came and went across the sea and the Hudson last summer with the unofficial celebration of Frank Sinatra’s birthday.

Today is the real deal. 100 years to this day, Frank Sinatra was born.

For many, this is no whimsical celebration. In their hearts are memories, traditions and celebrations from many days and decades past. Today, there are new Sinatra fans born and converts who learn the mastery of phrasing Frank Sinatra is so well known.

Not gifted with the greatest range, Sinatra was a craftsman of the art of phrasing and viewed his voice the instrument. He learned his craft in the back rooms across Hudson County as a boy, eventually becoming one of the biggest American celebrities over the past century. Read More...


Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen beseeches Lane Bajardi: Help Me!

The weekend is almost upon us which means it’s time for another episode of Friday Night Lights and a peek into the almost 50,000 email stash obtained in the frivolous SLAPP-suit supported by Beth Mason.

That SLAPP-happy civil litigation, Bajardi v Pincus produced a First Amendment bonanza of truth giving the Old Guard much agita and driving Beth Mason from even attempting to hold onto a council seat.

In 2009, MSV was among a number of other notable websites gaining traction with one, H-Mag eventually becoming the number one lifestyle website in Hoboken. Read More...