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Carmelo Garcia the ethnic cleanser blown out of Court

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=&2=&: =&3=& =&4=&  The second time is not the charm. At least if you are lobbing baseless legal claims in Hudson County Superior Court and your name is Carmelo Garcia.

In a repackaged list of grievances claiming similar victimization as last, ethnic cleansing attorney Louis Zayas saw the same fate as occurred last.

The legal claims didn’t hold water.

Six counts with an added discrimination claim against Mayor Zimmer, her husband and former HHA Chair/commissioner Jake Stuiver saw each of the charges fall apart on preliminary legal analysis.

Saying there was “no change in his (Garcia’s) employment situation,” Judge Lawrence Maron methodically offered similar conclusions in his preliminary findings. Since almost all the claims were given a chance to be amended, it’s likely the final legal opinion rendered by the judge will see the entire case tossed out of court. Read More...


Horse Sense: The Lepercons are tanking


In Hoboken it’s called Year 3, the third round where the interests of the common citizens numbering over 52,000 will see their rights and interests to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness hold over the economic desires of Hoboken bar owners – most of which don’t reside in the City.

There are people who sincerely miss the parade but anyone who attended at its demise knows, spectators uptown barely covered one side let alone both sides of the street. The parade had become a symbol or rather a dog whistle up and down the East Coast for mardi gras revelers to set upon the Mile Square and let fly with projectile vomit, urination and random home damage. Crime was a built in feature pushing public safety beyond its limits. Read More...


Beth Mason, show tune counte$$ sings “I sue you. I sue you”

The following soon to be classic guest cartoon comes courtesy of Hoboken resident Yo Gregory! who penned the following guest piece below with the original cartoon creation.

By way of explanation, let’s add that Beth Mason has not sent out a press release for her latest lawsuit but attempted at the last council meeting to sway others on the legislative body speaking from the public’s microphone to feed her unquenchable litigious hunger as she seeks to re-engage the prey who got away in the form of Councilman Ravi Bhalla. To her colleagues inquiry where this latest Mason lawsuit is coming from, Beth Mason coyly responded, “It’s been out there.” Read More...


Hoboken author Alan Skontra: “Legendary locals of Hoboken” – 4:00 pm this Sunday at the Hoboken Historical Museum

Hoboken Historical Museum
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Open Saturdays and Sundays from 12 – 5 pm at 213 Bloomfield St., the Fire Department Museum has something for everyone.
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It’s going to be…Legen- (wait for it) dary!  
Join us this Sunday, March 2, at 4 p.m., to celebrate the launch of a new book by historian John Gomez, “Legendary Locals of Jersey City.” 

And on April 13, local writer Alan Skontra visits the Museum for a talk on his new book, “Legendary Locals of Hoboken.” Mark your calendars!

Uptown Storytime this month falls onThursday, March 6 and 20, at 10

am. All toddlers age 2 – 5 (with parent or caregiver) are welcome for this free hour of fun story telling by librarian Penny Metsch.

Artist Robert Forman returns to the Museum on Sunday, March 16 for a gallery talk about his unique artworks composed entirely of colored thread and glue. If you haven’t seen his Upper Gallery exhibit, hurry in, it closes Mar. 16.  


Dust off your feather boas and shine up your spats — this year’s spring gala is a Swingin’ Speakeasyparty! Grab your tickets now — our last two galas were sold-out affairs. Join us March 22 for dancing, delicious food by AD Catering and Giorgio’s, a live auction and entertainment by an award-winning magician. Click here for details. 

We have enjoyed some fascinating discussions during our exhibit-related Sandy Talk series. Our next one takes place on April 27, at 4 pm, when Stevens professors Dr. Alan Blumberg and Dr. Michael Bruno will discuss forecasting and predicting the next big hurricane. All Sandy talks are free. 

Book Talk & Signing: John Gomez
Author Talk: John Gomez on
“Legendary Locals of Jersey City”

Sunday, Mar. 2 * 4 pm

Location: The Museum, 1301 Hudson St.

John Gomez

On Sunday, Mar. 2, at 4 p.m., join us to celebrate the latest book by local historian and friend of the Museum, John Gomez, “Legendary Locals of Jersey City.”

The book paints a history of Jersey City through some of its prominent citizens, including Peter Stuyvesant, the director-general of New Netherland who rescued fledgling settlements besieged by wars with the Lenni Lenape; Erminnie Smith, who launched an immensely popular intellectual society and salon in 1876; Hugh Roberts, the falsely accused over-spending architect of the majestic Hudson County Court House; Dr. Lena Edwards, winner of the 1964 Presidential Medal of Freedom; Helene Stapinski, national bestselling author; and Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri, stars of the hit HGTV series “Kitchen Cousins” and dedicated Jersey City developers. Visit Gomez’s website. Copies of the book will be available in the Museum gift shop. Read More...


Carmelo Garcia celebrates motto of me with county spelling bee champion

Carmelo Garcia who has a hearing on his “ethnic cleansing” redux civil lawsuit Friday in Hudson County Superior Court shared some words with the Hudson County Spelling Bee Champion, Ed Horan of the Hudson School.

From the official release, he shared his motto of me with the students:

“Garcia, also treated the students to a powerful message of inspiration during the presentation, as they recited his creed, “I can, I will, watch me.”

It’s a sign of the times.


All politics are… international?

With a rapid flurry of events not seen since the Orange Revolution in 2004, the second largest country in Europe of 46 million, Ukraine has been all over the news as its citizens again took to the streets.

For months though the harsh winter, tens of thousands of citizens took to the center of the capital to protest their government backing out from completing a years long negotiation with the European Union.

What started as a limited protest in the main square of the nation’s capital Kiev last fall changed into an entirely different protest with the abuse of peaceful protesters turning the entire saga where it is today into one squarely focused on two major issues: human rights and corruption. Read More...


Carmelo Garcia amended "ethnic lawsuit" to face dismissal Friday

Carmelo Garcia, the embattled Executive Director of the Hoboken Housing Authority sees another hearing this Friday in Superior Court on his charges of victimhood in county civil court – this time without the “benefit” of his earlier ethnic cleansing designation.

For this occasion, the estranged Assemblyman (his colleagues reportedly shun him in Trenton) will hope he has added sufficient claims of victimization to withstand the legal complaint being tossed out of court on its face. Read More...


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Sue happy Beth Mason launches new lawsuit!


City votes 4-3 to defend itself on Mason lawsuit seeking information of former legal vendor Florio Perrucci

The City Council agenda seemed tranquil but as it turns out contained a bomb. The City requested a legal contract for $20,000 to defend itself against the latest lawsuit by Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Not coming long off the Mason family underwriting a lawsuit to keep Councilman Jim Doyle off the dais for more than a year in a series of legal machinations and appeals, Councilwoman Beth Mason is back doing what she loves most: Read More...


Hoboken City Council noise pollution control on tap @ 7:00

An updated noise control ordinance is on tap but the Mile Square City could use other controls considering the diseases running rampant from the Old Guard and their operatives who think the civil courts are their little plaything and nothing they do will ever see them held accountable.

Well Hoboken will at least try to tackle a certain noise.
Hey Beth, can you hear me now? Keep trying, you will.

The full agenda for tonight’s City Council meeting: