Month: July 2014


Beth Mason effort to save Carmelo Garcia approaches the hysterical

Old Guard adherents led by a Beth Mason bottom feeding fish are showing frustration as Carmelo Garcia’s Hoboken Housing Authority contract faces the prospect of termination at a special meeting in City Hall Monday night.

Angry comments appearing on the Hudson Reporter and The Hudson County View by the same pop up screen name emerged as similarly before the Reform sweep last November on Hoboken Patch. (Confirmation of the bottom feeding fish’s sex change however is unknown at this time.)

With no supporting fact whatsoever, the Mason political operative deems any contract termination “illegal.” The hysteria has more to do with a prominent uptown based developer with a long history of political influence in Hoboken, the HHA and its buildings in the second ward. Read More...



=&0=& =&1=& =&1=& =&3=& The Hoboken City Clerk’s Office released the following public notice for a special Hoboken Housing Authority meeting: PUBLIC NOTICE

In accordance with the requirements of the Open Public Meetings Law, Chapter 231, of
the public laws of 1975 of the Laws of New Jersey, the Board of Commissioners of the Housing
Authority of the City of Hoboken announces that a Special Board Meeting has been scheduled
and will be held on Monday, August 4
th, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, City Hall, 94
Washington Street, Hoboken, New Jersey, for the following purposes:

Call to order, Chairperson,

  1. Roll Call

  2. Election of Secretary pro tem

  3. Resolution concerning Letter of Need

  4. Resolution terminating the contract of Executive Director Carmelo Garcia

  5. Resolution appointing acting Executive Director

  6. Closed Session

  7. Resolutions from closed Session and other matters that properly come before the Chair

    and Board of Commissioners

The Authority will exercise its powers, duties, and functions of the Authority in normal
actions of the above at the meeting.



Finally, Bet is a winnuh!!

No movie short created more laughter in the Mile Square than the cartoon “Downfall of a wannabe shark.” Penned back in 2010, the satirical cartoon character has become a cult classic seen tens of thousands of times.

Bet Mazin, checkbook hero of political operatives everywhere, works mightily to stop reform writers and residents who dare to speak out against corruption and trifle with the the political ambitions of Hobroken’s Queen of Ethics and Transparency.

Bet was a true to life target, charged in Hudson County Superior Court in a $2 million civil civil action by her alter ego’s embittered “friends” not paid for friendship. Our heroic cartoon character triumphed on the initial winning list of defendants in the SLAPP courtesy of Beth Mason and her family checkbook. Also on the initial winner’s list: Klaussenfluffer. Read More...


72 hours or three days to enjoy a bootless bounty

The boot is dead. Long live the 72 hour boot!

While not quite dead, the boot is making fewer appearances on Hoboken streets. Although there’s been no change in the City Council to the parking ordinances, stickers began appearing recently on cars stating said vehicle was parked illegally and had 72 hours to move or be booted.

The days of immediate terror with instant booting are apparently over by executive order. It hasn’t taken long for bad habits to filter down from Washington D.C. and the attention on the austere booting policies in Hoboken created lots of bad publicity, bad will and some say a bad business climate. Read More...


Spiraling down the rabbit hole with Carmelo Garcia

=&0=& =&1=& =&1=&

Hoboken is on a ride but many residents don’t know it’s underway. The descent is speeding up and plummeting to a crash as the Mile Square approaches the fifth anniversary of one time political corruption star in former Mayor Peter Cammarano.

The rise was steady, the tongue always loquacious and the belief he could talk his way through anything supreme. No, not Peter Cammarano – Mister Carmelo.

After being selected in the Vision 20/20 sweepstakes as an appropriate Assembly vehicle for one State Senator Brian Stack, the steady rise of one Carmelo Garcia as he was happy to tell you; he was “destined for greatness.” Read More...


HUD wakes from slumber announcing review “sampling” of HHA contracts

A July 15th HUD letter issued by Newark Director Sonia Burgos to Hoboken Housing Authority Chairwoman Dana Wefer says the federal agency plans to review a “sampling” of HHA contracts.

The time period of contracts available for sampling is stated as going back to 2010. Contracts issued outside of federal procurement rules and without any approval by the Hoboken Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners ran in the millions of dollars at the sole direction by its current contracted manager, Carmelo Garcia. Read More...


Questions swirling around Carmelo Garcia hits the big lights

Yesterday News 12 uncorked a little story putting Hoboken back in the corruption spotlight again featuring a report on the troubling pay to play no bid contracts HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia directed without authorization under federal procurement laws while taking thousands of dollars from several HHA vendors.

HHA ED Carmelo Garcia confers with ally Councilwoman Beth Mason before a recent HHA meeting. Yesterday News 12 spent some time conferring with the public about the emerging pay to play controversy one of many exploding in the HHA. State Senator Brian Stack must be observing with keen interest. The rest of Hoboken is watching with bated breath.

From the report:

HOBOKEN – The executive director of the Hoboken Housing Authority gave out more than $2 million in no-bid contracts to three companies who then donated thousands of dollars to his campaign for the state Legislature…

But state election reports show three of the companies who received those emergency contracts; Hauser Brothers, Haddad Electric and A.M. Construction, then donated money to Garcia’s campaign for the New Jersey Assembly. That has some members of the housing board questioning whether there was a quid pro quo… Read More...



Cablevision News 12 is blowing the lid off the MSV story broken here last May on the “contributions” to Carmelo Garcia with million dollar no-bid contracts to vendors in the HHA.

News 12 with investigative reporter “Kane in Your Corner.” Catch it!

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The report says Carmelo gave $2 million in no bid contracts to three firms who then gave him thousands of dollars earlier this year.

Carmelo is sticking to his cover story that it was an “emergency” but Chairwoman Dana Wefer disagrees and says otherwise and the facts are on her side. The audit report just released here earlier this week says the independent third party professionals aren’t buying it either. Read More...